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Superior Education

From 1992, with the creation of the CEAP (Center of Superior Education of the Amap), new courses of graduation had been offered in the State. PETRY (2007) affirms that: The CEAP was born in the context of the creation and installation of the State of the Amap. As it did not have no Institution of superior education in the State, and the public IES that also was if installing, in the truth Foundation Federal University of the Amap with it offers of courses of Licenciatura and Pedagogia, fit, according to words of the interlocutor to the CEAP, the social responsibility to take care of other areas of the knowledge, this form, implanted the course of Right and the course of Countable Sciences both with the beginning of functioning in 05 of March of 1992. Inhaled in the socioeducao as identity and the mission of ' ' to develop and to spread out the Amazonian culture for solidarity humana' ' , the CEAP initiated its academic activities in 1992, in the Avenue United Nations, the quarter of Jesus de Nazar, with offers of the Courses of Right and Countable Sciences, taking care of to the yearnings of the amapaense society that passed for the process of installation of the just-servant Been of the Amap (1988). The Powers were structuralized Constituted, as State Entities of sustentation to the bases of the new State. To the time of the installation of the CEAP, the amapaense society counted only on the Foundation Federal University of the Amap, offering courses of Licenciaturas and Pedagogia, aiming at qualification of professionals of the education. The capitalist space of the time started to be white of several intrigues in the educational way. This why few had access to enter in a college and with the sprouting of a private education the possibilities if had still become lesser for the layers poor.

Compression Process

This is why the leadership should be distributed or shared among group members. Thus, all participants in the group tend the opportunity to develop their capacities for To lead. a 4) a Flexibility: The objectives set by the group, should be completed in accordance with the methods and procedures to be adopted. However, the needs, circumstances and difficulties can suggest amendments or changes to achieve them. At this time, when the group should assume an attitude of flexibility to adapt to new changes and requirements of the situation.

a 5) a Compression Process: a The group members must learn to differentiate the content and process of their own group. Example: when we look OEDE trachea a the group is talking about (what is said), attention is focused on the content (information). a When we look at a OEDE What a way the group is facing its communication (a como things are said ), ie a QUIEN talking to whom , a QUIENES Tell us , Tell us CUANDO a , a COMO IS THE KEY OF THE Voza , etc.. , Attention is focused on the group process (Action). a Here then are some examples that can help us differentiate the CONTENT, the group’s process and to achieve greater theoretical understanding of this principle: a CONTENT PROCESS authority to talk about problems at school, a can mean talk about the bad things that often are staff meetings can mean that there is a struggle for control of leadership among the group of teachers.

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