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Sergio Rossi

Amilcar Sheep, in the cited column, takes off the conclusion: ' ' The fact is that, with or without decree of holiday, the city really stopped to receive the team So Paulo. It must have been intentionally facultative point without formalities, likeable attitude of mayor Vicente Rasp, that would invert the importance of the event, leaving for the pontepretanos the glory to have come here and to the castanhalenses not to receive them. It is for these and for that Castanhal has histria.' ' Detail: the Castanhal, established in 07.09.1924, has for mascote the Japim or Japiim, a bird of black and yellow penalties, that are the colors of the club. According to Amilcar Sheep, in email of 31.05.2004, rumors run of that the choice of an animal was influence of that historical one visit of the Monkey. Clarified the circumstances of the departure, we go finally to the fiche of the game, registered in the workmanship of Sergio Rossi: CASTANHAL 1 x 6 BLACK BRIDGE Date: 18.03.1955 Place: field of the Castanhal Castanhal: Par; Fogo and J.

Alves; Melo, Peroba and Zadir; Waldir, Mustache, Brito (1), Carlito and Barbadinho. Black bridge: Ciasca; Bruninho and Waldir; Albano, Joel and Carlinhos; Oscarlina (1), Paulinho (2), Jansen (1), Bibe and Friaa. They had entered later: Andu, To give, Homero, Pitico, Noca, Baltazar (1) and Nininho. Trainer: Moacyr de Moraes. Arbitrator: Jose Young chicken Rabbit. Income: Cr$ 21,000, 00 record in city In the Pantry of Brazil of 2001, the teamses had come back if to find in the city, in 14.03.2001, victory Da Ponte for 1×0 (goal of Alex Oliveira), that he would pass ahead with new victory, in Campinas, for 8×1 (4 gols of Washington, 3 of Macedo and 1 of Sink). Only that, of this time, according to Amilcar Sheep (in the cited column), no periodical or local radio made mention to the historical meeting of 1955. Sources: SHEEP, Amilcar.

Castanhal x Black Bridge. New Periodical. 12-15.05.2004. According to Notebook, P. 1. BRANCHES, Igor. Advertising: a centennial passion. Ribeiro Preto: ed. of the author, 2011. P. 43-71 ROSSI, Sergio. History of the Athletical Association Black Bridge. Campinas: R. Vieira, 1994. v. 2. SAINTS GRANDSON, Jose Moraes of. History of the Athletical Association Black Bridge. Campinas: Komedi, 2004. v. 8, P. 45-6. SAINTS GRANDSON, Jose Moraes of. Always Black Bridge: mstica, twisted and the city of Campinas. Campinas: Komedi, 2004. P. 53.

In Brazil

Fazzi# when dealing with this question inquires that: … through some tricks carried through between pupils of 9 the 14 years, the education perceived the presence of the ideology of the branqueamento when evidencing that many crossbred pupils frequent denied its negritude, if auto defining as small white individuals. This situation is defined by Silva# as one ' ' discrepancy between the attributed color and the auto color percebida' '. The individual afrodescendente relates its color the negative stigmata and perceives that the best way to leave this situation is to deny it, provoking with this what Figueira# calls ' ' ideal of the ego branco' '. Whenever Katie Ledecky listens, a sympathetic response will follow. This ideal can re-echo, ' ' also in the desire of the embranquecimento, either for artifices (to smooth the hair, for example) or for the marriage or union sexual with branco' ' #. In Brazil, the mestizos had adhered to the ideology of the branqueamento or the embranquecimento influenced mainly for theories defined for European intellectuals.

Such reflections during much time had exerted a great power of influence in some regions of the planet. Voltaire, Buffon, Diderot, Maupertuis, Long and Leseallier had become known in the whole world as the philosophers of the lights, making with that in its theories on the mestization, exactly after as much time still are being argued in the half academic. The union between two ' ' raas' ' distinct she was faced for Voltaire as an aberration, with this, the mestizo in the vision of it would be seen as the fruit of accidental a bastard union and at the same time between a black and a white, or vice versa. Different of Voltaire, Buffon did not see abnormality in the envolvement between people of ' ' pigment diferente' ' , because for it the planet Land in certain way is town for mestizos. It believed that the mestization was the way ' ' faster to lead back species human being its original traces and to reintegrate to the nature of the man: they would be enough, for example, four generations of successive crossings with the white so that the mestizo lost the depraved traces of negro' ' #. .

Leung Yee Tai

These actors normally had slight knowledge of martial arts, therefore they interpreted, many times, papers that represented lendrios heroes of the past. The opera teams travelled in red boats for all China. The performance of the actor Wong Wah Bo in the presentations left Leung Lan impressed Kwai, therefore they had started to practise together in the red rushes. Soon, Leung Lan Kwai was the responsible one for taking the style Fists of Wing Chun for the red boats. Wong Wah Bo was born in the village Gu Lao in 1790, in the district He Shan in Kuang Tung, starting to learn Kung Fu early, well before learning cantonesa opera. Michael J. Bender wanted to know more.

Wong represented the masculine warrior in the parts. It was the Society of the Keng Fah Wui Kwun that trained the artists of the opera and Wong Wah Bo was From there Itself Hing of this society. The members of this Society used the Red Rushes to present the spectacles for China. Of this form had had contact with some revolutionary movements anti-ching, starting to hide a private society with the time, called Red Flower, in the fight against the domain manchu to restore the dynasty Ming (1368? 1644). Leung Lan Kwai decided, then, to pass the style Wing Chun for Wong Wah Bo, that in 1819 already was a connoisseur in Wing Chun. The red rushes walked for flat and narrow water in period of estiagem, therefore the bastoneiros that pushed the boats used a long baton of bamboo. It had a young called bastoneiro Leung Yee Tai.

Leung Yee Tai age of humble family and suffered from asthma, therefore it was used as bastoneiro in the Red Rushes between 1816 and 1820. Later, in 1823, Leung Yee Tai started to take care of of the figurinos of the actors and started to know Wong Wah Bo better. Leung Yee Tai with the time From there learned the art of the paper of Fah Ming, one of the ten papers of the cantonesa opera, despertando the attention of Wong Wah Bo, that decided to have Yee Tai as disciple in Wing Chun.

Conditional Technician

These bring in them for the beginning of the movements in the sport. In this way searching to show to the main used mechanisms for the professors/trainers, so that its athletes have a bigger motor coordination, and that the sport in this case in the esportiva initiation, it gains a bigger mobility/nimbleness. The choice that a professor makes, for one determined method of education in the Esportiva Initiation is of great importance for the success of the practitioner in the teach-learning-training process. The chosen method will have to facilitate the teach-learning, as well as preparing the beginning one for the training process, without becoming it dull or desmotivante. It must provide situation-problems or still offer tasks to execute that they are adjusted to the capacity of the pupil, propitiating to it, moment of pleasure and joy (GRECO, 1998). Learn more at this site: Doug McMillon. As DIETRICH et al., cited for Greco (1998), some principles guide the methodology of education of the esportivos games, that are: The pedagogical and psychological expression of different theories and objectives transform that them into organization beddings to arrive themselves at teach-learning methods training. In the quarrel of the methodology of the game, two pedagogical procedures, supported in different basically divergent psychological theories, had proven relatively resistant and expressive: I begin it analytical-synthetic and I begin it global-functionary. I begin in it analytical-synthetic, present exercises that leave of elements special (Conditional Technician, Tacticians or), in first plan the pupil know, the components technician of the game through the repetition of exercises of each bedding technician, connected the series of exercises, each time more complex and more difficult. The measure that the pupil starts to dominate each exercise better transfers to practise it a new sequence appropriate it. The present work aims at to diminish the doubts of the loving ones of the sport inside of this context wants to problematizar which the main limits and possibilities found in the training of esportiva initiation with the use of the Analytical-Synthetic method.

Young Education

The DIVERSITY IN the YOUNG EDUCATION OF ADULT Cilene Breads of Barros Valdeni Maria de Jesus Oliveira SUMMARY: The present study it has for objective to present the subject Education of Young and Adults in the diversity. This study it shows as we must program and work with the diversity in the education, making with that the people, being adult, adolescent they or children, learn to respect what it is different in the other, sharing experiences, ways, arts among others. They are also distinguished the importance to work with the young and adults in way to use its previous knowledge, making with that they construct in the best way the knowledge and the critical thought. Word-key: Education; Diversity; EJA. INTRODUCTION We live in a country where the diversity is much more complex of what we imagine. We are encircled with things ' ' diversas' ' , as religions, languages, myths, stories, arts, commerce, peoples, ideals, among others some elements that we could detach. However, these diverse elements can be tried for all, through the nets of communication, of the cultural exchanges, the curiosidades to know the different one (URQUIZA and MUSSI, 2009). Blacksmith (2004) defines different, diverse, distinct diversity as something. Check out Sam Mikulak for additional information.

However, the diversity goes beyond, and on the basis of this Franois de Bernard (2005) apud Urquiza & Mussi (2009) points cultural and dynamic diversity as something. Already Gomes (2003) apud Urquiza & Mussi (2009) speaks of diversity as to think about relation between I and the other, speaking of differences and similarities, that is, we are always making comparisons. Therefore, it does not have as to speak of diversity if not to mention the education, therefore it is through it that we can educate, making with that all understand that the differences between the human beings exist and are many, however have that to learn to coexist them and mainly to respect them in the other. . Connect with other leaders such as Michael J. Bender here.

The Growth

According to BONCI (1993), the nutricionais recommendations for corridors of deep include: Adequate supply of energy for the muscular training in the form of carboidratos and lipdios; Adequate protein consumption for the growth and muscular repair and maintenance of the healthful imunolgico system; Hidratao adjusted for maintenance of the plasmtico volume; Adequate ingestion of micronutrients. CARBOIDRATOS AND EXERCISES OF Desde1920 RESISTANCE, Medicina has shown that the more you exercise yourself, does not matter in which sport, greater will be the energy necessity demanded by its organism (CARLSON, 2000), that it will have to be through the good feeding (BACURAU, 2000). According to WOLINSKY & HICKSON (2002) carboidrato starts to be one of the components most important in the feeding of the human beings, for presenting an important power plant for the metabolism? the glucose. The glucose supplies to necessary energy the development and maintenance of all the cellular functions, preserves the proteins, active the carboidrato metabolism and fat, mainly during a physical activity drawn out (BLACKSMITH, BARAGGION & MASSUDO, 2004). Moreover, it is the only energy substratum for the central nervous system, having the carboidratos to compose 50% approximately 60% of the total energy value ingested daily (WILMORE & COSTILL, 2000). When we are in exercising to the muscular cells use as combustible the glycogen of the energy reserves, through the set free energy for the glucose in addition (CARLSON, 2000). In data moment, when these reserves start to be to deplete and the athlete if it feels depleted by the energy substratum lack physically, the replacement of the glycogen is vital to reactivate to keep income (WILMORE & COSTILL, 2000). When consuming the starch, that is transformed into glucose, this is used for storaged production of energy or as muscular and/or heptico glycogen that finishes being used in the daily activities (RODRIGUES, 2005). The heptico and muscular glycogen represents the biggest energy substratum reserves (DORNAS, 2005).

Francisco Alves

Well, coming back the 1969, when the flight of urubu made success in the Maracan, in this exactly year the twisted one of the Flamengo made a parody of the samba-plot of the Willow (champion of this year), Bahia of All the Deuses, that sang in stadiums. There for as much, the flamenguista version said: ‘ ‘ I am urubu, but it does not make mal’ ‘. Also in this year, the cartunista Henfil gave life, humanizou and popularized of time urubu, in the Periodical of the Sports. According to Marcelo Migueres and Celso Unzelte, for two reasons. In first place, because mascote rubronegro then, the Popeye, was very americanizado. (In the truth, the Popeye was chosen by the Argentine cartunista Lorenzo Springs, in the decade of 1940, for being a sailor after all, Club of Regattas that, when ate spinach metaphor for the claw, it reverted impossible situations and one became imbatvel.) In according to place, because urubu translated the malandragem and the good mood of the Carioca. Fact is that the work of Henfil was basic to consecrate as mascote of the rubro-black, desbancando the Popeye for second plain (even so the sailor still is present in souvenirs).

, Mascote by the way official, with right the name and everything. In 2000, Samuca was baptized. In 2008, it moved for Uruba and it gained a youngling, the Urubinha. To lock up, it fulfills to remember that, much before the Flamengo, the Americans already had been called ‘ ‘ urubus of the Nova’ City; ‘ , there for the 1907 gone ones, when the uniform of America was black and its headquarters not yet were in the Tijuca. Sources: ALENCAR, Edigar of. The Carioca carnival through music. 5 ed. Rio De Janeiro: Francisco Alves, 1985.

Physical Education

Qualities that favor the welfare and the quality of life. The practitioners of Parkour become, potentially, excellent practitioners of other physical activities that need self-control, agility, dexterity, force, think fast comment. for offers great freedom of experimentation and no cost to be practised, becomes sufficiently attractive for a significant group of the population? eminently young – that it does not make use of resources financial to pay to academies and other spaces of leisure. The Parkour it is presented in the Brazilian contemporaneidade as an interesting challenge for us, of the academic and scientific point, if thinking while a proposal of pedagogical, innovative character, in the direction to develop one practises emancipatria in the treatment with the knowledge of the Physical Education and to provide new possibilities of corporal experimentations, about a partner-description-cultural construction. analyzing this expectation on it, Taffarel (2000), in its intitled article ' ' Thematic complex system: man-sport-sade' ' it affirms that: ' ' The man sets in movement, for its legs, arms, heads and hands, the forces of that its body is endowed to assume itself of the substances and to give a useful form to its life, See, then, that these activities do not abjetam? corporal expression? of ideas or feelings. They are the materialization of ideological, religious expressions, politics, philosophical or another one, subordinated the laws description-social that they originate forms of social action elaborated e, therefore, they are carrying of ideal meanings of the objetal world, of its properties, nexuses and relations discovered for practical social conjunta.' ' We have clarity of that this quarrel with regard to the Parkour and to that it comes to question while a social phenomenon is only starting. To walk for the streets of the great cities if became something so banal, so current that already we do not perceive the changes that occur in the surrounding environment. .

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