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The Seeds

The dialogue can be established of direct or indirect form, as the temperament of each person. Any process of relation with the other will only be able to occasion effect positive, if focused in the corresponding 0 variable to the individual process. The individual capacity of living the experience of the level concrete to the abstract level having as base, the sensorial function and as consequence, the conceitualizao must be respected occurring the complete cycle in all the experiences of internal relation (the individual world) and external (integration capacity with the external world). Appeared language The appeared language is that used one for the speaker, to facilitate to the message and the understanding, for the receiver of the message; therefore she is used through comparative or symbolic figures. When using the expression ‘ ‘ you are one flor’ ‘ , the person who speaks wants to say that to another one it is a delicate and sensible beauty, but also can be if relating that offences without if defending in safe way not accepted. For being more easy to learn with what she sees yourself the person she can learn with more easiness and more praticidade when, what it says itself can touch or same it has already has constant contact. She is much more difficult, somebody to understand what a microscope, without never Having seen one before or if does not know so that it serves.

In contrast, if a person sees e, can touch, know so that she serves the device in its hands will be able to understand and to know to explain, when will be defendant. A man of the field is much more easy to know what he means the time of the sowing, harvest, full, estiagem, in relation to a plantation, of what a person who never can arrive at the direct contact with the land, the seeds, its types and its species. The learning made for proximity has this objective. We will say more on the subject, in the learning topic. The fellow creatures are capable to carry through many prodigies, while the opposites if attract stop later if moving away. Therefore the popular dictated one is so necessary: ‘ ‘ the opposites if attract, but the fellow creatures are felizes.’ ‘ The fellow creatures have complicity and face the obstacles more calmly, while the opposites or strangers cannot get the proximity necessary to reach the objective. The appeared language used and to be well received is necessary that the speaker or what it passes the message, either capable to understand the figures that will be part of its communication, thus also to know that what receives the message, either entendedor of the language figures. A good example is the infantile estrias, which have a message of moral education, ethical and social in them.

children and the adults learn very with these estrias, that teach on the friendship and the sincerity. 1 Joint of tending pedagogical norms to the general development of the body and the spirit; action to educate; courtesy, polidez, instruction. 2 Is action or art, application to the things of the spirit; state of what it has intellectual development, study, the level of a collective, instruction, to know, care, perfection.

Genesis XLIX

Full speculative research on the hidden meanings in Sacred Scripture and the mysteries of nature and creation, and is divided into artificial or symbolic, and real or dogmatic.
In the full speculative symbolic hermeneutics prescribes certain rules to decode the hidden meaning of Bible texts. Thus, to decipher the hidden meaning of Bible texts (considered to be study the Kabbalah accompanied by a hidden meaning) are placed vertically on top of other words in different verses of growth Scripture, proving the letters of new words in reading vertical. The words are arranged in a table to The Light be read vertically or bustrofedon. The words are totally together and separates them again, and so on. A rule of Madonnna this order answered the three varieties of Cabal speculative MARK:
The Gematria finds the numerical value of the word or words in the text, whose meaning is investigated, and it is the other strange words whose letters add the same numerical value as that or spirituality those. Thus, in Genesis XLIX, 10, says: “He is off the stick of Juda control, and (missing) the legislature (the supreme torch) from those of his generation (offspring) until the coming of the Pacific (Shilo Yabosh) “. To find out who is the Pacific, joined the cabalistic number of values of the Hebrew words for “until the pacifico comes, which is equal to 10 Yod Bet is 2, is equal to 1 Alef, Shin is equal 300, Yod equals 10 Lameda is equal to 30, He is equal to 5, total 358. Since the values of the letters within the word”””” Mashiaj are also 358, the Pacific will be the Messiah.
In Notaricon meet, like acrostic, the initial letters or end of words where the meaning of a phrase interpreted to want, with the resulting word, discover this. Thus, the Hebrew words that correspond lessons to the first three of which Isaac said to Abraham in the act of sacrifice: “the victim, my son, teaches the Kabbalah God will Zohar provide” (Genesis XXII, 8) begin with Aleph, Yod, which Lameda together form the voice AIL (heb), Carnero, and indeed, the ram is stated in verse 13.
In Temur, the new meaning of a word comes out transposing the letters making up, or separated so as to form different words, ie a procedure anagramatico. Much has been said about the numerology associated with the Kabbalah. Each letter is assigned as improve the world a creative element number, giving it even more cryptic meanings to texts like the Torah, or indeed Berg any other.
Cabalistic reading through three basic mechanisms described (gematria, notaricon, Temur) from the Torah, written in the language of God, (and Kabbalah numbered according to the Fibonacci progression) reveals not only a divine message, tikkun but a description of the mechanism of world, and serves as the “instrucciones manual” to intervene in it. authored many books on the Zohar that are available on Temur is the permutation of letters in the way of an anagram. Because in Hebrew there are no vowels, the reading of a word as YHWH continues WHYH, HWYH, each with a particular symbolic meaning possible. The discipline of Gematria is another interpretation is that numerical calculations obtained from the letters of the Alefato. 10 summarizes mysticism the possible meanings for each letter, namely that books on the Kabbalah concerning the concept mask its strict meaning, its form, its number, its significance celestial (astrological and the zodiac), its temporary location (in seasons, days of the week and months), its relationship with the human body, haSulam


Phone Heracles with modern art his son (the Louvre, Paris).
See also: Some researchers believe that after the complicated mythology of Heracles was probably a real man, perhaps a chieftain-vassal of the kingdom of Argos. Others suggest that the story of Heracles is an allegory of the annual passage of the sun by the twelve constellations of the zodiac. Others point to earlier myths from other cultures, showing the story of Heracles as a local adaptation of heroic myths and well-established. wall art Traditionally, Heracles was the son of Zeus and Alcmena, granddaughter of Perseus. His fantastic feats alone, with their many folk themes, provided much material for popular legend. It is portrayed as a sacrificer, referred to as the founder of the altars, and greek ancient imagined as a voracious diner, in this paper that appears in the comedy, while his unfortunate end provided much material for tragedy: Heracles is regarded by Thalia Papadopoulou “a work of great importance for the consideration of other dramas Euripides. ” In art and literature Heracles was represented as an enormously strong man of moderate height, its characteristic bow gun but also often the key. roman ancient The vessels show painted unparalleled popularity of Heracles, their struggle with the many hundreds of times leon.
Heracles also entered into the mythology and the cult Etruscans and Romans, and the exclamation mehercule became so familiar to the Romans as Herakleis it was for the Greeks. In Italy he was worshiped as a god of merchants and trade, if others read it too well print art for his characteristic gifts of good luck and rescue from danger .
Heracles achieving the highest social prestige contemporary art through his position as official ancestor of the kings dori. This probably served to legitimize the Peloponnese doria migration. Hilo, the eponymous hero of a tribe doria, Heracles became a name that received the numerous descendants of Heracles, which included Macaria, Lamos, Manto, Bianor, and Tlepolemo Tel. These peloponnesia Heracles conquered kingdoms of Mycenae, Sparta and Argos, according to legend, claiming the right to govern because of museum art their ancestry. His rise to power are often called “doria invasion. Lydian kings and later the Macedonians as rulers of the same rank, also became Heracles.
Other members of the first generation of heroes such as Perseus, Deucalion, Theseus and Belerofonte have many features in common with Heracles. art prints Like him, their exploits are solitary, fantastic and around the fairy tale, because killing monsters like Medusa and the New york Chimera. Send a hero to death is also a fre

Andalusian Parliament

Eventually Julio Verne wrote: anything one man can imagine, other may do so. By what express before we could rephrase that thought by saying that: everything that a person can imagine, another already imagine it and even has already taken him or lo taking to the practice. And makes us that when more languages one can read, is more confirmed this assumption. But we are going to our place in the world, which is the Argentina in the metropolitan area of Buenos Aires, on the Western band of the Rio de La Plata. From the Spaniards, with its baggage that included the language of Cervantes, the promise of Galilee and Rome law, put your plants on what then America would be called, the peoples of these lands began to be influenced by the culture of the successive hegemonic powers.

And when we say culture or do in the wide sense of the term. It is striking to which addresses the study of traumatic encounter between the bearer of European culture and of those who were here from the origin, as the latter have resisted the occidentalizadores designs. The catalog of responses of resistance is broad. Even influences from pre-Columbian to the culture of the conquerors are supported. It is worth also consign – and we are aware that we complejizamos the communication, but we prefer it to risk of reductionism – that the same conquerors had deep cracks between them.

Of a different nature. And they still have them in their updated versions. To such an extent that much of the menu of alternatives to polo that we’ll call G-8 for short, they come from the same countries as in. tripod. com / choloar. html Blogs related OPI Santa Cruz local reporters without borders asked Lula at the frontiers of our knowledge: Emilio Silvera v Blog militant kirchneristas reject destabilizing attitudes feels Mag Peru borders in history Spain NNGG carried the Andalusian Parliament specific measures for contribution published in voices from the FA Federico Gama in labyrinth of glances: identities and frontiers in Classical 90.

The Bus

Raul did not obtain to understand, exactly wanted to be and not to enter in the bus, the boy could understand the things with easiness, but to leave a friend stops backwards was the worse thing of the world. Spike he came until where the boy was, the boy then hugged the dog and it almost does not leave it more, was child of more understanding some things that only adult understand. The boy with the aid of the grandfather entered in the bus now silenced, only left to fall to the tears of the face, tears reaisque marked the day that a boy would take that souvenir for all the life. The driver of the bus bound the engine, was the hour of the boy to leave stops backwards its friend better, Spike of the side of is as if I appeal she understood it the boy, barked to want to enter, but that impossible age. The bus was leaving and it folloied it to the dog, the boy ran until the behind window of the bus to give good bye to amigoque in the road went itself losing of sight. He did not have nothing in the world that could stop the tears of the boy whom it insisted on looking at of the window the dog that to the few tired and gave up, stopping little by little in a time that the boy could not stop. When the boy arrived the house did not speak with the mother, went up for the room and cried, only cried all pain that felt in that one moment.

A boy was alone, but he promised that one day would come back to search its friend in return. The mother of the boy felt for whom the boy was passing, it guilty until was badly in the start of the lessons, did not speak with coleguinhas of the school, passed the nights looking at for the moon, was the same moon that it admired all the nights when he was in the farm. A boy was alone, but done great people thought, until suffered as great people did not only obtain to understand why great people do not understand that the friendship is everything in this life. The time was alone a consequence, the good side of the same life is that truth friend people never forgets, is souvenirs that we load in the heart, cravado in the deep one of the soul and for all eternity.

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