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Because health prevention starts Bad Salzuflen in his sleep, the January 22, 2010 – sleep sickens when will not adjust sufficient. For more information see Frank Ntilikina. Until the beginning of this year a team of researchers renowned Columbia University noted that lack of or disturbed sleep among adolescents can lead to depression. Alarming conclusion of the study, taken the sleep habits of good 16,000 young people under the microscope: a nightly sleep duration of five hours increases the risk of depression by 71 percent. Relief for those who have outgrown adolescence? Not at all, because even in adults, sleep disorders cause at up to four times higher risk of depression – so sleep physician Goran Hajak, of the University of Regensburg. Otherwise, the research findings in the field of Somnology as a plea for the necessity of healthy sleep sound. According to sleep researchers, appears a direct link between sleep disorders and the incidence of serious diseases such as stroke, diabetes or Alzheimer’s increasingly likely. Healthy sleep affects not only the individual performance the next morning, but is a crucial building block of health prevention. However, if the spatial conditions allow no space for a bedroom? Here is worth a click to the Chair factory, because the team has expanded the existing seating range of online shops to sofa to David Fuchs.

In addition to comfortable XXL euthanasia small space are presented, take up much space and creating optimum framework conditions for healthy sleeping outside of the traditional bedroom. As well as all seating the Chair factory of course the sofa can be individually configured, and adapted to the personal needs. “What is striking is that nothing at the sofa suitable for a continuous use throughout the makeshift beds” reminds of the past, which were either nice or comfortable in the worst case neither of these. Fresh design, a “multi-functional construction, quality materials and quality made in Germany” will be an interesting option for all the sofa beds, which previously suffered space reasons compromising the sleeping comfort. The team of the Chair factory is dedicated uncompromisingly individual and expressive furniture manufacturing over the Chair factory. Whether lounge armchair, relax armchair or sofa all living and sleeping furniture exclusively from local raw materials and in local manufacturing produced. Each piece of furniture is made according to individual specifications, so that exclusive individual pieces emerge. Press contact: Chair Manufactory Fox Pritzkau Sawazki GbR Max-Planck-str. 111 32107 Bad Salzuflen T 0 52 22 / 960 48 17 F 0 52 22 / 960 48 20 E

Stop Smoking Habits

Smoking is one of the most addictive habits in the world. Nicotine is said to be just as addictive as heroin and cocaine. Stopping smoking habit is the most difficult task but it’s not impossible. However if millions of people around the globe can get rid of their addictions then so can you. It takes a lot of will power and determination to stop smoking habit.

However you are the only person who can make yourself quit by making a conscious effort to stop smoking habit and give them up once it for all. Once you have made the conscious decision to quit you can apply these simple tips to quit permanently and change your life for the better: the stop smoking habit does decision to not work in one go, you need to do is gradually cut down on it until you quit completely. As you cut down whenever you hold a cigarette in your hand try to convince your eleven that it is a disgusting habit that should be avoided, saying this out loud, feeling the bitter button in your mouth and thinking against that feeling are simple ways to do so. Find any type of hollow pipe with the same length and thickness of a cigarette. Inhale through it and oddly enough you will have the same feeling as with a normal cigarette. It is said that a habit cannot be erased.

only replaced. Concentrate your time and effort into something that will keep you completely busy. So much so, that you forget to smoke. This will make you more productive as well and give you sense a of purpose and motivation. Playing sports is a good way to kick the habit. With your lungs breathing heavily you will instinctively think against smoking. Improve your health and stamina will too. It has worked for many to keep something search as toffees, chewing gum, etc in order to keep away from cigarettes in their mouths. Finally keep your motivation strong and quit forever on a pre determined date. Remember that there is no stronger power than your will and no greater asset in this endeavor than your self control. All the best and good luck.

Ute Schwiecker Sigma Rahul

Sun care preparations are a necessary component of the safety concept. Their SPF should be from high altitude to ensure a possible long, safe Sun stay. In addition, it is sure that their protection through the timely application of new leaves. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Marc Lore. This is particularly significant for sweat-inducing activities and stays in the water. An essential feature of every means of Sun protection is its sun protection factor. It is a measure for the amount of time in which protected skin can be exposed to sunlight, before it comes to the development of a sunburn. The human skin is according to their genetic type able to withstand sunlight for a certain period of time without damage and redness. A sun protection factor of 25 means that the skin for 25 times can be used from this length of time in the Sun, without suffering harm.

Knowledge of own skin type is thus for the determination of the individually appropriate sun protection preparation very significant. Note it is still that the factor of Sun protection refers to variation of solar radiation only the UV-B. The specification of the protective factor against UV-A radiation is carried out separately and should comply with minimum one-third of the UV-B protection factor. Sun care preparations are available in organic or mineral Variant. Organic preparations use chemicals that move after her into the skin. Is the treated skin is exposed to the sunlight, they turn harmful wavelengths of ultraviolet light into harmless infrared heat radiation.

The ingredients of organic sun protection preparations can trigger allergies in sensitive people. Mineral-based sunscreens use microparticles from minerals that lie as protection of the skin. Its effectiveness is due to the reflection of solar radiation. Higher protection factors mean an increased concentration of mineral particles, giving the skin a in these preparations Pale or white coloring receives, but also continues to receive Sun Tan. The micro-particles do not penetrate the body. For this reason, mineral sunscreens are friendly and generally good as organic products. Many manufacturers use more additives, sunscreen preparations adapted to individual requirements, as Sun allergy, or sports. So the consumer before a barely manageable selection is provided. The Mohren pharmacy offers consumers advice and information for selecting a sunshield, which meets their individual needs. Press information Mohren pharmacy contact: Ute Schwiecker Sigma Rahul str. 4 70567 Stuttgart phone: 0711-71 35 09 fax: 0711-71 97-222 E-Mail: Homepage:

Which Contact Lens Is Right For Me?

The pros and cons of soft and rigid contact lenses. Contact lenses – a real alternative to the glasses. The small, almost invisible helpers for a better vision without compromise, even with strong vision defects. A high long term compatibility is achieved only through a proper adjustment, regular check-ups, as well as by complying with the recommendation of carrying. To avoid hygiene errors are, like for example an inadequate cleaning and disinfection, or a prolonged wearing of contact lenses. “The feeling of dryness is often overlooked and the dry eye” thus favored in the long term.

“As a rule of thumb: contact lenses only as long as necessary and not as possible wear!” In addition, a contact lens-free day should be kept in the week. There are two categories in which one classifies contact lenses, soft and rigid (hard). According to the materials, you can wear a rigid contact lenses up to 2 years, at the latest then they must be replaced with new. There are soft contact lenses by the day contact lens up to to the contact lens of the year different ways of wearing time. It is, the shorter the replacement intervals, even healthier for the eyes. Here an overview of soft and rigid contact lenses. PRO soft contact lenses a spontaneous pleasant wearing feeling fast settling time a good alternative for occasional wear for eyeglass wearers also in dusty environments possible suitable for many sporting activities, z.Bsp.: contact sports (judo, boxing) medication, z.Bsp. high blood pressure drugs, these can be producing tears negatively affect some more difficult handling than not recommend CONTRA with rigid contact lenses at: extended use within air conditioned environment limited to recommend an unfavorable tear film, z.Bsp: chronic dry eyes, irregular cornea, z.Bsp.

Keratoconus eye inflammation, z.Bsp: in allergic individuals during the phases where the allergen can occur. During this time, no contact lenses can be worn. FORM stable contacts PRO on long time well-tolerated easy care even under unfavourable environmental conditions suitable, z.Bsp: air conditioning to the Teilauch problematic tears film conditions possible also at irregular cornea (Keratoconus) customizable CONTRA not to recommend at: dusty environment hypersensitivity contact sports (risk of loss) for sporadic lens wearing unsuitable. The right choice of the contact lens is critical to a long impact. Deciding which lens fits their specific needs, always in an assisted adjustment process should be decided together with the specialized professional. In Dresden, Johann City South, we see ourselves as a specialist in the adjustment of iniduellen soft – or rigid contact lenses.

Thomas Wendt

Of course, the exercise on the morning and evening hours should be laid. For sports in the blazing sun only additionally charged the already stressed body. Because of the high temperatures, the physical strain is highest in the lunch and afternoon hours. 3 Step: Body wisely cool mornings and evenings contrast showers are recommended. The change from hot and cold water, to strengthen the immune system and on the other hand ensured that the heat out of the body will be transported. Also, wet towels as cooling wrap can be used to reduce the body temperature again.

However, heart specialist Thomas Wendt advises u make sure that you not completely covers himself. Then the air can no longer contribute namely to cool down. 4 Step: Apply generally sun protection should avoid the Sun between 11:00 and 15:00. In sunscreens, experts recommend a sun protection factor of at least 15. The means should be applied in a timely manner before going into the Sun and be replaced regularly. Dark clothing has a high sun protection factor. Although light-colored clothes made of natural fibres reflects the rays of the Sun best.

However, dark fabrics have a higher SPF than bright. While a black T-Shirt has an SPF of more than 20, a bright has a maximum 10 step 5: light meals and snacks at high temperatures also an unhealthy diet can promote additional cardiovascular problems. Therefore, particularly light and healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables should be eaten. Even small meals charge less than ample feasts. Therefore should rather large meals omitted and instead the food intake be distributed throughout the day on smaller portions. This to avoid to be with full stomach in the heat. Under the headline “heatstroke is frequently underestimated involves a failure of multiple organs, the often deadly consequences” is the underlying this press release article first appeared on the public health portal. Barbara Reisen E.k..


Biofeedback is a method with which you can learn to control her body better.But not only for healthy people, biofeedback can be used to increase the performance. Biofeedback is a therapy, which they can learn consciously to affect their bodies. The purpose of biofeedback is intended to control body responses themselves and successfully applying this skill in certain stressful situation. Biofeedback to enable people to control processes which are controlled by the subconscious mind, and therefore to treat diseases or intended to deal with situations better and so relaxed by his own life. Some concrete examples of the application of learned of biofeedback is to increase the concentration in competitive sports. Sam Mikulak has plenty of information regarding this issue. Biofeedback is successfully a sport already for some time. On the other hand, this therapy method be employed but also managers for stress prophylaxis, and increases the performance quite a bit. But not only for healthy people, biofeedback can It will be used to increase the performance.

Sick people with pain syndromes, cardiovascular diseases, but also mental disorders, such as depression, such therapy as an alternative treatment without medication available to staff. This treatment is efficient for everyone. At the beginning, patients are divided into logician, or rather more emotional people, since more left for clear thinking and usually for the most part, the right half of the brain is used in more emotional people. Instruments on the body are then the connected to attending to determine body measurements and differences compared to normal situations. These are for example: brainwaves, blood pressure, respiration, body temperature, skin resistance, muscle relaxation and heart rate devices determined and analysed on the PC and now represented for them. This at the same time, you can see what has changed, if deliberately try processes in your body to steer. The biggest benefit to the biofeedback method is that is easy and for everyone to learn it and effect on the own body shows shortly after just a few workouts and you can very well use this kind of self control in his own life and biofeedback shows quickly already positive impact. Basically you can biofeedback inform themselves specifically further on the topic of health -, there is enough material to.

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