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Quarter School

Valley to stand out didactic book as one of the most efficient instruments of action of the school, therefore, is by means of it that the ideological contents and repressores of the State arrive until the individuals. The majority of the lessons is given on the basis of this material, what it takes in them to understand the book didactic as one of the most efficient instruments of repression of the State. The ideological violence that we can notice in this type of material is the values of the ruling classes that are taxes for the school on the individuals of the subordinate classrooms: the school, this are, the didactic book bring in its content a gamma of values and proper situations of the dominated classrooms, showing situations never, or few times, lived for individuals of the dominated classrooms. Of this form, social values to the culture of the dominador are infused in the high individuals, showing the model of life of this as a to be reached ideal. How much to the culture of the dominated peoples, this suffers to the symbolic aggression from being something that always must be prevented, a missed culture, synonymous of something of low value, and, the individuals that to follow the cultural examples of the dominated cultures, must suffer the symbolic violence from the State, that in this in case that, it is rebellious the same repetition or to be considered. The didactic book carries open: Portuguese language Launched by publishing company FTD, and written for the teachers formed in Pedagogia, specialists in pertaining to school management and teachers of the basic education of the schools of Brasilia? DF, Isabella Carpaneda and Angiolina Bragana, the book Open Door: Portuguese language, 3 series is a didactic book used in some schools of So Lus, as Been College of Amazon and College Nildes Feitosa, both in the Quarter of Ftima, Kennedy, So Lus, Maranho.

Modern Teaching

The sovereignty of man is hidden in the dimension of their knowledge. Francis Bacon is very correct what brings the Eng.Francisco Guerrero, needed a University where teaching, research and extension are integrated into a single large University, enriching each other work, and apply, to the search for solutions to the problems of society and the nation. A University be aware of globalization of knowledge and therefore integrated to large telematic networks academic and scientific, and to participate actively in international and regional academia. A University that accept assessment by their peers and who practice systematic self-evaluation of all its activities. In addition, be aware of their social responsibility, without prejudice to their autonomy, recognize is subject to evaluation by the society of the efficiency and effectiveness of their performance.It is important to count on a good teaching staff, the school of administration of many of the Faculties of Economics of national universities, especially public ones in the case of Venezuela that involves us, must evaluate, analyze their reality with respect to its plant in teachers responsible for collaborate in training training of future graduates in management that its sine graduate. Universities should be more serious in the recruitment of teachers who are committed to the training of professional, select them on the basis of experience, knowledge, scholarship, pedagogy, not by commitments to political, family, friendships, but by academic merit. Pay them a salary just wage according to the quality of life that the present requires, motivate them constantly, with courses, training of high-level. Also the characteristics of the current scenarios, especially the Venezuelan, which is turbulent, uncertain, with great risks, presenting a business sector in crisis, especially their SMEs, product of political instability, has been declared should be considered Socialist and whose laws, programs, that has generated have given way to serious repercussions on the operation of some companies, which have ceased to operate and others, do so with low productivity, fear, seriously affecting the country in some rubles, where the Government has had to enforce imports to supply domestic markets.

Special Education

Relative the scientific production to the area of High Abilities/Superdotao (AH/SD) still is sufficient incipient in the Brazilian context, even so the precursors of the area have searched and divulged its works from the decade of 1920-1930. It has some reasons that can be evicted to this fact, amongst them the popular myths and beliefs the respect, that not rare hinders the same identification and the attendance to these people; the lack of information, financial resources for the Education and, consequently, the Special Education and the formation of the professors, who if feel incapable to identify and/or to take care of to these pupils and the lack of trustworth official statisticians in this area. (PEREZ; FREITAS, s/d, P. 01) As in he says the citation above to them, still he lacks very for an adequate attendance of the superendowed one taking in account the preparation and the information that still is scarce in the educational way. Conflicting aspects For being the school the field of discoveries of these true talentos is for there that we will start to observe the vulnerable points cited the top.

Generally, the support given to deficient pupils and to its parents are bigger of what the given assistance the superendowed family of one. The difference is clear, the deficiency most of the time leaves external marks and signals, evidentes to that they see while the superendowed one possesss internal challenges. No physical or intellectual aid is necessary, however it is necessary special care, attention and psychological accompaniment. In many schools it does not have necessary accompaniment, does not have rooms special, the resume is static and the same for all, what many times result in the alienation, it disinterests and fidget on the part of the pupil who is in a school that does not attend it adequately and it provides an inadequate environment to it for the development of its potentialities.

Euclides Mathematician

However, the education of the language is basic also in this point, in the measure where the service of the clarity of the exposition of the ideas works to develop in the pupil the desire to know to use the words. How much to the Mathematics, it serves to disclose the value of the demonstration: explicitao of the way and precision of the reasoning, the chaining of the arguments. Analyzing the suggested collections we will have the following separate results for a classification ' ' ALFA' ' ) In the first volume (6* year) the authors inside tell of a gamma of contents the following boardings in Geometry: Justification: (Good) A1? Point, straight line and plan: Of the one simplria introduction of the Euclides Mathematician as well as a primitive concept, that is, slight knowledge of Geometry that are accepted without definition: point, straight line and the plan. Some examples of the type, seen the star of the sky, in give the idea to them of geometric point for straight line, the strained ropes of the violo or the shade of the blades of a blind opened against the light gives the idea of geometric straight line. Already for the plan, the surface of a wall or a mirror, the glass of a window or the floor of one square of sport suggest the idea and geometric plan. (p.198, 199). Another data to observe are, good exercises related with the daily one. A2? Polygons: Following the same estimated, it starts with an example of ' ' It sees the art of Mariana' ' Supporting solids on the paper, Mariana skirted its base and made a composition of plain figures.

Later, it painted the internal region of the figures that drew. Thus Mariana drew polygons. (p.215). Soon after, with a definition of Polygon. also enriches with diverse exercises. A3? Circumference and Circle: It starts with a historical retrospect of the beginning of ' ' roda' ' as well as, definitions, exercises and concepts related with the social environment.

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