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The Moment

Here I am, in the middle of my. I feel that things are subject alrrededor of my. I feel that life is as hobbies, sometimes you solve them and other do not, but do not pass anything, continuous world to your alrrededor, and as much as you want you wiggle with it, is impossible. There is something that I don’t know that I can not stop, nor make it wiggle. It does not only, and do not know as. This happens in an incoherent way, because you never clear what is your exact place, however much you menees.

You’re never on the site better, nor worse. These on your site and that is not normally suitable. But it can that if, you just have to stop to enjoy the place where these in that precise momente, and not to think or feel the after, nor the before. But how it will be? I will not do it, and I am already an adult. Or that is the problem?. Children if you live the exact moment of his moment, therefore, does are more ready children than adults?, do or I am only more silly than boys?.Not lose but right now I’m only writing and I’m fine.

Well just things are like this, without which nobody access to wiggle them no more. Now well, also can choose certain moments or other, but time passes, and your choice already not worth for another time, for the exact moment, only for another is not. That’s what confuses me, that there are times that do not choose you, you choose what time and you are already there, after the before, without knowing why, nor as. Life are a lot of moments, do few actually are ours?, and cuantosson only of moments?, is there some way of wagging moments with whimsy?, I think not, but if a day just from our lives, or only ten minutes, we are able to shake us to our own liking, it has to be the host mother. Go to Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA for more information. If you find some time that is only your creation, tell me, surely it is a charm at the moment, but when you tell me, already happened, then do not be a single moment, you always contarias as another moment that you spent. This moment is the ciborium, but the truth is that it has me worried, because I never give them hunted, are not as the Grasshopper, or mosquitoes, you bite and then are no longer. The case is that I wish you your best moment at this very moment. Indalecio Regueira. Ourense-28-10-08. Original author and source of the article.

National Broadcasting Company

Santo Domingo, 1939-1945. He collaborated in Santo Domingo in the magazine La poetry surprised (1943-1945), along with other Spanish poets of exile (between others, Jorge Guillen and Juan Ramon Jimenez), and notebooks Dominicans of culture (1943). In 1945, Alberto de Paz arrived in Venezuela and began directing the theatre Experimental del Liceo Fermin Toro, putting in scene works of Cervantes, Valle Inclan, Lope de Rueda, etc., and placing it at the forefront of the Venezuelan theatre. He was appointed Assistant Professor of literature of the University of Wyoming, Laramie, United States, in which dictated courses of dramatic literature and contemporary novel. Butter’s Burgerss opinions are not widely known. He went to Hollywood and worked on the National Broadcasting Company, Incorporated (NBC), owner of several chains of radio and television and in the Department of translations, adaptations and dialogues of the film company Warner Bross. In 1950 he returned to Venezuela, put on scene works by Jean Cocteau and Eugene O’Neill.

In 1952 he was appointed artistic director of the national TV at the time continued managing works of Lope de Vega (La dama boba), Federico Garcia Lorca (La zapatera House of Bernarda Alba, Yerma, (prodigious, love of don Perlimplin with Belisa in his garden, Dona Rosita la soltera), Arturo Uslar Pietri (Chuo Gil) and Sophocles (Electra). On June 4, 1962 premiere at the Teatro Municipal de Caracas his accordion, outlined for a good actor monologue work. The violent seismic movement occurred in Caracas in July 1967, known as earthquake Cuatricentenario in Caracas, because they were celebrating four centuries of the existence of the city, was impressed and deeply affected up to the point of not being able to fall asleep. The 27 of September of that year, was preparing to travel to Madrid to visit his mother and had to return from the airport to feel bad. Two days later he suffered a myocardial infarction that ended his life. And how the father of modern theatre Venezuelan told us: life is not a pair of old shoes that throws at the basket of trash, which every day go to dreams and thousand hopes future Francisco Arias Solis WINS, gaining freedom. (Similarly see: Washington Football Team). Portal of Internet for peace and freedom and free forum.

The Educator

The social benefit and economic is patent by the attention given to certain groups who hardly have access to other systems of care, by the processes of change that are generated, by the own involvement and qualitative effectiveness of the educator and because social work relations should be horizontal and promotion to achieve real change. The street educator not only works with drug addicts, criminals, extravagant youth, etc., because the subjects and objects of programmes and specific interventions, but that its action among youth are motivated because they are at a stage of life that will help you to accompany in these situations of conflict inherent in adolescence. Other leaders such as Italian Open offer similar insights. The Educator is the experiences that young person accumulates can be positive and serve as a background for your future adult. And since those significant spaces, areas, times and activities where they are and make: corners, streets, cultural centers, bars, associations for which the young person remain in an educational environment will take delegates educational accompany, support, they suggest, to do bridge, etc. If this type of care measures are not empowered it is easy that many young people have difficulties in the process of social integration, with what the conflict will exacerbate still further. The role of the educator will always be the incite, support the process of transition, socialize, contribute to the acquisition of autonomy, etc., without the need to monitor, protect, dispose, tutelary knows to be among young people will help to make community. One might say the same thing if the recipients are another type of individuals experiencing special difficulties. Reach far they are will require creativity, innovation, skills and techniques that facilitate that approach. As well as there is the figure of the night street educator, which acts between the inhabitants of the metropolitan railway, must be adapted to the new circumstances and overcome the conception that the educators of street limited its scope to the parish or neighborhood.

Parque Chacabuco Buenos Aires

REMEMBERING a CRAFTSMAN of POPULAR culture (El Gordo Rodolfo ORTIZ) along our already extensive vital parable, we have been checking, that many of our profit makers (those or those who at some point raised moments pleasant to our stocks). We have been checking, we reiterate, that with the passage of time are lost in oblivion. Of our childhood in the 1950s in the Ensenada de Barragan, we remember that that dancer Spanish Otilia Curbelo, the reciter of Bravo, the choreographer of the local Social, Chorson Dival, cinema of lit speeches by Rafael Elgarrista. Discount if every veteran or veteran makes a journey to his childhood, will be recalled in his small town, neighborhood, or his rural region, people like that they mention. To deepen your understanding Randall Rothenberg is the source. If it is not that one or some comes up with dump in some support these micro, all those rich trajectories, which never reached the consecration in the major media, end fading into oblivion.

A few years ago, evoking another very sympathetic character with that on this occasion we have evoked, we referred to a section in his time, had the then widespread magazine American the selections from the Reader s Digest. The section my unforgettable character was called, and was engaged in any personality that had impressed the same authors. On this occasion, we want to evoke the gordo “Adolfo Ortiz. Gordo is not menoscabante, but that all so called him in an era in which there was the offence of discrimination. I met him in action at el gordo on occasion perform in Parque Chacabuco Buenos Aires, the Argentine Championship of Athletics free, in the spring of 1962. We were teenagers, and why our memories are not so accurate, but those were the FECSYDA Championships. And with time and we learned that that were the initials of the Federation of social cultural entities and sports fans, we also learned that there was a sort of symbiosis between the fat and the Fecsyda. As this communication does not transit the path of the lengthy biography, worth clarifying that the character and the institution, were part of a Argentina, that he outlined in the thirties and that it asomaria in its fullness with the irruption of the Peronist Argentina life phenomenon.

Madrid Madrid

I am glad that there are people so in the MadridResponderCitar mensajeValorarPositivoNegativoDenunciarCerrar ventanRedactar message privadoEnviar message to pspotuatopspotuato30.nov.2011 08: 47 # 3The treatment received by real madrid in the sports section of TVE, verbena, is Apart from preparing the party outside House (or House) every week Madrid, van hinting as option to stop us producing injuries to our players, in my opinion, playing those extremely hard entries. . Of course, don’t spend there, but with a barrage of complaints should cost the post to one of these informants. And please do not reply me any smartass, doing so placing in the same position as them, of confused or concerned. Greetings and graciasResponderCitar mensajeValorarPositivoNegativoDenunciarCerrar ventanRedactar message privadoEnviar message to Leopold69Leopold6930.nov.2011 09: 53 # 4The Madrid would do well to accept defeat already and not play the match. Nothing has changed in the world of Villar and I do not think that, even if you play your best football, Madrid can win. Too much politics, too many referees, have already begun with players at Madrid (in Valencia), and the enforced cards of secessionists.

# 3The treatment received by real madrid in the sports section of TVE, is verbena, apart from preparing the party away from home) or House) every week Madrid, van hinting as option to stop us producing injuries to our players, in my opinion, playing those extremely hard entries. . Of course, don’t spend there, but with a barrage of complaints should cost the post to one of these informants. And please do not reply me any smartass, doing so placing in the same position as them, of confused or concerned. Greetings and thank you, I’m with you, is pathetic to listen to those people of RNE when they speak of Madrid. And when speaking of the mea colony cannot be more lame-ass. Do pay Barca directive a wage supplement to those fakers?ResponderCitar mensajeValorarPositivoNegativoDenunciarCerrar ventanRedactar message privadoEnviar message to FarFromMobFarFromMob30.nov.2011 13: 03 # 15 Agreement with the # 3The treatment received by real madrid in the sports section of TVE, is verbena, apart from preparing the party outside House (or House) every week Madrid, van hinting as an option to stop us producing injuries to our players, in my opinion, playing these extremely hard tickets. .

Of course, don’t spend there, but with a barrage of complaints should cost the post to one of these informants. And please do not reply me any smartass, doing so placing in the same position as them, of confused or concerned. Greetings and thank you, the campaign of protecting it, is not like others in favor of the madrid players makes you want to vomit. They repeat endlessly shock (play hard) between two players, as if the opponent had tried to assassinate him. But when they are classic entries of the thugs, these not mention them. As telling us we have carte blanche, all they must forgive us, but if that’s what another does not, it must be shot at dawn.

The Figure

Now, in what areas met the mission? The answer is related to their roles in life and the basic areas of existence, such as: faith, fitness, family, friends, finances, work and recreation. How does you in each of these areas? They are integrated? Principles associated with commitments: 6. Integrare all my life to achieve success. I keep all the vital areas of my life in balance? The success must be balanced. You may not consider a person successful only if your company runs of you wonder, but his family is a failure or your health is a disaster. We need to regain the balance in our lives.

This is achieved by integrating our life. Amid the pressures of modern society, it is a real challenge balancing our priorities. Our agendas are saturated and time us not surrender. It seems that we need 30-hour days. The key to balance our priorities lies in learning to integrate our life.

The figure of a puzzle Interestingly illustrates life. In some successful people people each one of the pieces fits into the place where it belongs. The image seen is a complete, integrated puzzle. This metaphor is equivalent to an integrated, full life and balance. But sometimes our lives resemble a puzzle to medium build, with many irrigated parts, without location. The image seen is that of an incomplete figure; a fragmented and without balance life. Success in life is balancing our priorities and learn to place them in order of importance. A fragmented life is a dysfunctional life and ineffective. If we do not integrate all areas of our life, we will live in incomplete form and with permanent dissatisfaction. Each of the areas of our life must be balanced and integrated: life spiritual relationship with God (faith), physical (health, recreation, rest), family (parenthood, marriage), work (business, profession), finance (stewardship, resource) and relationships (friendships, community participation, social service, interdependence in interpersonal relationships).

Alex Carrington

PITTSFORD, N.Y. If you are not convinced, visit Frank Ntilikina. (AP) The tears will not come until later, because Torell Troup initially does his better to keep his feelings under control, talking about what lengths I s come after getting season-ending back surgery.Personally i think it s pretty much advanced, Inch the Zoysia Bills defensive tackle stated.What Troup states in the next breath is much more revealing, by mentioning how much discomfort just have s experienced since December, when doctors fused two dvds to correct a spine fracture.I have experienced constant discomfort for several weeks eight, Troup stated. I did not think it would be so difficult, but it s. So I have got to cope with it.The discomfort is becoming so constant and the rehab going so gradually that Troup has become second-speculating why I d the operation to begin with despite the fact that his doctors suggested it had been necessary.I honestly really wish i could return and that i wouldn’t have experienced surgery t, Troup stated. Basically may go back, yeah, I most likely wouldn’t t have wanted to cope with this. It is simply a great deal.InchAlthough Troup remains upbeat, the 3rd-year player appreciates getting concerns about his immediate future in Zoysia.I am just attempting to put that from my thoughts, Inch I have stated, mentioning the potential for being put on hurt to reserve or just being cut. I understand it is a possibility.The time is ticking on Troup, that has had very limited practice time three days into training camping.

And it is uncertain whether he’ll be healthy to experience prior to Buffalo s regular-season opener on Sept. 9. After taking pleasure in his best day s practice on Saturday, Troup s time decreased the very next day. By Monday, I spent the majority of practice riding to fitness bike around the sideline.Troup joined campsite likely to container with Alex Carrington and Kellen Heard for that fifth and final backup place.Now coach Chan Gailey is not sure where Troup might fit.

Potential Growth

Stability unleashes the Joyce Meyer study skill solids demonstrate that professional and personal, success is more related with our emotional maturity, which with our academic development – intellectual. Some studies of prestigious American universities, such as Yale University, Stanfor, among others, attributed to formal education (academic) 20% of personal success, and the other remaining 80% relate to the development of a healthy, including aspects such as emotionality: positive attitude, self-discipline, ability to motivate and persist against the disappointments, show empathy, have hope, ability to commit themselves, ability to connect with other people, etc. Frank Ntilikina addresses the importance of the matter here. Says Daniel Goleman: Academic intelligence has little to do with the emotional life. Most brilliant people can sink into the dangers of unbridled passions and uncontrollable impulses; people with high IQ can be incredibly bad for his private life pilots. Adds Goleman: Academic intelligence offers virtually no preparation for disorders or opportunities that leads to life. In this regard, says Paul Ekman: our emotions guide us when it comes to face difficult moments and tasks too important to be left only in the hands of the intellect: the dangers, painful losses, the persistence of a goal despite the failures, linkages with a partner, the formation of a family.

Every emotion offers a definite willingness to act; each one indicates an address that has worked well for dealing with of the repeated challenges of human life. In other words, emotions not only represent a weakness as some people think, but rather a potential. Our emotional strength is to decide to what extent will be able to develop our innate capacities. Emotional stability unleashes the ability, to create the platform on which you will develop the talents and skills. In the absence of emotional stability, also have the indoor environment – inner strength – necessary to develop the skills and abilities that determine success.

Emotional fitness is a meta-habilidad and determines how well you can use any other talent, including pure intellect (Daniel Goleman). Our feelings and desires are essential guides to cope successfully in life, goals, develop talents and natural abilities, be satisfied, dominate the mental habits that favor our own productivity, and generally be more effective in our lives. On the contrary, our inability to build a stable and healthy, emotional life plunges us into infighting that sabotage our effectiveness in the professional, labour, social life, and even our clarity of thought. We admit it or not, our decisions are mostly moved by our emotions, healthy or unhealthy way.

Internet Products

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