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The Training

Another point important to stand out is that the race does not separate the individuals for social classes and is an excellent promotional agent of integration and socialization, congregating of executives office-boys, beyond people of diverse ages. To run is to pursue objective, always. Many only train aiming at quality of life whereas others want to be each time more competitive, fighting passed the passed one for the pdio. All have goals and to improve the income is the inevitable destination of who practises physical activity. The moment where the esportista starts to collate its previous treinos or to compare itself with the other corridors is a fort accuses of that being wanting more than simple a practical esportiva. Many corridors are more competitive to the measure that it perceives to be made use to face the race as a competitive sport, the behavior in relation to the preparation if it modifies. While the amateur athlete must only be worried in having healthful habits, the necessary competitive corridor to take care of to the maximum of its feeding, rest, social life and even though of the professional routine.

As GODOY (1996) since the oldest times the man associates the training with feeding, having as example the training of the Greeks that occupied the biggest part of the day, following always the norms of an alimentary diet during the treinos. The training starts to be more intense and rigorous, and with these procedures, the alimentary ingestion daily pay, during and after exercise assumes prominence position, therefore one me the feeding can reduce, and very, the reserves of muscular and heptica glycogen, harming the income. Of the nutrients that compose foods, the carboidratos assume basic role in these processes of supply and reserve of energy, mainly in cyclical modalities e, whose aerobic component is very requested. According to WOLINSKY & HICKSON (2002) carboidrato is one of the components most important in the feeding of the human beings, for disponibilizar the glucose that is a source energy importantssima for the cellular metabolism.

The Daily

This result can have to a delay in the normal decline of the sanguineous glucose, a time that the ingestion in the daily pay-exercise has been suggested to assist in the maintenance of the reserves of heptico glycogen, but does not seem to affect the tax of use of the glycogen for muscle (WOLINSKY & HICKSON, 2002). MAUGHAM, GLEESON & GREENHAFF (2002) suggest que30 a45 minutes before the exercise or competition, the ingestion or consumption of carboidratos in small volumes or small amounts before the exercises does not present effect in rise of the plasmtica insulina, not active hiperglicemia and nor improves the physical performance. Already BACURAU (2000) Supports that the consumption of a rich meal in carboidratos (140g? 330g), 3 a4 hours before the exercise, increases the levels of muscular glycogen (presumably also of the liver) and the income in activities entre30 a60 of duration. BONCI (2003) suggests entre100 a200 gramasde carboidratos to guarantee the supplies of glycogen 3-4 hours before the competition. How much to the reasons of if consuming carboidrato before the trainings or competition, if the individual passed for a moderate period of jejum *8-12 hours), the consumption of carboidratos during the exercise will be restricted or impossible and if the trainings/competition is extended per some days and it does not have possibility to restitute the glycogen reserves adequately (BONCI, 1993).

According to DMASO (2001), the ideal is to consume carboidratos minutes before by means of liquids, the isotnicos calls, composites for frutose. frutose, ingested immediately before the exercise, compared with the glucose, causes small release of insulina, minor tax of use of the muscular glycogen and acceleration of the heptica synthesis of glycogen (MAUGHAM, GLEESON & GREENHAFF, 2000). According to these authors, they are essential that this strategy in the treinos before using in the main events is tested, therefore some athletes can have gastrintestinal discomfort provoked by frutose. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Randall Rothenberg.

Physical Education

Qualities that favor the welfare and the quality of life. The practitioners of Parkour become, potentially, excellent practitioners of other physical activities that need self-control, agility, dexterity, force, think fast comment. for offers great freedom of experimentation and no cost to be practised, becomes sufficiently attractive for a significant group of the population? eminently young – that it does not make use of resources financial to pay to academies and other spaces of leisure. The Parkour it is presented in the Brazilian contemporaneidade as an interesting challenge for us, of the academic and scientific point, if thinking while a proposal of pedagogical, innovative character, in the direction to develop one practises emancipatria in the treatment with the knowledge of the Physical Education and to provide new possibilities of corporal experimentations, about a partner-description-cultural construction. analyzing this expectation on it, Taffarel (2000), in its intitled article ' ' Thematic complex system: man-sport-sade' ' it affirms that: ' ' The man sets in movement, for its legs, arms, heads and hands, the forces of that its body is endowed to assume itself of the substances and to give a useful form to its life, See, then, that these activities do not abjetam? corporal expression? of ideas or feelings. They are the materialization of ideological, religious expressions, politics, philosophical or another one, subordinated the laws description-social that they originate forms of social action elaborated e, therefore, they are carrying of ideal meanings of the objetal world, of its properties, nexuses and relations discovered for practical social conjunta.' ' We have clarity of that this quarrel with regard to the Parkour and to that it comes to question while a social phenomenon is only starting. To walk for the streets of the great cities if became something so banal, so current that already we do not perceive the changes that occur in the surrounding environment. .

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