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Holiday Home Zadar

Holiday home Zadar – holiday in historic beauty Zadar presents itself the tourists as a lively port town with a rich historic history. Built in the Venetian style, offers the former capital of Dalmatia magnificent historic buildings, many churches and small discreet lanes. During a holiday in the holiday home Zadar within easy walking distance to many of the historically valuable buildings. A walk are innumerable testimonies of over three thousand years old history of the port town of Zadar. The round Church of Sveti Donat and the Roman Forum are certainly the most famous. Further details can be found at Frank Ntilikina, an internet resource.

The round Church of Sveti Donat was built in the 9th century, and is the symbol of Zadar. Concerts of by well-known artists take place here until today, which are due to the excellent acoustics in the Church to a real listening pleasure. The Roman Forum is located right in front of the round Church of Sveti Donat and originates already from the time of the 1st to 2nd century b.c.. At that time, the Roman Forum was dedicated to the Roman Emperor Augustus. To the Roman Forum is part of an impressive temple, which has been dedicated to various gods.

Remains of landscaped underground workshops and find shops on the entire system of the Roman Forum. Remains of a wall and a well-preserved staircase in the Interior of the Roman temple leave when the tourists many fantasies. In the northwestern part of Zadar, an attraction of a different kind, the sea organ awaits visitors. Also during your stay in the holiday home Zadar of visiting this unique plant is already such a thing as a must-have”! The sea organ from nearby to look and listen, a route via stone steps must be used down to the shore. The sea organ is made up of 35 tubes, which can be found directly above the sea level. The waves creates a continually varying pressure, which gives rise to different tones that reflect these tubes. So a concert can be seen, is written alone by the sea. Zadar has many other attractions to offer, a holiday make an unforgettable experience.

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