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Energysaving Safe

LED lighting is the lighting of the present and the future! In times of nuclear disaster of Fukushima where topics such as energy saving and renewable energies have become the political discussion of the duration, it is necessary also in the private sector according to the savings to search. Lighting-related electricity costs, which are for refrigerators and freezers in 2nd place are an immense electricity costs point of private households. The company elba electronics from the Swabian town of Heroldstatt specializes, the distribution and the development of energy-efficient LED lighting of all kinds. Check with Jerome James to learn more. LED light tubes ( input.), which consume only 15% of the energy the absolute “top sellers” include what similar products with conventional light bulb would need same services, so equal brightness and colour. Also, the LEDs in the LED light tubes installed have a to 10 times longer than incandescent lamps. Another advantage of LED light tubes, but in general the LED lighting is the fact that LEDs maximum lukewarm in operation – no fire, no matter where the LED lighting is installed. Here, John Smith expresses very clear opinions on the subject. On request, elba electronics supplies the available in many colours LED light tubes in personal selected length between 2 and 100 meters. Their optimal application these tubes in the indirect lighting, for example, behind cabinets, etc., as well as for decoration purposes will find at garden parties or, quite solemnly, Christmas.. . Many writers such as Sean Rad offer more in-depth analysis.


Real blind dates at dinner in the dark and romantic dinner by candlelight Stuttgart, February 7, 2011. On Valentine’s day, the hearts of the lovers in the SI Centre beat higher. Hear other arguments on the topic with Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA. For those who have already found their great love, the restaurant time square offers the perfect location for a romantic evening. A tete Tete can in the stylish ambience of the time square restaurants, accompanied by emotional live piano music by swing-Affairs, a carefully prepared 3-course menu enjoy. (3-course menu for 2 persons including a bottle of house wine: 68 euros, reservation under 0711 721 1111) All singles can meet at the blind-date-Valentine’s special maybe in very unusual way their dream partner. Especially the inner values of the other should one know and love learning what more is so as a genuine”blind date? Because when our food in the dark”you can’t see his date partner also during the dinner.

So one learns his interlocutor in a completely different way know! Offers guests a blend of speed “-dating, a delicious multi-course menu and just a real blind date in the truest sense of the word.” Both sexes will not be previously in the light, then carried in a dark room to their places and during a delicious dinner is served, they come with your table neighbors very casually in conversation. After each course, a change of place possibility of course! An unforgettable evening with many new impressions is guaranteed to those who engage in this unusual experiment, anyway, and who knows, maybe the dream partner is Yes indeed? Who wants to be there, must be however fast, because there are only a few seats available! (67 euro incl. menu, more information and booking under 089 3899 77 84). More information: SI-Erlebnis-Centrum Stuttgart, Plieninger Strasse 100, 70567 Stuttgart, Tel: 0711 721 2112,,

DICOTA SCHWEIZ AG Becomes Main Sponsor

DICOTA SCHWEIZ AG becomes main sponsor of Peiner Association playing ducks e.V. esports sponsorships: DICOTA Switzerland AG supports Playing ducks manufacturer of notebook cases and mobile computing accessories is main sponsor of the internationally renowned eSports labels Bietigheim – Bissingen – the DICOTA Switzerland AG (, manufacturer of carrying solutions and accessories for laptops, tablets and Smartphones, is new main sponsor of the club playing ducks e.V. The eSports-label from the Lower Saxony peine ( is one of the most famous associations of its kind in Europe. The three professional teams of the label actively play in the highest leagues. (As opposed to Joseph Stiglitz). You could numerous national and international Championship titles already won, so about 2013 the German championship in the field of counter-strike. The club founded in 2009, has a total of approximately 2,500 members from throughout the European area.

The significance of eSports increases continuously in Europe”, says Ruedi Nauer, CMO of DICOTA Switzerland AG. The number of players in the electronic Sports League organized exceeds that of the members of the Association in many traditional sports now. Professionals, fans and prospective customers is a very tech-savvy audience that uses high-quality devices and on quality, functionality and good optics attaches great importance in accessories. It’s very closely to our portfolio and our brand, we want to strengthen it in this segment internationally. We glad to support the ducks playing in the future as main sponsor on their way.” DICOTA develops and produces high-quality notebook cases, individual case solutions and innovative mobile computing accessories since 1992 for tablets and Smartphones. Also DICOTA customized project solutions offers, for example, multifunctional carrying solutions for employee or customer gifts.

Practical accessories such as mice, locks, USB hubs, keyboards, and panel products completes the portfolio. The international orientation of the company makes it possible to identify new trends and proactively to shape. Due through technological and design innovations of manufacturers showed consistent organic growth and rising sales in the 21 years since its inception. Today, DICOTA is one of the leading suppliers of mobile computing products. More at Disclaimer: mentioned trademarks belong to the respective manufacturers. DICOTA in Germany: DICOTA GmbH, Pleidelsheimer Strasse 15 74321 Bietigheim – Bissingen company contact DICOTA SCHWEIZ AG Ruedi Nauer, CMO Schwerzistrasse 20, CH-8807 Freienbach Tel.: + 41 55 416 50 34 E-Mail: Web: press contact FX communication Felix Hansel / PR consultancy Chair Samuel str. 3 80999 Munich Tel.: +49-(0)89-6230-3490 email: press contact playing ducks e.V. Sperber route 38 31224 peine E-Mail: playing ducks e.V. is a German eSports label based in peine (Lower Saxony). Club hosts three eSports professional teams, which operate nationally – and internationally successful. Multiple Championship titles in the field of International eSports. Founding year 2009 with currently 1104 Reg.Mitgliedern from Europe.

Betting Fun Is Multicultural

Why Ali and Nazim don’t understand that State betting should be better as a private Bonn/Heilbronn often makes that is especially fun, something prohibited or seems unreasonable. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA. Small weaknesses are just human. It is probably also Ali and Nazim which touch every couple of weeks once for two euros on sports betting. The two Turkish family fathers of the Heilbronner Stimme wanted to not call their real name, finally they preach their children, that sports betting are not good: but fun it shut. Randall Rothenberg pursues this goal as well. And equal times as much as the State with the private provider Oddset.”Oddset is the rate just much worse”, says Ali. “” The Turkish father fails to understand, why State-offered betting better “or should be moral than private: addictive but are just as you can with Oddset.” What couldn’t Oddset against it, so the Heilbronner Stimme, which show up every Saturday and Sunday: It will flicker in the betting shop and on the screens on the walls “Football games: Turkish League, Premier League, Serie A. of Croats, Greeks, Italians, Germans, Turks, the joy of betting is multicultural.” the arguments of the two fathers show better than any highly scientific study, what it actually is. We always pretend we would have to do it only with severely addicted people at Wettbegeisterten. Here it comes, to sit together in a round, to drink a cup of coffee and to use a couple of euros”, says Helmut Surtenich, Board of Dusseldorf sports betting provider top betting that involved the betting company Betwitch and betting corner is. If the private placement of sports betting in other countries be allowed, this should also apply in Germany, also EF Yilmaz from Heilbronn thinks.

Middle Franconia

“That’s why we are title partner of the stadium magazine ‘HSVLive’ this season in addition.” Corporate and private customers find a wide assortment of classic printed in offset and digital printing in the online portal. In the in-house production of online printing, calendars, brochures, posters, and much more in the high-quality offset printing and brilliant digital printing are printed and finished. With the HSV by the goalkeepers “we glad to welcome another well-known company in the sponsor family of HSV onlineprinters GmbH. In comparison with conventional printers product quality and the reasonable price have convinced us”confirms Katja Kraus, HSV Board for communication and marketing. “The online printers are already very active in the sponsorship landscape of German football. The more we are pleased that expand their sports sponsorship by the commitment to the HSV”, reaffirmed by the marketers HSV team leader Eike Gyllensvard Sportfive the new partnership. Description of the company about the onlineprinters GmbH onlineprinters GmbH, headquartered in the Middle Franconia of Neustadt on the Aisch is one of the largest online providers for printed materials in Europe and employs currently about 300 employees. Corporate and private clients for over 90 per cent of all types of printed matter from our own production in offset printing quality and flexible digital printing in the online portal.

A wide range of business stationery is printed by stationery and business cards, flyers, postcards, and posters to adhesive bound catalogues and stitched brochures. The company supplies 25 countries of the European Union as well as the Switzerland, Andorra, Liechtenstein and Norway. Private and business customers in Germany, Austria, the Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Czech Republic and Italy in standard shipping delivery free shipping. This applies to customers in Poland, Great Britain and France from an order value of 99. For the model Corporate development 2010 was “Bavaria’s best 50” online printing companies awarded. Product information in the print Portal: and PR contact: onlineprinters GmbH Andrea Lachmuth Rudolf-Diesel-str. 10 91413 Neustadt on the Aisch Tel: +49(0)9161-620 98 00 E-Mail: Web:

Daniel Alves Between

This 2012 just showed up at several first-class matches, for example the friendly match between the Bundesliga club HSV and the Spanish champion FC Barcelona on July 24, 2012. At the moment, as defender Daniel Alves as Silva shoots for the Catalans 1-0 in the fifth minute, the perimeter of for the 57,000 fans forms a central part of the gripping scene of the gate. And was also at local Derby between Union Berlin and the tradition kickers by Hertha BSC Berlin on September 3, 2012. Highlight of the game: the free kick by Ronny Heberson Furtado de Araujo from 17 feet away. Frank Ntilikina has much experience in this field. When the goal celebration breaks out, is once again present at a visible point: as a major sponsor and promotional partners of the sports event. Only around three weeks previously accompanied the free Automobile portal in Germany a more exciting and international meeting: the preparation match between the Bundesliga first division side Fortuna Dusseldorf and the players from Benfica Lisbon, played before 26,000 spectators at the Esprit arena.

Of course, car chain will continue his involvement in sports sponsorship also 2013, we will be at several meetings as a partner on the ground,”explains the management of to this year’s plans. More information: car chain is 100% free portal for buying and selling new and used cars, trucks, motorcycles, airplanes and boats. is the leading online portals in the automotive industry for many years nationwide.

Repeatability Implementation

The ceremony was the culmination of this year’s annual meeting of the PRINCE2 Germany e.V., which stood under the motto of ‘Project management in the 21st century’. Frankfurt, November 16, 2010. I’m very happy and very proud! I accept the award on behalf for all colleagues, who supported me with their valuable work have. “, cheered the happy winner of the PRINCE2 best practice awards, Claudia Moyzes by Konica Minolta Business Solutions Germany GmbH. “Their project PR OMPT m” (PRINCE2 optimized project management for Konica Minolta BD) method and its extraordinarily successful project completion was been awarded with 1st place due to his outstanding integration of PRINCE2 . “Ambitious target of PR OMPT m” it is nationwide to standardize various Konica Minolta project processes and thereby to simplify. IE introduction of a uniform methodology defining workflows, a uniform understanding of the interface, the assurance of quality and Repeatability, an efficient resource planning and control, as well as professional controlling this standardisation process should be ensured. The jury was convinced by the effective implementation of the principle of product orientation and ongoing, business justification, and by demonstrating the benefits of PRINCE2.

Fraport AG was ranked second with their project of OSCAR”(object scan in clear areas). This impressed the jury with the implementation of the theme of risk management and communication management strategy as well as the implementation of the principle of defined roles and responsibilities”. Project basis by OSCAR”is the new air security law, which redefined the requirements on the safety of lifts of the new gate A-plus at Frankfurt airport. Passengers control different levels of different security levels by elevator. The new challenge is that the elevators is then obtained from one level to another, if a sensory test on abandoned people or Items is done. The aim is to create a working system with low susceptibility and is required to achieve an extremely high detection rate of non desired objects.

German Fan Magazine Olympiade

A website to a mega event such as the Olympic Games must run stable not only around the clock, but lightning fast supply especially the extreme Trafficpeaks. Kiel, Muller Wohlfahrt in Munich – which current output “Vancouver 2010” on the German fan magazine was again a resounding success, so summarizes Niklas E.A. Danso, Publisher and Chefredakeur of the independent sports site. The quality of the reports, the record traffic as well as the technical performance of the offer got top marks. Traffic on had been steadily growing since the beginning of the winter of 2009, then record levels were measured during the games in Vancouver 2010. On the occasion of the closing ceremony, including as a reliable hosting partner of the fan magazine was praised. Centron was continued a year-old partnership with a stable and powerful information platform provided the Olympic fans around the clock.

At the same time, tens of thousands of page views were handled during the competitions with German participation. “To the online users the” to ensure optimal speed and stability, we have provided our top of the line, a managed server infrastructure.”so Nils Kaufmann, spokesperson of the centron GmbH. The Internet service provider centron is one of the leading business hosting providers in the enterprise segment, a partner of international business as well as of numerous institutions and communities. Including managed servers, HPC cluster and Web hosting are offered, and centron to int. Testing standards is certified:(quality management) and (environmental management). For the popular sports site is hosting at centron according to Niklas Doose the “happiest solution” after the project is already online in its 14th year.

Earth MHOlympia

A healthy person has healthy finances and lives in a healthy nature. A loving, peaceful, and harmonious coexistence contributes much to the health. The MHOlympia Foundation not only thrives on donations alone, but is financed from profits of the MHO Foundation company. The MHOlympia Foundation is part of the MHO Mondiale healt organization Foundation. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Randall Rothenberg. Purpose of the Foundation is the health of our Earth. This includes healthy nature, healthy financial, healthy person.

A healthy person is nothing without healthy financial and can’t live without a healthy nature. The MHOlympia Foundation supports and promotes all about health, alternative and new possibilities to the preservation of health. The MHOlypia Foundation recognizes as everyone, how he is and promotes a loving and peaceful life together. For the MHOlympia Foundation, not only on donations and grants to be instructed, we have founded in addition the MHO Foundation (a corporate support Foundation). So, the profits from this Foundation, the MHOlympia Foundation. If You of the purpose of our Foundation addressed feel, we look forward to your visit on our website Please visit Frank Ntilikina if you seek more information. Thank you very much.

The Congress

Common myths and half-truths are in addition to the Weight reduction under the magnifying glass taken and checked for their scientific evidence as well as practicality. The Forum will be moderated salt, lecturer at the Academy of the BSA and German University in the Department of nutrition and personal trainer of boxing champion Felix Sturm nutrition by Clive. Educate yourself with thoughts from Sam Mikulak. “Forum Management: health management as a competitive advantage current knowledge about the commercial success of” health in our society increasingly becomes the economic and success factor. Through demographic changes, the already looming shortage as well as the later retirement age the importance of the factor is health”continue to. “Each individual person” must take more care, maintain its performance in old age.

But also each company operating on the market is required to make complete thoughts about performance and thus the health of its employees. The Forum deals with the essential success factors to the theme management Health management”strategically successful in establishing a company. Here, experience reports from different perspectives are taken into account. The Forum is moderated by Prof. Dr. Oliver Schumann, lecturer of the BSA/DHfPG in the Department of management management. The students and training establishments of higher education, as well as BSA members benefit from discounted conditions optimal price / performance ratio even 2011. The Congress to an outstanding price-performance ratio can be offered through the support of well-known sponsors. Students and education establishments in addition to the extensive Congress programme offers a varied program, which includes also the entrance to the FIBO-night, the party for Congress participants and exhibitors, in addition to guided exhibition tour and free access to the FIBO halls on the booked day of Congress from 29 euro / day.

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