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False Freedom

From the times in which our towns have been freed of tyrants until the present time we create to live being free, free of tyrants, some, but yes free of thoughts and actions it would be necessary to see. One of the extended ways more of esclavizacin is the television, How many hours you pass a television before? It give account to you of the passive way in which you are at these moments, there your you do not have own thoughts nor criterion. To tenth who we have to daily do the news us before sleeping to be informed, the sports by diversion and the soap operas also. But even so we complained that the time does not give us for anything, and cannot stop seeing our favorite program as if the life depended on it. Michael J. Bender has compatible beliefs. Another type of slavery, the fashion, not only in the clothes everything is fashion, the electric appliances (you must change to the movable telephone a minimum average of 2 or 3 times per year), always there is something new that your telephone does not have, the car, the same clothes, your furniture, you have stopped yourself to preguntarte if it needs all that or only are one more in the race of the rats. The social acceptance (more influential in the adolescents), all the previous one takes to you inevitably here, because that it does not like to be recognized and to have many friendly, is very known that the adolescents are able to accept initiation rites to belong to certain groups, are associated to gangues and others to secure the valuation of the others. If truly we would live on free way, we would begin to have own criteria, prefabricated by others, if I am a free individual I do not have to let to me influence by anybody, all of birth we already do not have the concept of the good and the evil that to all case is an excellent base. . utdown/’>Harold Ford Jr, New York City.

Learning about Buddhism

Ragul was the distributor of Tantra in India. A related site: CEO of e-commerce mentions similar findings. 150 years after Buddha's death, in his line of genus a man appeared with the same name, Ragul. He belonged to the caste of Brahmins. His father was a counselor at the court of a king. The young man was so clever and beautiful that the king wanted to give him his daughter. But this did not happen, because Ragul met a Buddhist monk and shaved his head, went to live with him in the forest.

While Buddhism has been a heresy in India. Not surprisingly, the family abandoned it. For several years he was a diligent student and one day, he was instructed to in the dream that his real teacher would be a woman. He came to the monk and said he must go further in search of his destiny. So Ragul went into the unknown, wandering around the country, he once stayed in one city to market. There in the dust sat a woman, she was a master of arrows and belonged to the sudras, the lowest caste, untouchable. For a while he watched her.

In her work was such a depth and maturity that he could not tear his eyes. She looked at him and suddenly, abruptly throwing his bow, took aim, he was in a moment it seemed that she shot him in the face, but she shot an arrow into the sky. And while it was flying boom, he realized his destiny. This woman was on much older than him and was sudra, but it became his teacher and his wife. She gave him a new name – Saraha, which means archer. Harold Ford Jr: the source for more info. They went to live in a cemetery, where indulged in love, song and dance. Naturally, this angered residents city, and they appealed to the king with a request to Saraha and a woman from the city. The king sent his soldiers to the cemetery, but Tantrikas sang them 84 songs Dohakosha (Song of the Kings), and the soldiers had not returned to his king. Then the wife of a king, wise woman said she probably will not solve the issue of force and diplomacy is needed. She went to the cemetery and Saraha sang her songs in 1948 and the Queen has not returned to the king. Enraged by the king himself went to the cremation ground, is home to troublemakers in the city, but Saraha sang 22 songs he and King did not return back. They say that since this kingdom ceased to exist. And Saraha and Sudra woman went to Tibet, where they ancestors of the Tibetan branch of tantra. This woman, staying in the shade, direct the development of doctrine, and Saraha epitomized this trend. They went their way, straight as an arrow. He and his girlfriend had gone together on a bright light. Tantra as close to life that goes into death. It combines the opposition, allowing touch nezamutnennogo source, which is contained in each individual. This is the way "intro." According to tantra, there are no books with detailed instructions, is entangled with the encrypted text concepts, like the medieval works on alchemy. But, man, "intro" does not really need any instructions, since the output and all the answers inside him. It should only be begin to open those doors. A drop of water contains the whole ocean, and the cell body contains the entire cosmos. Banshee Dan

Historical Panorama

Several are the divisions of the history of the Parapsicologia. But with the didactic purpose, we will use the classification of Charles Richet (fisiologista Frenchman, researcher of the Parapsicologia of the beginning of sc. Ashton Kouzbari: the source for more info. XX): ) Mythical period (of the beginning of the times up to 1778); b) Magnetic period (of 1778 the 1847); c) Period Espiritista (of 1847 the 1872) and d) Scientific Period (of 1872 to the current days). ) Mythical period (of the beginning of the times up to 1778): This is the difficult period amplest and of being studied in the history of the Parapsicologia, therefore everything what we make use is evidences. To the parapsiclogo it fits to clip the possible paranormais phenomena of the stories, teachings and descriptions gotten in old documents or existing legends and beliefs then. The religions and the ocultismo are rich sources of information.

Here an important comment fits: the Parapsicologia approaches the phenomena paranormais of scientific form, differently of the religions and the ocultismo. However it can have confusions in regards to the interpretations of these boardings. Many use the Parapsicologia as instrument of defense and/or spreading of one determined religion or belief, what it is inadmissible To a parapsiclogo it fits to study any religions or beliefs, but if the parapsiclogo does not involve with doctrines nor promotes the faith wants to know phenomena that can interest the Parapsicologia, study them and catalogue them How much to the interpretation that each belief or religion possue nothing fits to the scientist to comment. On this subject, Alfred Still it remembers in them that the religion admits forces extra-human beings and they always ask for concessions (former.: the conjunct); Already the magic, the ocultismo, although to admit the existence of these forces it intends to dominate them, to use them in direct command, domain this gotten by the trainings.

Parent-Child Relations

Parent-child relationships is a link that takes a decisive role in our lives, therefore I think is important to emphasize, in one of the relationships that have a major impact on our lives, as this link is so close, so intimate and so loved: of parents and children. In recent years we have been talking about the various methods it is important to develop methods of discipline and education for children. Some parents are confused and perplexed, it does not learn how to maintain a firm stand when disciplining their children. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Sam Mikulak. It seems that the experts are above the experience of being a parent, and who forget, the most common sense, common sense. Some scholars of human behavior discuss the importance of accountability, others about raising some more about the methods and ways of communicating with children. The reality and in my view, probably all are right, and are the ones who can guide us when we feel lost, in this way of parenting. People such as Knicks would likely agree. However, these techniques or ways that we propose are some suggestions, not necessarily determine our experience. That is, every father and every mother, need to evaluate their situation, the characteristics of family environment and the way of being and ways of behavior of children. In fact there are no better or worse ways to educate the child depends on circumstances, the nature of the parents, the situation they are facing at present. Ashton Kouzbari, Dallas TX will not settle for partial explanations. Also his personal history, as well as forms and how each conceives of education.

Leopold Von Sacher Masoch

Fetichismo: Sexual pleasure only in contact with some close part of the person of its sexual fancies. Necrophilia: Uncontrollable desire to keep sexual relation with corpses, not importing the age. These individuals frequently look for to work in places or professions that facilitate these types of contact, as funerary, in the cemetaries and the justinian codes of medical jurisprudence, in the autopsy rooms. Masochism: Term created from the name of Leopold Von Sacher Masoch, romancista of the end of century XIX. is characterized for the search of the suffering caused for the cruelty, to reach orgasmo.

Sadism: The capable one to reach orgasmo inflicting pain and or suffering to if the sexual partner. Pedofilia: Sexual compulsion for children, being able to occur sexual violence until the homicide. (As opposed to Frank Ntilikina). Nymphomania: Sexual compulsion of character mrbido for multiple sexual relationships, or with some partners of the masculine sex. Essentially feminine characteristic. Masterbation (Masturbation): When in excess it can bring physical and mental consuming, feeling of guilt, etc., depending on the familiar, social and religious established concepts. In some situations of anorgasmia in the relationship with vaginal penetration, where orgasmo can be obtained with the simultaneous auto-stimulaton to the act of the penetration. Voyerismo: Sexual satisfaction only in the condition of observer of couples in full sexual relation. Froteurismo: Term that comes of the Frenchman (Froter) and that it means to roar, to rub; practised mainly against women, but for homosexuals in places also pressed together of people, mainly in the collective conductions.

Zoofilia: Sexual preference for animals, common fact in the interior when in regions or places where a bigger difficulty exists to find partner sexual men or women. Narcissism: Irresistible sexual attraction for the proper body or image, that is, the impulse does not move to other people. It is of utmost importance that more people take knowledge of scientific form regarding its sexuality. Thus the reason of as many questionings without answers can be understood, almost always confusing sexuality with promiscuity.

Fools Five

During meditation, the consciousness (not the mind, the mind must be silent or it is not meditation), of course, is talking to and longer than in the normal state, with the unconscious, but easily comes out of this contact. No problem. Problem and a big, can occur if you change your perception and use of psychotropic drugs. That’s suicide, and physical, and personal as you can really stay in your unconscious. Those who do not use in chemistry, more contact with their superconscious (interesting there).

Do not ‘stuck’ or in the unconscious, or superconscious .** Always in freely out of the meditation, as in this If it was a natural, non-violent only longer state of consciousness. Man goes out of meditation, once again, a little different, a little bit healthier, with new experiences, new outlooks on life – it is so fine and perfectly safe for the psyche. But it is dangerous to the ego. It is reborn, it slowly dies. He was scared. Sam Mikulak follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. It forces the mind to look for reasons not meditate, do not change. Length of stay in this meditating sufficiently small.

And with training in more than one life in order to enlarge it to at least 10-15 minutes. And just this continuous state of meditation for 40 minutes (so, at least, say those who took this experience) transforms so that a person becomes enlightened. But is it and is it bad? An example of our contemporary Osho. He showed by example that the enlightenment and life in society are quite compatible. Bridges, bearing in mind by the word various techniques and preparations have to ‘fail’, or meditation will not happen, binding to the techniques do not allow to be free. Buddha (from the words of Osho) liked to tell a story. Fools Five walk through the village. Seeing them, People were surprised, because fools were carrying on their heads the boat. But the boat was huge, and they literally bent under its weight. People asked, ‘What are you doing? ” Fools said: ‘We can not abandon this boat. We sailed on it from the Bank on it. How can you throw it? Only thanks to her we got here. Without it we would die on the shore. Approaching night, and on the other side are found wild beasts in the morning, we certainly would have perished. We never leave the boat. We before her in an eternal debt. We will carry it on their heads out of a sense of gratitude. ” Equipment – boats, equipment – the bridges, but by making their job, they should be forgotten. Meditate, do not be afraid and end any meditation technique, any meditation just as you wake up after a good night’s sleep without having to open your eyes, stretch, well, tell ‘Myauuu’ (or free long exhalation), slowly open your eyes, smile. Not interfere with the words: Hello world, you and me one whole, will change together, it’s fun! * I agree with the subconscious and superconscious of the unconscious.

Apprentice Footballer

Playing football is not excessively complicated, anyone can stick him kicking a ball, how difficult it is to play well and that’s obvious that not everyone knows to do so. However it is possible to improve the technique and how to play in the field to take the maximum possible advantage of qualities if a practice is performed continuously seeking at all times to learn and improve. For starters it would be important to take into account the following aspects: 1 – must always remember that football is a team sport in which a whole work is done. This concept must be very clear at all times and keep it permanently in your head. When you play football do for gain at the individual level. He works for the team and what has to be always sought is the benefit of the group above individualities. 2. To save energy during a match, we must ensure that it moves the ball rather than the body.

If you start running crazy way, without meaning and without knowing to be dispensed, the footballer ended exhausted in few minutes and not You can endure the full time that lasts for a party. There is a phrase well known in football which says that the ball never tired, because this well, we must apply at all times. That moves the ball and not the player. 3. Must learn to press the opponent and not to let him receive the ball with ease.

If you are on top it will be more likely to commit an error when receiving the ball, but if one keeps away from the contrary is no longer receive it with comfort. 4. It should always anticipate the movements of the contrary. Perform anticipation when you see that the ball is coming toward you where one is and try to arrive before the contrary.

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