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20 Millionth Synchronizer Ran From The Band

“The market leader for transmission components in the future increasingly on transmission solutions since 1983 Oerlikon Graziano has produced over 20 million Synchronizer for agricultural vehicles, construction machines, trucks, sports cars and various off-highway vehicles: tractor synchronization we are world market leaders and help to make more efficient agriculture in particular in emerging markets”, says Andrea Serra, product manager for synchronization and PowerShift – gear. Future sets Oerlikon Graziano in addition to the proven standard components with shifting SolutionsTM”stepped on customized transmission solutions to help its customers even more efficient and consumption-poor products. For even more analysis, hear from Marc Lore. Oerlikon Graziano, a company in the segment drive systems, about 20 million pieces of this basic gear components produced since the production of the first synchronous rings in 1983. The current annual production is approximately a million units. The company is the world market leader in the Range of Synchronizer for transmission of farming vehicles like tractors. The synchronization but also in the propulsion systems of sports cars or trucks, construction machinery, or other off-highway products are used, where maximum efficiency and durability are required.

Major customers include renowned manufacturers of agricultural vehicles and construction machinery such as CNH, Caterpillar, John Deere and Massey Ferguson, as well as in the field of sports cars, Lamborghini or Aston Martin. Synchronization fuel Synchronizer key components are reduced in the manual transmission: when switching from one gear to the next, they coordinate the speeds of gear and drive shaft. Their conical shape the rings act as a brake between the gear and the power socket: the course can only lie down when the speeds of both components have been adjusted. They minimize the loss of torque in the transmission of power from the engine to the wheels, Synchronizer rings increase the efficiency of high-performance units and help “when, to save fuel”, explains Andrea Serra, product manager for synchronization and PowerShift at Oerlikon Graziano. Thanks to optimized design and outstanding material properties modern synchronizations can handle, as they now be used in agricultural vehicles or trucks, 1.5 million switching cycles during their service life. The most important innovations of recent years include among others servo Synchronizer, which reduce the drag torque compared to the Double Cone solutions by up to 50 percent, or also synchronous rings with new friction surfaces such as carbon. Peak performance through customized, integrated solutions the manufacturer of agricultural vehicles, machinery and other off-highway products today are faced with the challenge to reduce the fuel consumption per cent 20 to 30. An integrated drive system in which all components are optimally matched, contributes significantly to the achievement of this objective.

Oerlikon Graziano has with the shifting SolutionsTM”a new Product line created, which the manufacturers offers the possibility to get a transmission solution developed specifically for their application. Just our customers in the high-performance environment can significantly increase the performance of their vehicles with a total solution and further reduce the fuel consumption,”believes Andrea Serra. End-to-end expertise enables optimum for shifting SolutionsTM”ultimate high development and production expertise of Oerlikon Graziano is in the range of synchronization and Powershift Transmissions. Oerlikon Graziano can offer all steps from one source from planning through development to production. At the beginning of the process, the scope of application of the drive system is defined together with the customer. Sophisticated planning and design methodologies, most modern production technologies, comprehensive analysis instruments as well as extensive tests and vehicle tests are used to reach an optimal result. The whole process is accompanied by a complete Quality control system.

Brockhaus Products Supported Sudharzer FamilienSpielTag

“Prescolaris and Scolari build social engagement from Brockhaus supports with its online knowledge portals Prescolaris and Scolari the Sudharzer FamilienSpielTag the generations-Fest” at Rottleberode in the Harz mountains. A diversity of attraction on a surface, which is equivalent to 20 football fields, is expected to a crowd of several thousand visitors on the 4th and 5th June 2011. Among other things, the Hedgehog Eddie the mascot of Prescolaris and Scolari as a life-size walking act conjured up”small and also large a smile on the face. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Sam Mikulak and gain more knowledge.. Also, the two products of the Brockhaus occurred as a sponsor for the event, kids soccer tournaments and boxing matches. More info: Sam Mikulak. Each of the approximately 300 brave athletes could enjoy a free three-month access to the knowledge portals.

Michael Kehm, Director of marketing for the Brockhaus brand: We are looking forward with Prescolaris and Scolari to sponsor the Sudharzer FamilienSpielTag. As well as us the intellectual promotion of young people is very close to the heart, promote We also like to sporty dedicated students and young people.” Prescolaris and Scolari with the online portals, Prescolaris and Scolari promote families with children from infancy to the secondary school. Together with the Hedgehog Eddi small and pre-school children at Prescolaris immerse the brand’s mascot in colorful animal worlds, exciting stories and discoveries. A thick pencil is used as a pointer and navigate through the different topics. Many contents are spoken or filmed, and thus specifically tailored to children who cannot yet read. The online portal Prescolaris is supplemented by happy learning materials, such as wooden blocks, CDs, books u.v.m. The Learning Center supports the following Prescolaris Scolari children from the first to the ninth grade.

Matched to the class relevant school material carries the child in core subjects German, mathematics and English. The necessary exercises are taught in mini tests or the completion test, analyzes the strengths and possible weaknesses in the connection through targeted tasks fixed. The parents can have their child’s learning progress using detailed evaluations. In addition offers the student hotline from Monday to Friday to help with their homework by educators. The colorful game world in the Learning Center also invites the children to extend their knowledge in a fun way. Both Prescolaris and Scolari the parents will have the opportunity in their own area in the online portal of the parents world”to get background information on development and education, learning and school, as well as practical tips for everyday family. In the parent Forum, as well as on the parent hotline educators are also personally important questions regarding the available.

The Congress

Common myths and half-truths are in addition to the Weight reduction under the magnifying glass taken and checked for their scientific evidence as well as practicality. The Forum will be moderated salt, lecturer at the Academy of the BSA and German University in the Department of nutrition and personal trainer of boxing champion Felix Sturm nutrition by Clive. Educate yourself with thoughts from Sam Mikulak. “Forum Management: health management as a competitive advantage current knowledge about the commercial success of” health in our society increasingly becomes the economic and success factor. Through demographic changes, the already looming shortage as well as the later retirement age the importance of the factor is health”continue to. “Each individual person” must take more care, maintain its performance in old age.

But also each company operating on the market is required to make complete thoughts about performance and thus the health of its employees. The Forum deals with the essential success factors to the theme management Health management”strategically successful in establishing a company. Here, experience reports from different perspectives are taken into account. The Forum is moderated by Prof. Dr. Oliver Schumann, lecturer of the BSA/DHfPG in the Department of management management. The students and training establishments of higher education, as well as BSA members benefit from discounted conditions optimal price / performance ratio even 2011. The Congress to an outstanding price-performance ratio can be offered through the support of well-known sponsors. Students and education establishments in addition to the extensive Congress programme offers a varied program, which includes also the entrance to the FIBO-night, the party for Congress participants and exhibitors, in addition to guided exhibition tour and free access to the FIBO halls on the booked day of Congress from 29 euro / day.

Germany With Japan

Benefit concert to support the victims of natural disasters in Japan on 1 may in Berlin program introduction the benefit concert in Germany with Japan”will take place on May 1 from 15 to at least 22. With a 7 program, a genre mix of top-class offers the concert: bands from styles like ska, hip hop, Beatboxing, German indie pop, glam rock, punk rock, electro, Balkan beat and House Rock the C Hall, former Columbia. Also, a ska band from Tokyo will play live circuit directly from Japan at the concert: DALLAX guaranteed the music fans high-energy ska, party, and uncontrolled energy. Tickets for the concert can be booked at Tel. 030-61102313 or Tel. 030-78099810. The press conference for the program launch takes place on April 27 at 11:00 in the Columbia area. To do this, you will receive a separate invitation with further details in the coming days.

The benefit concert to support the victims of earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster is under the auspices of Embassy of Japan in Berlin. Partners are the Federal Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Berlin Senate and the Berlin Partner GmbH, society for economic promotion and marketing of the Federal State of Berlin. Line up: – Beatbox of Allstars – photos – BerlinskiBeat – Martini Bros.

The Pink Box Christmas World – A Special Gift Idea

Just in time for the Festival pink offering box well-kept man cosmetics from the Black Box men, as well as his limited edition gift box a perfect Christmas duo. Black Box men – box pink launches limited edition for men 2.0 just in time for the winter season boxing fans on a second can be all pink limited edition of the Black Box men enjoy the beauty box for the man to give as a gift. So the opportunity again the care-conscious Mr, styling up-to-date to be. The elegant box is (n) six carefully selected men cosmetic surprises from brands such as Lacoste, the body shop or GOLDWELL in original and special sizes as well as helpful application tips and product information. To broaden your perception, visit Marc Lore. The Black Box in retail starting November 8, 2013 under is available. There, she can be ordered for one-time only 16.95 euro shipping straight to your home. She limited gift box the perfect Christmas gift for beauty addicts. The beautiful gift box from the House of pink box can be guaranteed every female Heart beat: the five carefully selected, high-quality beauty products from brands such as Sally Hansen, the body shop or Bellapierre in original size in the value of 50 euro offer everything that woman wishes for once only 24.95 euro or only 19.95 euro for pink box subscribers.

Valuable application notes, product information to the cosmetics, as well as tips and the latest trends around the theme of beauty round off the offer. To give away to the perfect styling package, was never so easy. The pink box to Santa Claus and Christmas of course is, as usual, also the popular pink box the ideal X Mas gift and a must for fans of beauty. The gift certificate for three, six or twelve months is available as a pdf download voucher and ends automatically – a perfect last-minute gift for the girlfriend, sister or mother.

Great Enthusiasm With Over 150 Visitors Of The E-Commerce Day Rhine-Neckar

Organizers and speakers enjoy great success who wants to succeed in E-Commerce, must meet numerous challenges. Others including Sam Mikulak, offer their opinions as well. These range from the selection and establishment of the shop on the right design of the offer, setting the terms of payment and the successful marketing to the shipping processing and to deal with outstanding claims. To cope with these challenges together, online retailers and E-commerce experts met on October 26 in the IHK Rhein-Neckar at Mannheim. After the introductory presentation of the E-Commerce-Guide-team on the current situation of E-commerce in Germany, the participants in two practice reports from successful online retailers from the region learned how one carries out his business ideas on the Internet and continuously optimized. Then was immersed in four conferences on various topics received. In such subject areas as sales, processes, payment and risk the online retailers were offered helpful solutions. Finally, those in attendance got an update to the Online right to move legal security in E-commerce.

In his lecture, Sebastian Veit (, which sells trendy design T-shirts through his webshop, gave practical insights in his experiences with social networks. I was pleased with the good atmosphere and great participation of the public in the discussions. Overall was a very informative event, which has paid off for me in any case. the E-Commerce day” Also Jorg Frodtert (, who reported from the life of a tea online merchant, was excited: the E-Commerce day was a great success and is highly recommended. I could imagine our online shop to a wide audience and had valuable contacts and meetings with experts and other online retailers.” The exhibition in the E-commerce experts presented their solutions, adopted by the participants as well as the individual lectures. Between the lectures, there were many opportunities for interesting discussions and networking. Due to the more E-Commerce day preparations for the great response to page of the online retailer and the excellent support provided by the experts now.

Low Interest Rate

Online method is the best way to get student car loans, its fast, simple and easy to apply for car loans. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Sam Mikulak has to say. Hartsville, SC 29550 – 22/02/11 – college students love to have their own cars and move around. They like to relish the chance to own a car and commute to their colleges. That’s where college student car loans play a major role. Students do not have good credit ratings and thus this makes it difficult for them to get car loans. But college student auto loans have made it easier.

Veryeasycarloans provide students car loan services, it provides low interest car loans to all the needy students. Get student car loans online one of the best methods to get guaranteed car finance is by online car loans. These loans are available to all groups of people from good credit to bad credit. Online car loans or college students have much flexibility in terms of conditions as compared to other traditional car loans. The online market has a lot of competition, and thus the calendar are low rate car ready to provide loans. Even no credit is accepted by the online lenders.

To find car loan for students by online method, the college students can get multiple quotes from the lenders. This method of getting finance from online calendar save time and it even credit allows poor people to get quotes from various lenders. A student should answer all the questions of his lender properly thus he can provide him fair quotes. College student should be realistic in their loan payment estimation which they can afford to pay back because if they default it can worsen the condition. A cosigner is a person that can help a borrower to get low interest car loan. Even adults who have bad credit score get cosigner to lower their interest Council and loose the loan terms. Students can ask their parents to cosign a loan for them. There is nothing to be ashamed by cosigning the loan. One can get a fair deal with the help of a cosigner. If a student cannot afford to purchase a new car than he should go for used car by taking used car auto loans. It’s better to drive a used car rather than defaulting on the loan payments. Apply online for guaranteed car finance apply-now.php

85 Years Dusyma GmbH

Great games inventor competition with prizes worth a total of 8,000 before 85 began the success story of Dusyma GmbH. infinitely many products arising during this time and have accompanied generations of children in the large and growing up. To invent games and children’s eyes to laugh, it takes creativity in the first place. Children are naturally curious and full of ideas. You think of the craziest games, create sailboats from plastic boxes and develop new tricky rules. Dusyma gives the chance your game idea to present the large audience and perhaps to be rewarded with profits totalling 8,000 in all those little games inventors in the anniversary year. From May till including September, every month a group of kindergarten, a school class (up to 4th grade), a family with kindergarten children, and a family with school-aged children win a merchandise voucher worth 250.

In the anniversary month October, overall winner in the four groups of participants will be awarded from the month winners, the with be awarded a voucher to the value of 1000. An idea lives from their presentation. The beautiful, imaginative and more the development steps of games inventions are presented, the proposal is more comprehensible and appealing. Dusyma prompts for the participants to experiment with new ideas in the documentation and the children in the creation of photo reports, video documentaries, and and and to integrate. All winners and their games are published exclusively in the inventor’s Web blog on. Awards must be always transparent. Justice and the question of the why?”is incredibly important to children. Our jury evaluated the submissions according following criteria, which are also the basis of the decision, whether or not a games proposal in the range of Dusyma make it: innovation gameplay aesthetic educational benefit additional bonus: Kulturring support/documentation

Central America

The German city information Marketing AG informed the German city information Marketing AG is committed to active social responsibility. She issued a clear rejection of the mere reminder of a tragic, unalterable fate. Because distressed people can only with active social involvement help, which is a customized, efficient support in the Centre of his activities. Poverty and lack of education are ultimately an expression of individual life stories and to fight only at the level of the person concerned. They studied the news these days so one gets the impression quickly, Germany is a country that would move by krisenhaftem events at economic and social level. The veracity of such negative mood can you classify probably only then realistically, you look out beyond the borders of the European Union.

Billions of people around the world are bitter poor, starve and die every day of diseases that no longer exist in our latitudes. Each of these people is an individual unique destiny Individual cases. Against all odds born, they survive under conditions that seem incomprehensible to us, and hope that their children may escape the poverty. However, the reality of their life is usually another. No views on education and poverty alive, get countless young people never the prospect of the long-awaited, better life. To help them, the German city information Marketing AG through the implementation of a professional Internet presence supports the initiative, Association founded in 2003 by Isabella de Ivan IHZA / AICA individual help Central America.

Her Club is committed, young people in Honduras who have the will and talent, to liberate, effectively to promote definitively out of poverty through education. A life history is allowing them, that corresponds to their talent and not only their social origin. Next to Haiti, Honduras is one of Central America’s poorest nations. Between seventy and eighty per cent of its inhabitants lead a life below the Poverty line.

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