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Luciana Teacher

of Andrade, that simplismente is more than special and left to all the visitors of this day, fascinated with its expressive and very marcantes pictures for its colors and forms. For the part of the afternoon, beyond all these events, still we had moments of descontrao and total integration. first of them it was the Workshop of creative Dance and Movement, having as responsible the Teacher kika, assisted for Marcelinho and the Rita.Foi teacher a moment of total integration between pupils of the school, teachers, pupils of the schools special and the community! As they had said: ' ' The dance bombou' '! We had the pretty presentation very and assayed well of the Group of Dance of the CEL Fazendinha, of the Luciana Teacher, who raised galera! for speaking in raising, the Battery mirim of the School Ambassadors of the Joy, was puted in charge very well of this. It was a rhythm show that made all to find that already it was really carnival! How penalty! All these activities had happened without the interruption of the Workshops of Percussion, EVA, Salty and are clearly! Of the contao of history, with always the dedicated Denise. We of the schools and participants were a very rewarding Saturday for all right-handers, where he took advantage the equality and the joy!

Health Organization and Education

The obesidade happens in the first years of life, enters the 5 6 years and in the adolescence, it has grown enters the infantile public about 10% 40% in these last 10 years (WORLD-WIDE ORGANIZATION OF the HEALTH, 2010). The style of life of the society provoked innumerable changes in the habits of the population, thus, contributed directly for the growth of the obesidade, due to lack of good alimentary habits and the sedentarismo, involving ambient factors (familiar, pertaining to school and half scope where it lives), economic (purchasing power) and genetic. Practical the regular one of physical activity goes beyond the weight control, backwards great benefits, in such a way psychological, how much social physicist and, being called a esportiva medicine, assisting in the prevention and reversion of illnesses. ' ' The health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not only the absence of illness or enfermidade' ' (World-wide Organization of the Health, cited for Lewis, 1986, p.1100). The work will present some precursory illnesses of the obesidade, exercises recommended for the public obeso, next to the physical activity as quality of life and the paper of the professional of Physical Education to fight the same one. 1. OBESIDADE AND OBESIDADE MRBIDA the obesidade is an multifactorial chronic illness, where the alimentary ingestion is superior to the energy expense, I accumulate it occurs it of corporal fat. The called individual ' ' obeso' ' &#039 exceeds the corporal fat of the called individual; ' gordo' ' (that one that this above of its ideal weight), from the obesidade it can there unchain diverse illnesses, such as: cardiovascular, digestive, renais illnesses, diabetes, ortopdicos, hepticos problems among others. The evaluation of the obesidade can be made measuring the circumference of the waist or for the reason of the circumference of the waist and the hip and by means of the Index of corporal mass (IMC).

Plural School

The inclusion and its importance in the education The question of the inclusion today marks the place of the difference in the world of said ' ' normais' ' , but, when coexisting some limitations evidentes or less clear human beings, we perceive that the inclusion is a far from easy task. This leaving of the principle that to be different beyond dispendioso is not nothing cheap for the public coffers, therefore requires considered investments ' ' abusivos' ' for the most favored. But, when if it speaks in inclusion, it first remains the idea of inclusion in the school and to keep schools special seems the focus of many for being more easy. It is certain that, the guiding of pupils for special schools or the maintenance of special classrooms would have to constitute exception to be recommended when the education in the regular classroom to reveal incapable to answer to the educational or social necessities of educating, to start for investments almost zero. then, the inclusion almost always starts to be one practical one in a consequence of apelos, expectations and necessities of the educators, not corresponding to the real necessities of the educandos. The lack of professional qualification and unpreparedness of the professors is still a reality in the education, and if this reaches to all, this includes to literally excluded, our pupils special. The deficiency does not have to be taken, separately, as obstacle or impediment that disables the full development of the potentialities of a person.

Unhappyly in our Country, the special schools have if become one of the preferential mechanisms of this selective society, after all our regular schools do not take care of to the expectation of special people with necessities. the public schools less still have corresponded to differentiated the individual and sociocultural characteristics of its alunado, getting worse more and more the situation of the inclusion attempt, what it functions of selective and exculpatory form. The conception of the inclusive school comes close to the axles norteadores of the Plural School, in whose beddings the differences human beings as normal and the learning centered in the potentialities of the citizen are recognized, instead of imposing to the preset pedagogical ritual educandos. However, it must be attempted against to analyze our institutions and to consider changes in order to take care of this demand. In this direction, all the children must learn meetings, whenever possible, independently of any difficulty or difference that can have. But the schools must answer to the diverse necessities of its pupils, taking care of to all without distinction, incorporating styles and appropriate rhythms of learning by means of organizacionais arrangements, resumes, strategies of education, resources and partnerships with the communities. Thus, it is possible the educational viability of the inclusion of the carrying pupils of deficiency and necessities special in the regular system of education, but it requires the provisions of basic conditions as reformularization of educational programs and permanent formation of the educators, and mainly of good will of all the involved ones in this process, amongst other things.

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