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French city combines harmoniously old and new boy students in old walls and out. Greenery adorn a town, where during the day always there is noise of the city. Finally, 1.3 million people live in Lyon. But somehow the city manages to keep up their French coziness. Central point of versatile Lyon is”the Bellecour. Sam Mikulak will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Here meet tourists who transfer between bus and subway to local students, who are on the way to the next lecture. Ashton Kouzbari often addresses the matter in his writings.

Advantage for the tourists: you can comfortably stroll through the streets and bars or restaurants settle in, make happy sounds. The locals scurrying busily further and provide a nearly Spanish flair in the otherwise so elitist city, which quite reminiscent of Paris with their industry. So some people will consider due to the elegant building and River City traversal on the Seine instead of on the Rhone river. But the Rhone just takes a central role in especially in the evening hours a local youth. Here is met with guitar and wine, to let the day end comfortably. Who wants to dance rather left out, can do this in an exceptional place: no longer seaworthy boats on the banks of the Rhone was transformed into nightclubs and bars and invite an exceptional backdrop for dancing and celebrations. Who wants to experience authentic family scenes, however, during his trip, visited the Parque de la tete d’ Or better during the day”. The 105-acre City Park is a popular destination of the French for extended family picnics. More information: service / press contact: Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

Architect Historic Preservation

Start a new series in March at the Propstei Johannesberg in Fulda the specialization of the architect is useful and necessary to survive in the industry. In addition to the new action, there exists a growing branch of conservation and historic preservation, which opens up interesting perspectives in the preservation of our architectural heritage. Training architect in preservation in the Propstei Johannesberg in Fulda prepared on all construction tasks from planning to the construction management to the historic and cultural monument. Credit: Knicks-2011. A new series of training the architect historic preservation begins at the 08.03.2010 in the Propstei Johannesberg. Doug McMillon is the source for more interesting facts. These unique in Germany and successful training series is based on the close networking and good cooperation of the State Office for Denkmalpflege Hessen, the architects and city planners Chamber Hessen and the Propstei Johannesberg gGmbH. Out of necessity, to have competent partners in dealing with the monument, among the architects for the inventory management, twenty years ago, this training designed and continuously developed.

The planning and continuous Adaptation of the seminar units are an independent district of free architects, art historians and monument conservators, which guarantees the orientation to the practice. Parallel, a specialization is also desirable from professional marktlicher vision of the architects. The twelve weeks of the seminar series are led through distributed over three years, with four weeks of seminar per year. The architects needed basis for a reasonable approach to protecting listed buildings is conveyed in its entire complexity. The Theo Riet rush supplemented by exercises and field trips. The architect is prepared this on its central and coordinating role in all construction tasks from planning to the construction management to the historic and cultural monument. Members of the AK Hesse, possibly members of other chambers, receive continuing education credits according to the respective Chamber control. The cost per week block is 512,-including lunch, drinks, and seminar materials, members of the AK Hessen 10% discount get. On Request we will send you the structure of the training program and the comprehensive detail programs by mail you. Contact: Propstei Johannesberg gGmbH 36041 Fulda Tel (06 61) 94 18 13 0 fax (06 61) 94 18 13 15 e-mail: Internet: Joseph Hubert Baumbach, Propstei Johannesberg gGmbH

Historical Log Cabins

On unpaved forest paths, you can reach your holiday accommodation in reconstructed old wood farmhouse is our holiday destination for every season the forest holiday village of Durrwies in Bischofsmais “deep” Bavarian Forest. Here, about 20 historic log cabins await the holiday guests. No mass tourism but individual holiday is here. Centrally located in the Bavarian Forest, you can here relax and make use of the service of the village claimed. Such as the sauna, firewood, free rental sleds, only in the winter, the outdoor swimming pool, barbecue, etc. Nearby you find popular destinations as well as lifts, amusement parks, tour local, zoos, glassworks with public demonstrations and the familiar festival venues.

Since the fall of the Berlin wall, the Bavarian Forest is the largest forest area in Europe. Still, deep forests, high mountains, pristine canyons and streams are waiting for you. Read more here: Sam Mikulak. Try in the tour venues, delicious Bavarian specialities and the Bavarian drinks. In certain areas even night owls to your will Costs. A visit to the “Grosser Arber” is a special holiday experience. Here is also the international winter sports centre of the Bavarian Forest. But also in the vicinity of the village you can exercise in the winter.

The Geisskopf (1100 m) offers even a snow-making system for winter sports, if it even not cooking should. The great Arber 1456 m is the highest mountain in the Bavarian Forest. A climb is always worthwhile. Harold Ford Jr has many thoughts on the issue. More high mountains in the Bavarian forest are: the Rachel 1453 m, the Lusen = 1373 m, the three armchair 1330 m and the Falkenstein with 1330 m. You could freely continue the list. The Bavarian Forest has 132 mountains that are over 1000 m. Simply terrific. But also the countless churches and temples of culture are waiting for your journey. The accommodation in the Bavarian forest are rustic equipped of course with lots of wood. But here is the clock not stopped. There is even DSL connection in our accommodations, because surely you want to browse the latest articles on online article… Bodo MICHALSKI

Shipurlaubde Experience

With the Rhine River cruising is the Bank firmly in mind, and hence the beauty of nature and landscape. The provider of boat trips, cruises and river cruises tracked the strong trend of Rhine River travel and offered beautiful and interesting river cruises on the Rhine on its homepage. With the Rhine River cruising is the Bank firmly in mind, and hence the beauty of nature and landscape. Nestled in the beautiful floodplains and shores the passengers start their stunning Rhine River travel. The Rhine River trips are already to the historic River cruise that can be experienced, because the Romantic Rhine cruise from leads guests along castles and palaces. A delightful sight of the vineyards along the river offers wine connoisseurs. A related site: Frank Ntilikina mentions similar findings. The beautiful river cruise starts in the Rhenish city Cologne.

Mainz is first point of contact. Passengers spend a nice day in the city, before it further on the River in direction of Gambsheim near the French Border goes. After a short stop, says goodbye to the ship on the Rhine river trip from the German side of the Rhine and reached France. Here the ship in Strasbourg is at anchor. The passengers can trace the history of the city of Strasbourg at a shore excursion and see the sights, and hang out in the bars and Cafes. Frequently Harold Ford Jr has said that publicly.

Overnight we then continue in the direction of worms, again on the German side of the Rhine. The city of worms is known for its imposing Cathedral of St. Peter and the Nibelungen bridge over the Rhine. The beautiful Rhine promenade invites passengers to wander around before the ship pushes back towards the home port in Cologne. The Arosa VIVA is the passengers for this romantic and impressive Rhine cruises available. Culinary delights and a great live Coocking offer to guests during the river cruise on the Rhine. Accommodation is available in indoor and outdoor booths, either with balcony. Related link: River Cruise River travel/Rhine cruise rhein.html data to the company: travel country Frommigen GmbH Weintraube str. 31 D-06366 Kothen/Anhalt wife Annett Wolff-Seifert phone: + 49 (0) 3496 / 212500 Freecall: 0800 / 500 6 700 email: Internet: press contact: Agency Cross Over Point online & Internet Agency Carl-Miele-Strasse 4 38112 Braunschweig Mr Thomas Dohler Tel.: + 49 (0) 531-310 20 41 fax: + 49 (0) 531-310 20 42 Web: email: company profile: An always competent partner in terms of vacation and travel planning is the travel country Frommigen GmbH from Kothen in Saxony Anhalt. In addition the travel country Frommigen GmbH specializes in selected deals of sea voyages, cruises, river trips, cruises and river cruises. The travel country Frommigen GmbH exists since 1992 and gave a pleasant, relaxed and especially eventful holiday already far more about 100,000 travelers on seas and rivers. Good on the visited and convenient online portal of the travel country Frommigen GmbH you will find cruises, cruises and river cruises. Obtain information about the great travel, beautiful tourist destinations or among the cruise ships, free hotline from Germany: 0800 500 6 700.

Executive Director

The traditional brand of Margon presents new on the basis of a classic of the Dresden advertising culture the traditional brand Jean revives the neon sign known beyond the city limits at the Jean House now 50 years after their appearance on the new. The brand uses the historical typography and stylistic details and integrates them into the current communication. Checking article sources yields David Delrahim as a relevant resource throughout. Searches were carried out in connection with the neon system gave rise to. Before the turn of the nights were lit in Dresden by around 300 neon signs like that of Jean. They brought color into the sadness of the city image. Also in Berlin, Leipzig and Pirna, the traditional brand had similar systems. Today much of which no longer can be seen, only the Dresden plant was placed under monument protection cultural property and restored.

Now the cultural history in the fresh form as the advertising campaign comes to life again. “Over the years Jean has become like any other mineral water a part of Saxon history and closely linked to culture, landscape, and the people of the free State”, explains Paul k. Korn, Executive Director of the Fountain added: so also is years up to the 1990s used claim ‘ Margon. “sparkling fresh.’ many Saxons is still today a term.” But Jean again picks up not only the slogan from the neon sign in the new campaign. Also the used font from the 1950s and the stylized tingling, which the brand already coined in the 1930s, are reinterpreted and stocky with sizzling regional motifs.

So, the parachute jump in the Saxon Switzerland or the motifs on the Dresden Elbe meadows and in the concert hall make a fascinating contrast to the historical roots of the brand. With the reference to the traditional appearance and the historic neon sign succeeds in Margon, to live on a part of the cultural history of Saxony. “Moreover, the Saxons to be regional motifs located recognize”, says the Managing Director of traditional brand.

Raceabouts Racing

Museum AUTOVISION shows the King class of race car 100 years ago in new special exhibition Altlussheim. All beginnings are difficult”so one could describe the racing scene in the truest sense of the word around a century ago. Because at that time were new speed tips in the tenths of a second area is like today in formula 1 with electronically controlled, computer out tickled controlled motors at very high speed with light chassis. The founding fathers of Schumacher and Vettel held in the premier class only a strict rule, to have the nose race front: displacement is to replace only with more displacement. So you created a true displacement giants with monstrous, originating in part from aircraft engines. Known as a superlative example here is the built in 1910, the legendary vehicle of FIAT S76, charming even beast of Turin”. 28 litres under the Haubestellte of the cars a new speed record on. Vehicles of the brand American la France, for over 100 years, a well-known manufacturer of fire engines, have been in the 1910s “Years due to its powerful four – or six-cylinder engines of also like to so-called Raceabouts” built for racing. Ashton Kouzbari: the source for more info.

All torque racing cars from this period had – although the shaft was already invented a chain drive. “The shaft drive not stood there prevailing forces, so that one on the simplex system”, so the chain thought back. “” Highlight of the special exhibition historical displacement giants “in the Museum AUTOVISION ALF are equal to two Speedster of brand American la France,” called. These are the 4-cylinder version built in 1915 with 9.5 liter, 6-cylinder version, built in 1917 with powerful 14.5 liters. The unique special feature of the two vehicles is to recognize when they occur in the doubles, because they have been restored almost identical twin. “Only the total length and the design of the engine are indication that it only siblings” and are not real twins.

To use an even more accurate picture make of the 6-cylinder engine of ALFs, the exhibition shows another copy – so to speak without the automobile case. Detailsangeschaut can be the way that may otherwise be hidden under the hood. Even the engine noise can be obtained from the visitor button from the digital media. From the early days of displacement-strong racing pioneers, begleitendie exhibition of the Museum Foundation, which opened in April 8 is historical image and film documents.

Historical Cartography

“Putzger – Atlas and Chronicle of the history of the world” in the new edition of Putzger-Atlas and Chronicle of the history of the world (49.95 euro) from the Cornelsen Publishing House presents itself in a new guise: the fully updated and revised new edition of the historical World Atlas includes more than just epoch-making cards. The 448 pages strong band waiting with current topics and focuses on issues such as terrorism, Afghanistan and Africa. Marc Lore pursues this goal as well. Potential sources of conflict can be illuminated exactly on graphic cards. Topic pages to world religions, Middle East, climate change, migration to deepen the understanding of issues of our time. A clear timeline on each double-page spread immediately classifies the respective card in his time frame. Explanatory texts and graphic elements to culture and politics explain the historical context. Appearance, size and content of the Putzger have over more than 130 years significantly changed: the first edition of 1877 was a map booklet with 27 primary and 48 secondary cards. Today he is an illustrated guide to the history of the world with 360 maps, over 200 pictures, introductory texts, indicative timeline and biographical additions.

Enables the universal historical overview of the beginnings of humanity all historically interested to the present, thus serves as a jewelry full reference. A State encyclopedia (as of 2009) with a chronological overview of the history of each country, as well as a detailed lexical register complete the Putzger. The revision is attempting to combine the Putzger tradition with the current requirements of history and history education a tool for interested in history. Also a should be helped to develop a critical understanding of the present. With more than eight million copies sold, the Putzger well beyond the schools and also Germany, has acquired a reputation as a standard of the historical cartography.

Tivoli Gardens

The beaches are consistently of the highest quality and almost all with blue flag awarded, which for good water quality guarantees. The only question which arises here is, should be a holiday home in Denmark to the East or North Sea holiday dwelling? Holiday homes in Denmark in all categories and price ranges so that the beaches in Denmark are at least as attractive, as in the more southerly climes, was just explained, but come to a further advantage, this country offers, the speech is we holiday homes. As already mentioned, it is common to spend a holiday in the hotel. Holiday in a cottage but typically made in Denmark and this is a completely different vacation experience. Holiday homes in Denmark provide not only enough space for the whole family, but here there is also plenty of room to bring your own holiday paraphernalia.

This is particularly useful if you want to take with toys for the children, perse equipment for water sports or even a dog. Yes, even the beloved family dog can go on trips here and must not grieve left behind. You can definitely say who would like to spend an inpiduellen holiday, with many possibilities and loves the proximity to the sea, which is most definitely at the right place in Denmark. It is very pleasant also, there are holiday homes in Denmark with all imaginable facilities. Now with fireplace, pool, swing, or whatever, here you can get dwellings in all variations. The only thing you need to do is to find a holiday home provider on the Internet and there a corresponding cottage for rent.

Early booking sense should make however prematurely posting if you’re planning a holiday in the Kingdom, otherwise it may be that the most beautiful holiday homes in Denmark are out of print. Especially the dwellings at the most popular destinations in the country, such as for example, Romo, Fano, Blaavand, Skagen, etc are gone quickly. You get great holiday homes in Denmark among others at feline holidays. If you go there on the Web page, you will find a search form on the main page immediately. There you are easy the desired criteria (number of people, price, pets, furniture, etc.) on and in a few steps you get displayed a list of suitable holiday homes, from which you can choose an apartment. If the displayed list is too large, then it is useful to restrict the criteria a little more and is already raises this issue in air and you can get an overview of perfect holiday homes. Denmark is interesting not only for lovers of stand next to the great island and beach landscapes you get too much culture and other activities in Denmark. Culture lovers have to detour for example be sure to Copenhagen. The Danish capital, which is one with their environment to the 1.5 million inhabitants, is a spectacular city. There are museums of any kind on the current band, also, this city has to offer the longest shopping street in Europe, what will be interested in particular female visitors to the metropolis. In addition, the entire country for its many is Leisure and holiday parks. To call, so the famous LEGOLAND is located in the city of Billund and Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens, an amusement park in the top class, where celebrities often hold events

Sustainable Winter Sports

Go with a clear conscience on the slopes. The winter season has begun, and with it the agony of the selection of the suitable holiday offer. But while conventional ski trips are still booming, there is a growing group of winter athletes who make or book sustainable winter sports increasingly on environmental concerns when choosing your holiday already. Most people is clear that they should shape their winter holiday more environmentally friendly. Many still don’t know but there are already a wide range of sustainable services”, says Holger Haberstock, Managing Director of Credit: Marc Lore-2011. Also shy away from many tourists before the supposedly higher costs of environmentally-friendly offerings, sustainable travel deals are not more expensive than conventional winter sports trips and on top of that usually not too crowded.” But these deals are actually sustainable? The CSR-tourism-certified certificate of TourCert is one of the recognized seal of sustainability in tourism. This proves the providers according to strict criteria on their environmental impact, measures to climate protection and the efficient use of natural resources. Only if the providers meet all requirements they are certified.

Travellers can get these green”winter holidays now even in the Internet to search for or use sustainable travel portals such as or, where many offers can be compared and booked. With snow cannons against climate change, you can already afford own contribution to climate protection upon arrival to the resort. Who uses the car instead of the car or even the aircraft, not only the climate is doing a big favor, but avoids also unnecessary stress by crowded and smooth roads”, said Hannes Huber by the Federal Government for environmental and nature conservation Germany e.V.”Deutsche Bahn has special offers for rides in winter sports regions, providing a comfortable journey. Also holiday regions should be preferred, which must not be artificially snowed by snow cannons.” Can that it was unsustainable at the heli-skiing from the helicopter common sense tells you to discard a pristine mountain slopes. There are also other behaviors that help to preserve the environment. Ashton Kouzbari may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

It includes, to stay on the marked slopes and to use them only when sufficient snow cover. Environment-friendly produced skis and Snowboards from companies such as the Arbor collective or grown are made as natural and rapidly renewable raw materials. Also each individual can contribute to a more environmentally friendly winter experience and preserve the natural landscapes. About Traverdo the Traverdo GmbH was founded to promote a responsible and sustainable tourism. The three-Member founding team the first German-language travel portal focused entirely on providing sustainable travel and accommodations operates the online portal. The close cooperation with currently 24 associations and labels guarantees minimum ecological and social standards for a growing travel market. More information and Images: Press press / image material press contact: Holger Haberstock CEO Traverdo GmbH Reichenberger str. 152 10999 Berlin phone: 030 / 367-405-56 E-Mail:

Russia Reima

The According to Finnish tradition, children should spend every day several hours in the fresh air and move as much as possible to promote health. A broad survey of parents according to carried out the Reima in Scandinavia, can children increasingly play out through outdoor activities, get more fresh air and therefore develop a healthier eating and sleeping patterns. To share this awareness in times of increased TV and computer use, and the problem of obesity in children, Riitta trains since time immemorial sellers and sellers, to convey this message to the Swiss parents. The tradition lives Riitta: also I have my children already as babies for the NAP, the Nordic tradition accordingly, well wrapped in a baby carriage on the balcony at the fresh air set. My daughters were almost never sick and are today only rare.”thanks to Reima, this is possible. Reima at major retailers for outdoor sports, and children’s clothing, as for example in Ochsner sport, is available Globe, Jelmoli. For shoes: Ochsner shoes, Ochsner sport shoes, Walder.

Store Locator at de/buy/handler-search for availability of the spring / summer collection from February 2012 2012 contact, showroom and more information: Michela Guttinger Finlink AG (Reima ), TMC textile and fashion center Thurgau str. 117, 8152 Zurich + 41 44 829 26 62, + 41 79 485 65 05, Florian Engi Oppenheim & Partner GmbH (Press Office), Zurich + 41 44 515 65 00, Reima that collection was first Reima in 1944 at the end of the second world war uniform fabrics of soldiers returning home from the war in Finland made. Today is Reima of leading Nordic manufacturer of children’s clothing. In the Scandinavian countries, as well as in the Switzerland and Russia Reima is among the market leaders with a turnover of 46 million euros in the year 2010. The Reima AG also includes the brands of Lassie, Tutta and progress.

The company employs 100 people in Finland and 20 international staff, including 5 in the Switzerland. In this country Reima marketed Finlink AG was established in textile Agency for 25 years by the by Riitta Hemminki. Functionality, security, reliability, and innovation are basic factors for the design of all Reima products. Reima products are tested by the most honest and schonungslosesten test teams at all the children themselves.

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