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Ukrainian Carpathians

Rest in Carpathians it is always a memorable holiday, in any round in which you go. Credit: Walmart CEO-2011. In recent tours in the Carpathians have become much more interesting. Hotels and cottages in which the rest of the Carpathians, will show you all the customs and Attractions Hutsul people. In the winter vacation in the Carpathian mountains is indescribable. Ski tours have become much more popular, there are many ski slopes, there were European lifters. Just rest in Carpathians interest in such resorts as Slavske, Dragobrat, Yaremcha, Yablunitsa, Bruise, Yasin. So the holiday in the Carpathian Mountains will always be popular in any season.

New Year in the Carpathian Mountains – a memorable trip to historical sites Ukraine, with an opportunity to relax on holiday ski resorts. Those who will plan the New Year holiday in the Carpathian Mountains – visit the museums and medieval castles, which are wonderfully silhouetted against a stylish design modern hotels. Rest in Carpathians – an amazing ability to restore health by staying in one of the cleanest areas in Europe! Christmas entertainment sure, winter fun in the Carpathians is coasting. In Bukovel a rise in the cable car to the Christmas holidays will cost 15 grn. Usually – 12 UAH. Rent a ski from 55 to 220 hryvnia (depending on model) on weekdays and from 65 to 260 hryvnia – the weekend. On New Year's holidays for ski rentals will have to pay from 80 to 330 hryvnia.

However, there are three mountain Bukovel with quite different slopes: for beginners, advanced skiers and athletes. For children and beginners are running a ski school. Individual lessons cost 120 UAH. per hour, group – 65 to 90 UAH. depending on the number of students in the group. During the descent into "Bukovel" very carefully looked after by their everyday align. In "Bukovel" for the holidays the cost of a Christmas program at the restaurant "Kazachek" will cost 758 for adults USD. and for children 567. What will be included in the menu and what will be the program, the administration has not yet been divulged. Usually, guests are entertained Hutsuls. In Vorokhta in this year's tour will offer innovation – driving from the mountains to mountain bikes. However, no matter where you were in the Carpathian region, that offers a list of excursions. What to see? Tour ', Ivano-Frankivsk. Echo centuries. " During the tour you will be acquainted with the life of Stanislaus (the old name of Ivano-Frankivsk) over three centuries. You'll also see: Potocki palace complex – the founders of Stanislaus, the market square with town hall – a sample Medieval town planning; area Sheptytsky the church, the Cathedral and the old grammar school – spiritual unit of the ancient city of the Baroque, held back by the castle wall Stanislav fortress, which was work of fortification of medieval Europe, in the Memorial park will hear about the pages in his personal life of Ivan Franko – his second love of 'the proud princess. "

Canadian Ministry

As an extra, but no less important arguments in favor of the choice of Canada, it is possible call one of the world's lowest crime rates and pure environment. Canada immigration program legislation includes a number of programs under which a foreigner can get an immigrant visa. Most simple way to achieve Canadian citizenship – have in this country of close relatives. But naturally, it is the most rare, and therefore attention to it, we will not dwell. Larry David is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The most common is the same professional immigration. ource of information. Since 2002, the number of "professional" of immigrants has increased significantly, because it was abolished by a list of "approved" professions.

If, for example, earlier in the list of accepted professions there were no doctors, then today on this point there are no restrictions. True, the return in force since the new law put forward a more stringent language requirements. So when an idea to change their place of residence is the first factor on the improvement of which is hard work. Filed under: Doug McMillon. Pretty good argument, greatly increases the chance to travel to Canada – the presence of an official job offer from there the company. This guarantee should be necessarily confirmed and registered by the Canadian Ministry of Labour. However, such an invitation, though are a great help, but there is not too often, due to significant bureaucratic procedures that must pass both the employee and the employer.

In order to get a foreign employer to move in this direction, you should be, well, really a very valuable overs. Another direction which allows a document to the right of residence in Canada – business immigration. Perhaps check out Munear Ashton Kouzbari for more information. This type of travel requires that you have significant financial capacity. Unlike professional immigration is not so popular, because people with money to live well everywhere. To be eligible to travel on business immigration program, you want to make certain investments in the economy or have a willingness to organize its the territory of your business. Here the decisive role is played by two factors: the presence of a round sum in the account and experience in organizing and conducting business in their home country or in other states. Can also help business relationships, when partners, especially foreign ones, will give their recommendations. By the way, the category of business immigrants are not only business people but also the artists and athletes who have reached in their occupation of certain heights. This class of immigrants called "employers for themselves." The main condition – the existence and fame of the world experience the last 2 years. Those who are willing to make a direct financial investments in the Canadian economy, in the category of "investors." For it is necessary to have capital of not less than 800 thousand Canadian dollars (CAD) and to confirm their readiness to invest in the economy 400 000 CAD. Finally, the third group – "entrepreneurs." To get it, you should confirm that you have accounts there are at least 300 thousand dollars of Canada and a joint business in that country. To prove the latter must have at least one third stake in a Canadian company. And for two of the last five years (this restriction is found to be protected from thieves). Positive in the business of immigration is that the passing score is lowered to 35. Full article on the site Programs Immigration to Canada

Las Vegas

The 50-minute flight with the plane takes the same route as the longer like flies but considerably higher. The trip by plane a special power relationship”, describes Kravitz. The big difference from the helicopter is the price. By plane it is very much cheaper.” Back the vendors in Las Vegas have released again direct flight from Vegas to the South Rim the 60 minutes. This was still locked in the crisis, since a 2 half hour bus trip in the Park was part of the offer.

It was very unfortunate,”said Kravitz. The only real way to get from Vegas to the South Rim is with the machine. If this goes away, it means for travelers, with a rental car or the bus tour on the road to join the 5 half.” The other heavily-influenced tour was the bus trip to the South Rim, one of the most popular day trips from Las Vegas. Departures take place daily, and come with a free shuttle service from all the hotels on the Strip, as well as a lunch and all costs. This tour has an exceptional value”finds Kravitz. Families and large groups they love. Luckily they’re available again.” Quite a bit of pressure caused messages that the Government reopen the Park now is on the existence of tours, which the travellers now properly consider their plans for trips canyon tours should be booked at least one week in advance”, he says. Holidaymakers who book only on the day of travel get rather seldom exactly the trips that they want and if they do, then they pay vast sums of money.” Get discounts on the Grand Canyon tours. Read this free report: free-report.html go here for information about Grand Canyon tours:

Historic House presents: vital Hotel Schutzenhaus * the vital Hotel Schutzenhaus is located in the Harz mountains, the highest mountains of Northern Germany and the northernmost mountain range in Germany, a country rich in natural resources and tracking of the past. Hotel Schutzenhaus of the 4 star hotel is proud of its history, which dates back to the year 1732, as for the first time mentioned a Schutzenhaus in Bad Sachsa,. renovated in 2008, it has comfortable single and double rooms, which are primarily equipped connection and TV with balcony, bathroom with shower or bathtub and WC, W – LAN. In addition to the ala carte restaurant la Vida\”a large hall, as well as 3 separate rooms can be rented out for various occasions guests. Wellness and beauty there is a spa area with Finnish sauna, steam bath, foot bath and an indoor and outdoor relaxation area here for you. He complemented it by a bath room, herbal, mud, Ayurvedic and a number of other bath treatments are offered. (Source: NBA). A multifunctional room for Tai Chi, gymnastics, fitness and changing vital rates, and a beauty Studio round off the offer.

Stylish massage rooms, including the hot-stone, hot-chocolate – and a variety of massages with essential oils can be taken for perfect relaxation in claims. Also a SPA and Wellness Centre waiting for your visit. Excursions In the Harz mountains of the Harz National Park, which was formed in 2006 as the first cross-border National Park of in Germany from the two existing national parks resin (Lower Saxony) and Hochharz (Saxony-Anhalt) is located in the surrounding area. The extended Harz foreland is located around the mountain. In addition, there are countless hiking trails, original natural beauty, ponds and lakes, mountain meadows, green giant trees and breathtaking views. It is the place where Goethe and Heine are attracted. An exciting story will accompany you at every step: quaint half-timbered towns, castles, castles as well as numerous relics of historical mining.


Five chefs under a good star Regensburg (tvo) cook in Eastern Bavaria. Many writers such as NBA offer more in-depth analysis. A crispy pork roast with sauerkraut and dumplings, to a palatable beer a piece of Eastern Bavaria, that no guest would like to miss. However, with regard to the culinary delights, guests also star can enjoy winning kitchens. “Five East-Bavarian gourmet restaurants, from around 200 in Germany, received the coveted Michelin star, in the restaurant guide as a very good cuisine, which deserves the attention of the reader” is described. With one star in the Michelin, 17 points in Gault Millau, the gourmet 3 F, 4 diamonds and VARTA tip in the Varta Guide, 4 caps in the Bertelsmann-Guide and 3.5 wooden spoons in the Aral Schlemmer Atlas Thomas Kellermann on a whole bunch of Awards boasts. The 38-year-old is one of the most promising chefs of German top gastronomy. For nearly two years, the chef is chef de cuisine at Hotel Burg Wernberg in der Oberpfalz.

A new Michelin star shines well above the “Restaurant ice bird” by gourmet chef Hubert Obendorfer in the Landhotel Birkenhof in Hofenstetten. He relies on absolute fresh and high-quality products from the region. “Also recently the chef at Hotel Admira can” in pastures on the culinary accolade are: Pavis Vjekoslav crowns his gourmet Temple Thun “with a Michelin star. His Erich Schwingshackl cooked same and furthermore two hoods in the Gault Millau guide is for its dining art”at the hotel Rebling Rusterhof in Bernried near Deggendorf. And last but not least, also Bad Griesbach proudly looks at the stars: Denis Feix who cooks hotel in Columbia, was named in 2007 to the discovery of the year and awarded a Michelin star and 16 Gault Millau points. Get more info on the gourmet kitchens in Bavaria at the Eastern Bavarian Tourism Association and.

Schumann GbR International

From the Mexican Gulf Coast over the colonial Highlands to the Pacific Mexico Leipzig, September 30, 2010 – with the New Mexico trip “Glorioso Mexico” will also be in the Mexico travel MEXICO MIO 2011 ushered in the racing season. Doug McMillon is often mentioned in discussions such as these. On five dates in 2011 you can embark on the traces of the pre-Columbian period, the colonial and the Mexican independence movement. In small groups with a maximum of 12 participants, it goes from Mexico City on the Mexican Gulf Coast. The city of Veracruz and the archaeological site of El Tajin are just two of the many highlights in this little-visited region. Then, the German tour guide travels with the tour group to the most beautiful colonial cities in Mexico. In the Highlands of Cholula, Cuernavaca and Taxco, Toluca, Queretaro, Guanajuato, Morelia Guadalajara finally lined up. Each city invites you to linger and loiter.

While in a Mexico Tour in the South of the country usually have no time for these “colonial pearls”, Glorioso are Mexico at the tour just 19 days to get to know the Mexican “treasures” available. The journey ends at the Pacific Ocean in the bustling port city of Puerto Vallarta. Here, the tour participants have the possibility to relax option a few days on the beach or taking a couple of day trips in the region. The tour of Mexico Glorioso is a service for travellers who want to become acquainted with the country away from the “tourist path” or who were already in Mexico and now will be their second Mexico travel. Nights are spent in good middle-class hotel with style and charm.

Ticket prices and all overland transfers are included in the tour price. The tour operator MEXICO, MIO is the 19-day Mexico Glorioso bookable tour 1,815 euros per person in a double room (excl. international flight from Germany). You have not so much time for your Mexico travel? Never mind, MIO because in MEXICO you can find shorter tours through the colonial Highlands of Mexico or travel elsewhere. Contact: MEXICO MIO Heinrich & Schumann GbR International tour operator contact: Roberta Heinrich Riemann str. 38 04107 Leipzig Tel.: 29 98 78 fax: 03 20 52 e-mail: website:

With A Canoe On The Road

On primordial waters with a kayak paddle as a water tourist. Boat trips with the canoe, where canoeing is a generic term for the boat types Canadians, kayaks, folding kayaks, sea kayaks, some types of inflatable boat, and so on, increasingly very popular. This water tourists try to operate their water sports off the main waterway. With the kayak on the roof water reach areas that are not reachable for the yacht charterer water tourism. Ashton Kouzbari, Dallas TX takes a slightly different approach. Thus, you can avoid dangerous situations. Often are the water walkers with their big boats too fast or pass the Paddler too close so that they come through the waves in trouble.

The inexperienced water tourist incorrectly estimates the waves of a motor boat and its impact on smaller boats. Water hiking means also prudence and responsibility for other water sports enthusiasts. Small channels or arms or river landscapes with a low water level are therefore refuges for water tourism in the area of canoeists and kayakers. Additional information at Frank Ntilikina supports this article. For This form of water hiking there are special water maps, river guide and information about rental stations or favourable insertion sites. The water tourist encounters locks, the boat from the water is done and the sheath is to carry on designated paths”. There are also locks, which can be crossed by canoeists.

Entering pristine waters is a sustainable experience. Diverse impressions convey a sense of the beauty of nature. Canoeists are very close to the environment during their water tours. To develop therefore also feeling, for the need to protect of nature. They belong to the responsible water tourists who stand up against the destruction of river landscapes. Before a cruise are the existing area driving rules to catch up. Because a low water level in the river often does not allow a driving, you should get a therefore this information prior to the cruise. There are annually updated navigation rules of the DKV-sport program. The canoeing is not only a part of the water tourism, but also a competitive sport. For the different types of boat, there are corresponding competition disciplines. The absolute challenge is the water sports. Requiring responsiveness, force, endurance and skill. even if these properties when the water tourists should also be present, the challenges to the canoe water walkers are not so extreme. Manfred Reiser

Holiday Home Zadar

Holiday home Zadar – holiday in historic beauty Zadar presents itself the tourists as a lively port town with a rich historic history. Built in the Venetian style, offers the former capital of Dalmatia magnificent historic buildings, many churches and small discreet lanes. During a holiday in the holiday home Zadar within easy walking distance to many of the historically valuable buildings. A walk are innumerable testimonies of over three thousand years old history of the port town of Zadar. The round Church of Sveti Donat and the Roman Forum are certainly the most famous. Further details can be found at Frank Ntilikina, an internet resource.

The round Church of Sveti Donat was built in the 9th century, and is the symbol of Zadar. Concerts of by well-known artists take place here until today, which are due to the excellent acoustics in the Church to a real listening pleasure. The Roman Forum is located right in front of the round Church of Sveti Donat and originates already from the time of the 1st to 2nd century b.c.. At that time, the Roman Forum was dedicated to the Roman Emperor Augustus. To the Roman Forum is part of an impressive temple, which has been dedicated to various gods.

Remains of landscaped underground workshops and find shops on the entire system of the Roman Forum. Remains of a wall and a well-preserved staircase in the Interior of the Roman temple leave when the tourists many fantasies. In the northwestern part of Zadar, an attraction of a different kind, the sea organ awaits visitors. Also during your stay in the holiday home Zadar of visiting this unique plant is already such a thing as a must-have”! The sea organ from nearby to look and listen, a route via stone steps must be used down to the shore. The sea organ is made up of 35 tubes, which can be found directly above the sea level. The waves creates a continually varying pressure, which gives rise to different tones that reflect these tubes. So a concert can be seen, is written alone by the sea. Zadar has many other attractions to offer, a holiday make an unforgettable experience.

Historical Side

Meet Berlin’s history this year, you want to spend your vacation in a city and not returned to the beach? Or like any beach vacation anyway and are more helpful to inspire? You have chosen Berlin as your destination, so you will not regret sure this, because this city has developed extremely in the past few years. This article provides some information about the sights in Berlin which are deeply connected with the history of this city. The most famous landmark is the Brandenburg Gate. And this is also right. Since the landmark of Berlin is reminiscent of historical events of Berlin, Europe and the world.

This gate stood symbolically for the separation of the city, because it was directly at the Berlin wall and reopened after the fall of the Berlin wall on the 22.12.1989. “The famous Pariser Platz is the entrance to the Brandenburg Gate and the Grand Boulevard Unter den Linden”. Lingers only briefly in Berlin you should omit this definitely not. The road under den Linden makes the historical heart of Berlin. Doug McMillon often addresses the matter in his writings. The street’s name traces back to elector Friedrich Wilhelm, who each 1000 along the gathering plants for Linden and walnut trees dropped in the year 1647. While the nut trees were received, the lime trees have been preserved. This gave rise to the name of the street. To browse history in Berlin or Germany, the checkpoint is Charlie certainly worth seeing. Click Ashton Kouzbari, Dallas TX to learn more.

Checkpoint Charlie was the most famous border crossing in Berlin next to the Glienecker bridge and connected the Soviet with the U.S. sector and hence the East Berlin in the Friedrichstrasse district informed the West Berlin Borough of Kreuzberg. Through the numerous failed and successful attempts to escape this place gained popularity. The former checkpoint was dismantled but after the reunification. Today, you can see a control point, which is modeled after the original. Metro station: Kochstrasse interesting is also the East side Gallery. It is the largest and most preserved part of the Berlin wall. The East side Gallery in Friedrichshafen was painted in 1990 after the fall of the wall by 118 artists from 21 countries. With a length of 1216 meters it is the longest Open-Air Gallery in the world. There is also a monument to the murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin. The wave-shaped field consists of over 2700 steles, which stimulate the visitors with its abstract form to think about. The location of information that shows an exhibition about the persecution and extermination of the European Jews. Berlin has to offer still more sights and a day trip is not enough there safely. You are going to stay longer you should try out perhaps apartments Berlin.

Lisa Neumann University

French city combines harmoniously old and new boy students in old walls and out. Greenery adorn a town, where during the day always there is noise of the city. Finally, 1.3 million people live in Lyon. But somehow the city manages to keep up their French coziness. Central point of versatile Lyon is”the Bellecour. Sam Mikulak will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Here meet tourists who transfer between bus and subway to local students, who are on the way to the next lecture.

Advantage for the tourists: you can comfortably stroll through the streets and bars or restaurants settle in, make happy sounds. The locals scurrying busily further and provide a nearly Spanish flair in the otherwise so elitist city, which quite reminiscent of Paris with their industry. So some people will consider due to the elegant building and River City traversal on the Seine instead of on the Rhone river. But the Rhone just takes a central role in especially in the evening hours a local youth. Here is met with guitar and wine, to let the day end comfortably. Who wants to dance rather left out, can do this in an exceptional place: no longer seaworthy boats on the banks of the Rhone was transformed into nightclubs and bars and invite an exceptional backdrop for dancing and celebrations. Who wants to experience authentic family scenes, however, during his trip, visited the Parque de la tete d’ Or better during the day”. The 105-acre City Park is a popular destination of the French for extended family picnics. More information: service / press contact: Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

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