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GOD TO BLESS WANTS YOU! ' ' SKIRT OF THE CLOSET ' ' One of the subjects most controversial of the present time is the question of the homossexualidade human being. Of a side the sympathetical and adepts that if strengthen of all the possible ways the same to become acceptable and common the union of people of sex, and it another side, those whom they are against, motivated for the religion or reason of familiar education. At last, it is a subject that does not have end. This subject has been so commented, debated and studied that a great parcel of the world-wide population, I believe, already he is if accustoming with the idea. However, nor with the ones of the right and nor with the ones of the left we must be.

As Christian our position will be always what the word of God to teach. I recognize that it is not easy to remain itself in an irreducible position, the pressure is very great, the arguments are strong and gradual, we notice that it has many servants of God losing to this temptation. Until some years behind little one heard to speak of cases homosexuals in the Church, today already are more common. I understand, that this is a sin as another one any, is so pernicious in relation the salvation of the soul as it he is the adultery one, the pedofilia, the murders and the lie and others as much, he must be fought in the sermes, and mainly in studies with abalizadas people. The absence of genuinely Biblical educations is that it has caused many problems, the theological unfamiliarity and scientific of the sexual question it has formed many homfobos, people that on behalf of God, of the traditions and all luck of ignorance practise violence acts, shameful and worthless discriminations. Such people if forget that the homosexual must worthy be treated, as another human being any, and this does not mean to accept its practical and nor to approve them.

National Academic Assembly

Where there is education there is no distinction of classes. Confucius lately at national level has been commenting on the education law where national universities, have spoken out on the matter, pointing out their disagreement with the procedures that the current Government under the direction of Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chavez cold continued in its first instance, when passed a law late in December 2010 by the National Assembly without taking all the opinion of universities, which she locked up, their irregularities, its illegalities, attack against autonomy, the absence of analysis and importance of educational quality, finally, on his questioned scope and repercussions all under a Socialist ideological vision. Fortunately, Chavez realized this bad decision and the assertive not to approve the Bill, refer it back to the National Assembly in order to make their content, objective, purpose, articles, decision meet the conceso of all the actors involved, within a true democracy, participation, avoiding in this way generate conflicts, protests and disagreements that at no time favor their aspirations to run for re-election in 2012. We believe that in the analysis, formulation of the new law is considered which represents the academic quality, find the way how to ensure that this becomes a reality, more to a fact that we know, especially those of us in the exercise of education, that the quality of the Venezuelan education is very controversial. Is necessary, that will redefine many topics involving academic quality as regards teachers, programs of studies, research update, educational management, all this in order to be step to emerge that academic quality that the present time demands. Very true, precisely in this respect that Alexander Vega Miranda, which nobody can object provides quality as the goal of a project, an institution or of a programme of action. Everybody wants a quality university education, nobody wants a mediocre University. The pursuit of excellence, high quality grade, is an unassailable argument.

Art Education

Art, in a general way, is characterized for a quality of being a rich field of experimentations, opened to the new compositions and elaborations, therefore it considers looks differentiated on the reality. It is always important to stand out that the Art for these qualities becomes an important educative work very, therefore it looks for, through the individual trends, to direct the formation of the taste, stimulates intelligence and it contributes for the formation of the personality of the individual, without having as more important concern only to the formation of artists. When used through the projects in the schools, this resource can lead to the chance of if obtaining a creative work, where the individual uses and perfects processes that develop the perception, the imagination, the comment, the reasoning, the gestual control. Such affirmation is based on a reflection on the pertaining to school pedagogical activities, and has that to register an item of our reflection on this subject of that, as the Art. 3 of the New LDB, Law in. 9394 of 20 of December of 1996, we find the affirmation ' ' Education will be given on the basis of the following principles: II – Freedom to learn, to teach, to search and to divulge the culture, the thought, the art and knowing ' ' Although the displayed one to be foreseen in law that guides the pertaining to school educative action, not only exists the necessity of awareness of the educators, as well as of all the Society. In this manner, we consider basic to think on the importance of the Art in our Schools. It was accurately using me of these results of reflections obtained on the subject that appeared a concern of the true importance of the artistic production to the creative cognitivo development of the child, and the conclusion fond can be of great importance in the human development, also and mainly in the pertaining to school infantile phase.

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