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Old Republic Religion

Another factor is the religion catholic who starts to be the official religion of Brazil. The study plan that invigorated in colonial education was the Ratio Studiorum, that remained per some centuries. With the arrival of the cut Portuguese to Rio De Janeiro it had the colonial statute in addition and the necessity of if improving the education to take care of the demand of the politics mercantilista proceeding from the opening of the Brazilian ports, therefore they were necessary workers, who had some slight knowledge of reading and writing to work in the ports. The education of the elite all lasted the period of the Portuguese empire. With the foundation of College D.

Peter II was tried to give beginning to the seriado education that would have to be followed by excessively. With the advent of our first constitution, the primary instruction thus started to be gratuitous despertando itself for the necessity to be bred in the country, more schools and university; the only requirement was that religion catholic was taught and all the schools would be supervised by the state. The normal schools for formation of professors have beginning in the Regencial period. In the Old Republic, the power if centers at the hands of you latifundium, detainers of the producing milk farms and coffee. All age managed for them and the legitimate power was the coronelismo, the vote age of muzzle and the political parties do not possuam proper ideologies. In result of the sprouting of the Republic the education suffers some modifications, in the person of Benjamim Constant appears the first one, that it is the system in addition of education with the traditional humanismo and inserts positivistas principles in the education Brazilian, adds sciences, slight knowledge of sociology, right, moral and economy politics in secondary education. In 1930, it has beginning the formation of the modern state and the system politician of the old republic is substituted by the age Vargas in detriment of the urgent necessities of urbanization of the Republic with the advent of the industrial revolution that occurred in the Europe and that it needed markets to establish the commerce and the draining of its production beyond stimulating the sprouting of new industries, more mechanized and now more modern in Brazil.

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