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Heading of the research carried through in the professionalizing specific period of training in social institutions. Names of the concluintes pupils of the course of psychology-2011, the Educational Foundation Araatuba. Electronic address: and Professor supervisor of the professionalizing periods of training, orienting of the article and professor of the course of psychology of the Fac-FEA In this professional attitude innumerable chances of success in the promotion of health of the population confide, without counting in the deep gratuity for the operating professional in this context (Bleger, 1984.). Communitarian psychology by means of its great performance and intervention have been considered administrator of and important contributions in the social institutions. It has been capable to promote significant changes for the practical performance of the professional psi.

From this perspective, a project was elaborated that had as performance object a group of adolescents, all filiados to a religious institution (church baptist). Considering that the elaboration of situations of work from the values contained in the beliefs and the religious dogmas, the trainees and the group of adolescents is possible, they had chosen an agenda of quarrels that involved concepts, judgments, practical slight knowledge and expressions of the daily one of the life of the young. This agenda served of guideline for some meetings with unfoldings in some psychological contents reflected by the group. The work had the objective to provide young to the one space where they could learn to take off its doubts of a dynamic form, since the adolescence is a phase of discoveries and search of identity, moment where the young desires to express its ideas and its feelings, that in turn, is in full ascension mainly in result of the corporal changes that many times generates unreliability and indefinies. With this the objective of the project that was to supply young to a space of quarrel, reflection and of listening, providing with this new chances of learning and to take off doubts on other subjects, widely was surpassed with new dynamic and participation.

Special Education

Relative the scientific production to the area of High Abilities/Superdotao (AH/SD) still is sufficient incipient in the Brazilian context, even so the precursors of the area have searched and divulged its works from the decade of 1920-1930. It has some reasons that can be evicted to this fact, amongst them the popular myths and beliefs the respect, that not rare hinders the same identification and the attendance to these people; the lack of information, financial resources for the Education and, consequently, the Special Education and the formation of the professors, who if feel incapable to identify and/or to take care of to these pupils and the lack of trustworth official statisticians in this area. (PEREZ; FREITAS, s/d, P. 01) As in he says the citation above to them, still he lacks very for an adequate attendance of the superendowed one taking in account the preparation and the information that still is scarce in the educational way. Conflicting aspects For being the school the field of discoveries of these true talentos is for there that we will start to observe the vulnerable points cited the top.

Generally, the support given to deficient pupils and to its parents are bigger of what the given assistance the superendowed family of one. The difference is clear, the deficiency most of the time leaves external marks and signals, evidentes to that they see while the superendowed one possesss internal challenges. No physical or intellectual aid is necessary, however it is necessary special care, attention and psychological accompaniment. In many schools it does not have necessary accompaniment, does not have rooms special, the resume is static and the same for all, what many times result in the alienation, it disinterests and fidget on the part of the pupil who is in a school that does not attend it adequately and it provides an inadequate environment to it for the development of its potentialities.

The Aged

From the moment that to obtain to infiltrate this proper positive image of being aged to the aged one, consequently they will go to feel itself less isolated for the society. This takes the aged one to redescobrir new interests, it is felt stimulated to participate in all the stages of its life, and with this position it has more possibility to solve its problems personal (CORAZZA, 2005). With the distraction objective and provocation of a small esquecimento of the institucional environment, was carried through in an one of the meeting wheel of viola, providing an interactive moment between the put in a home interns and the routine in addition characterized and instituted for the institution due the long permanence. It could if through music, to take the emotion and the sensation of reviver the souvenirs and memory of the past, (a time that the violeiros touched musics root) also providing to joy and descontrao, perceived for telling, and the demonstration for them through the dance, where they had been through packing of music taken the dances. It was also carried through, in the week of Passover, dates commemorative that backwards many important, repletos affective and religious contents of souvenir and meanings, the delivery, to each inhabitant, of one cestinha typically decorated with one coelhinho, I contend bonbons of chocolates.

With a simple gesture of confraternizao, these aged ones if had felt valued and remembered generating one increase of the auto one – they esteem. Providing to a space of listening and shelter, being that this, many times, is enough so that the aged ones exteriorizem and share almost as a legacy, its memories of the infancy and a world that according to them, are ' ' sobreviventes' '. ' ' When showing with its proper life as the individual if it adjusts to the occured changes without its social environment, the old one strengthens its value and its dignity …

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