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The Growth

We learn so both a significant increase in our awareness of our decision-making freedom as also an increase in the willingness to decide if we will guide us from the truth and the clarity of the growth release instead of to move us into the labyrinths of the numerous rating systems. Because as we probably all know stirrings of in our own lives, the lingering in evaluation systems leave us like long, sometimes never ending queues of analyzing, with increasing and persistent self-doubt lead. A fact which underlies the constantly wiederholende himself again questioning “which is right or wrong, what I want to do”. This results in a mixture of baleful life qualities in addition nourished with the fear of impending doom to decide may end up on the wrong thing, taken together”. Supposedly this fear out, us for the Incorrect decide an inevitable decision arises to aversion, which can increased inability up to the decision-making and us ultimately, if we do not intentionally stop the momentum of this process, in a State of being paralyzed, which maneuvered Regungslosigkeit. But we remember the ability to snap us to the growth promotion and, we remove from the paralyzing fear of doing the wrong thing, and we find it increasingly leichter to set the focus on what is important to us and essential. Then maybe even sometimes quite easily for that to decide what is beneficial for us, for others and for life, and ultimately to recognize that the faces of love alignment for growth itself is an undeniable necessity. To bring his bedingungen closer to the essence of growth and life us, I shall give an example for all of us the obvious implications of the evaluation systems reflects all too well. Deal and I would like with contrast evaluation pair beautiful and ugly”, which has an incredible stamping on all of our lives on this planet.

Christmas Gifts

It is pleasant to look at it, right? But here come the 9th of March. Queues in flower shops as had happened on the street again, everything is gray and dull … The holiday is over, and with it ended and romantic mood, a desire to please and to please. And then I wondered: Are holidays are the only motivating factor for gift giving! In search of an answer I decided to conduct a small survey, whose purpose was to find out why and when people make gifts. Most of the respondents, of course, gives gifts to holidays, but they do so in order to meet societal norms. But now let's think about that for you is the most expensive gift? I'm sure that now you say, "Attention and care for loved ones." So is it all You only get to the celebration? Agree, much nicer to get a present surprise.

Just imagine: You come home tired after a long hard day, and there you will find a pleasant surprise, whether it be flowers, cinema tickets or even a simple little card. Is it less pleasant than to receive gifts at Christmas, when you expect it? After all, from year to year in the same day you unpack the beautiful colorful boxes. Effect surprise is lost, and with it disappears and the very joy of adoption. I do not argue, always nice to get a gift, but to get it when you do not expect, for me personally much more pleasant! But nevertheless, I realized and the following: like it or not, to date, giving gifts as long as that remains the main way to show appreciation, to show care, respect and love. After all, when you think each of us has a lot of reasons to give the gift. Y You have a boyfriend? Why would a sign of love and devotion do not give him a new piece for his collection or just an amusing trifle, raduyuschuyu eye? In this you can learn even in children who do let the modest, sometimes absurd and ridiculous, but still presents, over which they have sweated in anticipation of the long reaction mom or dad. And it's nice to get old basket of fruit or a houseplant. Yes, or just receive the necessary care at home, which forces each of: faucet repair, paint the fence, cook a tasty meal – after all it's also a kind of gift! Think maybe your colleague has passed the project on which he had long labored.

Or your friend was able to overcome the habit. Maybe your son has achieved new successes in his hobby. All this and more you should not be ignored. More information is housed here: Diane Keaton. Rejoice for your loved ones! Raduyte them to your attention! After all, it's so easy and pleasant, and most importantly, for all that do not need tradition, a holiday or special event. So, in conclusion, we stress once more: give gifts! Let it be small, modest little thing. But if it is presented with love, sincerely, and not presented because of tradition or require social norms, and on the "call of the heart," it may be the most expensive gift!

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