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The Construction

Being understood as access to different sources of information on how to build peace through awareness-raising and sensitization of the current global problems. Another point would be that acquiring knowledge to develop them by the pedagogical methods that permit actions related to the obstacles that hinder the construction of peace. And finally the attitude that it would be the collective construction of values and behaviors that guide us as individuals and as members of a community to seek alternative strategies to address the problems of peace. As we can see, peace cannot be reduced to the transmission of knowledge or content relating to peace, but must address the global dimension that has repercussions on the understanding that we are part of a whole, and that the environment offers the possibility to humans of learn both the institutions and outside them. As a result should not be seen as isolated part, but as an integral part that what happens to a part of that whole, that everything also suffer it, hence it should be designed as a global project, and for humanity. You must make this educational project of global implications as a result of reflection and commitment of all members of the educational community represented in full and made with correct and clear concepts of what is the notion of peace. It will be centered on collective learning processes and l obedience to established standards. Ensuring peace is favorably resolve conflicts for all.

The construction of a peace project should consider the multiplicity of elements and factors that interrelate it. We know that social reality is complex, like the human condition, that is why this project cannot remain indifferent to this complexity. Must see diversity, causality, the interrelationship, interdependence as basic elements of composition of our planet. The road to peace is education, as individual and social project is an effective instrument of transformation.

Education Science and Culture

But what it is understood for environment? The definitions can be varied possible depending on the consultation sources. According to French gegrafo Pierre Jorge defines that at the same time the way is a reception system where the existence and the conservation of a species is subordinated to the balances between the processes destrutores and regenerators and its half the environment is the fixed data set and balances of competing forces that condition the life of a biological Group. ' ' A definitive and/or perceived place where they are in dynamic relations and constant interaction the natural and social aspects. These relations cause historical processes of cultural and technological creation and processes and politicians of transformation of the nature and sociedade' '. (REIGOTA, M. 1994).

The definitions do not stop this way, all have a particular definition on the environment depending on the understanding and the point of view of each one. The definitions also depend on scientific, artistic interests, politicians, religious etc. The objective of the ambient education is to take to the people the conscience of the ambient problems lived currently. The people must have access to the proportionate knowledge for science and for the millenarian cultures in order she assists them in the solution of such problems and to take information to other people. The ambient education has as objective to awake in the people its paper of citizen before the society where it lives and it participates, as well as awaking a feeling of interest for the way and will to contribute for its protection and preservation.

This mainly includes changes in habits and daily individual behaviors of conscientious form. Thus, the citizen practises the capacity to analyze facts and discerniz them to solve problems of diverse degrees. 2,1 AAGENDA 21 From 1968, it was carried through by the Organization of United Nations for Education Science and Culture UNESCO, in comparative study in 79 countries on the environment, a study that propitiated the formularization of accepted proposals internationally, such as: Concept of ' ' ambiente' ' natural physicist means entorno not only, but also the constructed way and its social, cultural aspects and Interrelated politicians; The Ambient Education does not have to consist one disciplines, but it must be instrument of formation of values, not only in the institution school, but also in some social, enterprise equipment, economic politicians and who are part of the society (DAYS, 1994).

Sports Center

Irrigation water savings, improved thermal insulation of the building and increased durability in the waterproofing of the covers, among others, are some of the advantages that will benefit users and managers of the new sports facilities of the Center for primary education and infant Fernando de los Rios, located in the Cantabrian town of Torrelavega. The element that has made possible to incorporate these features into the building is the cover ecological Kubertol of Sanchez-Pando, S.A, which has positioned itself as a Finial on the 600 square meters of the two roofs, one flag and one of locker rooms, new facilities this educational centre. Improvements in various Ambitosla installation of a green roof as the Kubertol of Sanchez-Pando, S.A generates a series of improvements in comparison with other more traditional roofs covering systems. After placement, the Fernando de los Rios College has increased its green areas since on the cover has been placed a landscaping with extensive plants. In a first term connote a landscape improvement but in addition to the aesthetic aspect, the incorporation of vegetation contributes to the reduction of air pollution by absorption of particles and possible heavy metals that can be found suspended in the air. It might be thought that these plants imply an increase in water consumption, but thanks to the incorporation of a draining sheet cover ecological Kubertol generates an interesting savings in water resources to retain rainwater and evenly distribute it under cover landscaping.

As additional result can also be achieved improve the urban microclimate in the area, especially in summer, to humidify and cool the room temperature to some extent. But the advantages are not only outside. By the particular characteristics of the multilayer system developed by Sanchez-Pando, the new Sports Center S.A achieves a reduction of interior noise pollution to absorb part of the outer sound wave. The decrease of cost energy is also one of the strong points as the ecological Kubertol cover improves the thermal insulation of the roof. Additionally some upper layers of the greenroofs have beneficial effects on lower layers, so the substrate and external landscaping manages to prolong the service life of the waterproofing system leads in its interior that protects these waterproof foils UV radiations, sudden changes of temperature and other atmospheric phenomena which over time are factors that can reach to age them.Available in Pcbmultilayer system of cover ecological Kubertol of Sanchez-Pando, S.A is composed of a series of layers that are overlapping until you achieve a compact set that interacts effectively between if to obtain particular advantages that characterize it.Although it is a system quite standardized also allows adapt its elements to the particular circumstances of each installation.

In the case of the sports of the school Fernando de los Rios roof It has first received the asphalt primer type Kolxik-2, which offers a pretreatment subsequent soldier of the double layer of waterproofing asphalt sheets provided: the elastomer 30FV-P Kubertol and Kubertol PF-Garden, which is antipunzonable and with additive antiraiz. On this basis has been placed the separating layer Kubertex PE-120 and polystyrene insulation 60 mm thick extruded (XPS). It has then covered everything with the draining and retaining water sheet Plato of-7 (Perfodrain), then another separating layer and finally the special for landscaping planting substrate, which is extensive plant over a bed of boulders.


When we mention a personal characteristic, we normally cite its more allegadas. In other words, it is difficult to talk about terms like love without joining the deep compassion, kindness and tenderness. Similarly, it is difficult to decouple the rigidity of her close companions intolerance, insecurity and the limitation. Do you remember? You, quite possibly enjoyed a distant time that feel especially alive. Curiosity, confidence and a franca and carefree joy kept you constantly awake and moving.

You thought you had on you, and there was nothing that was beyond your capabilities. But, quite possibly, the family, the education received, your parents and society showed you another reality in which those concepts had not accommodated. There began your stiffness, and with it the discontent and frustration. All those people that they have been and they are considered geniuses, it has been thanks to its daring face of the unknown. They went and discovered fields that others dared not tread.

He always go the same section, leaving us to carry by the misleading appearance of safety, leads to the loss of illusion and truncates any possibility of knowing and move forward. Rigidity needs a plan of life ruled by the lack of risks, challenges and adventure. But there is nothing more insecure and certainly unmistakable to having to comply with a life based on only external guarantees. A good life, a good car, two children and a high social position. Spontaneity as many times we use it is unconsciousness. A successful person is one that is responsible for your life, walking in the direction chosen under a previously studied plan, knowing that the organization is essential as a way of doing things, but not as an end in itself. When we talk about a well understood spontaneity, we talk about that kind of safety that comes from confidence in ourselves, our ability and the ability to solve everything what others stain problem and opportunity.

Gaston Herrera

The specialist, who was positively surprised at the innovative initiative, held a meeting with the professional team that conceived the project (the architects Eduardo Mauret, Florence Labarca and Gaston Herrera, and Oscar Ainol), in drawing technical and modeling after which rated it as a great contribution to improving the quality of life of the region’s more modest familiesalong with tending to a sustainable development and environmental educational contribution to the Aysen Region, and which I hope will be extended this idea promptly to the region and at the same time to other areas of Chile, with due consideration of the climate and the particular way of life showing each one of them. Professionals, who developed the initiative ad honorem, expressed that the idea is to implement at the regional level the bioclimatic strategies and energy efficiency designed and constructed the House, contemplating to do so the monitoring and study of this experience, replicable in much of the rural areas of Patagonia. This project has combined the rural subsidy from the Ministry of housing and urban development more contributions from the Ministry of energy, Naser engineering and a professional team led by Mauret, bioclimatic housing specialist. The technical counterpart has been in charge of the Serviu regional and the execution of the contractor Mauricio Gonzalez. Develops in a total area of 60 m2, in which complies with the normative agenda of the MINVU and the surface is exceeded by nearly 30% minimum than the current housing policy demands, whereas the regional climate is classified as the most extreme of the country and which forces families to stay much more time inside their homes.

Solar System

The Greeks already indicated the existence of fundamental particles, that they acted being constituent elements of the matter, predicting the existence of atoms of small size, and enumerating a small amount of different types from the same. Until the end of century XIX more data were not discovered on these elements. J.J. Thomson, next to other scientists, discovered in 1897 that the atoms were not indivisible as it were believed, but could be separated in small components. It discovered the composition of atoms and the existence of particles that they orbited in the outer zone called electrons, whose mass was much smaller than the one of the nucleus. The nucleus on the other hand, had positive charge and its weight almost supposed the totality of the atom. Although he was not able to determine the composition of the nucleus, the bases for later investigations were established, first of which they concentrated in the structure of the atom. The atom consists of a nucleus of great size on which they orbit electrons.

Rutherford was E. that it developed in 1911 a model based on a Solar System in miniature, in which the nucleus was a star (a sun) and the electrons the planets. The explanation of its theory had two errors: 1-that the electrons would emit energy when turning, reducing its speed which soon they would fall to the nucleus; erroneous because the electrons occupy fixed orbits. The second error consisted of which the electrons could jump of an orbit to another anyone around the nucleus.

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