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The Person

Thus through the Kirlian camera, continuous control of the human aura is possible, and therefore know exactly what its evolutionary State in its different facets: spiritual, emotional and physical. This is so, since the coloration of the aura is not permanent, i.e., will modifying according to the State of mood of the person, so what a particular color in a given time, for example the violet, does not indicate that the person in question is highly elevated spiritual level, but yes, that their mood is undergoing significant changes with respect to the spiritual theme. In this way is as a follow-up on all different levels of the human aura, will be able to compare the different shades of the color of the aura through Kirlian photography. Thanks to Kirlian camera, and the possibility of photographing the aura, today is worldwide accepted its existence, as well as meet a wide range of colors that compose it. Get more background information with materials from Marc Lore. Among all nuances of possible colors, then will know a representation of the more determinants and their symbolism in the character of the person who owns it, with a short description of what usually connoisseurs of the subject have recognized, serving as guide for all those who decide to study and know more about the phenomenon of the human aura. These colors are: Red person whose color red is dominant in their aura, it will tend to be a person who possesses great talent of ambition, determined to achieve what is proposed, has an optimistic life view, what gives strength to cope with any obstacles that may arise. Feel a special attraction for adventure sports, demonstrating possession of large amount of energy. It tends to perform jobs of responsibility, where he knows highlight for their excellent command and strategy skills. Knows to relate with others, being highly esteemed by those who know him, since they are always willing to give love and you need to please your loved.

Failure Myth Or Reality

The famed American psychologist Wayne W.Dyer author of books of great diffusion as well known as your erroneous zones or ten secrets for success and inner peace, said that the failure is only an illusion and I think actually that is correct. Let’s look at an example with the football. If a player during a party Strip to door trying to get a goal but the ball is going to Harrow and by that ruling are unable to win, may think that this is a failure and more if the match is vital, but analyzing things with coldness simply could say that it is a fact that has produced a result, not a failure. A goal to empty door fails, but by very striking that has never been that ruling should analyze in terms of failure, that it will always influence subsequent actions which will be performed. You always have to go back to try again and forget about the previous error. Turning to Wayne W.Dyer, said that the failure is only a valuation and a matter of opinion, therefore, in particular in the football, and this is true for players and coaches, let us not be carried away by ratings which made others. That no one will make us believe that we have failed at something when a failure is simply the result of an action that we have made and that we will always have the opportunity to run correctly, another thing is the importance that we want to give you. On many occasions are not others and self is which predisposes to what we believe is a failure, why you must avoid all those negative thoughts that we directly routed to that things go wrong by that produce anxiety and depression and that conditions us enormously. The ego in these cases is a bad ally that scares us the idea that say one is a loser and that shame can be with us that causes us angst only think that one won’t be at the height of the circumstances and this in the sports ground is given continuously.

March Quality

When we want to enjoy life, we are the greatest pleasures, a good House, a good meal, an ideal environment, sites for sports or have a drink with March or without it. Vista Real is a promotion that has thought about all that, situated in the heart of what is called the Valley of Golf, because it is surrounded of five golf courses of great prestige in Marbella and the whole world. It has great restaurants, places to have a drink with friends, the best brands in clothing and accessories worldwide and big shops where to buy everything you want. Also is near the beaches of the Costa del Sol, with such a climate that makes it possible to walk for more than 250 days a year, those romantic sunsets where many wishes come true. Vista Real, is not far behind, luxury apartments, with natural lighting that artificial light does not necessary in almost all day, vivid colors, that cheer you all day from the first minute, spacious rooms, and all services that require a housing designed to be enjoyed. Large Windows, kitchens spacious and furnished with the electrodomestricos of the firms most accredited, bathrooms with shower and jacuzzi, walk-in closet, built-in wardrobes, all this taking care of the quality of the materials used to enjoy a luxury apartment. Lifts, garages, spacious, luminous, measures of security, telephony, internet, security, personal surveillance cameras, storage rooms and tropical gardens that beautify common areas of this development.

It has communal pool with access through a panoramic elevator that allows you to brighten the view as going by going to give you a bath, gym and meeting rooms. Their situation in Nueva Andalucia, one of the most prestigious areas of Marbella, gives you a point of quality that allows us to say that if this is a place to have quality of life. There are several options to enjoy this magnificent place, buy an apartment available with one, two or three rooms or renting any of these homes, be sure to ask for information, do not lose anything, however you can earn a lot. Urbanization view Real Mary of the Sea requested information: original author and source of the article

China And India

TYPES OF BICYCLE A lot of people around the world uses the bicycle as a convenient (and sometimes primary) means of transportation. And if countries like China and India for this purpose are used the most simple bicycles in Europe can be used and the most modern (though no surprise, and ran on the road bike than a decade). Also, a bicycle – it's a great tool for relaxation and travel. And it can go as short trips out of town on weekends and on long-term autonomous transcontinental journeys. On the ground are almost no places where it had not rode a bicycle wheel. Also actively bike used in the sport. If the road races are widely used since the beginning of the XX century, some types of bicycles appeared little more than 20 years ago, but despite such a short history, they already have many supporters and fans, invented a variety of accessories for bicycles.

Road bikes road bikes are designed for rapid movement of high-quality asphalt. These bikes you can see during Olympics broadcasts or multi-day bicycle races, for example, the Tour de France. With their design optimizes performance characteristics of the bike. Thus, they are easy with a small base frame, tightly-pumped thin odnotrubkami wheels, for example, 700×22 mm, or with fine clincher (clincher – a special camera with a hubcap) (up to 700×28 mm) wheel with a difference ('rudder-horn'). Dl manufacture of frames, typically used carbon fiber, aluminum, titanium and various types of high-alloy steels (such as CrMo or magnesium). The design for road bike racing team recorded the ASE Regulation (Union Cicliste Internationale) in 1938, which only further adjusted, remained essentially the same. Used for these stars can have larger ratios are usually large chainring has 53 teeth, and lower back – 12. Weighing 9-10 kg a bike or even less. As a rule, such bike ride trained people, the newcomers may have trouble because of his toughness and agility (the perceived untrained person like instability).


Here are some tips on the following: hips, exercise, glutes, muscles, buttocks and legs.Exercise strengthens the back, front thigh and buttock. Stand up straight. Feet shoulder width apart. Trying to hold back, do poluprisyad.

Hold in this position. Then sit down deeper, so that his legs were bent at an angle of 90 degrees. Repeat 15 times. Exercise stretches the front, side and back of the thigh. Strengthens the gluteal muscle. Be on knees. Back straight.

Heels barely touch the buttocks. Arms stretched forward, trying to keep his balance, moved the body to the right side and almost immediately in the opposite direction. Do it 25 times. Exercise strengthens the gluteal muscle and muscle lateral thigh. Stand on his right knee. Lean on your hands. Bring your left leg slowly to the side, bending it at the knee. Straining muscles of the buttocks, do springy motion. Then come back to the starting position. Repeat with other leg. Do it 25 times. Exercise strengthens the muscles of the buttocks and thigh. Stand on his right knee, so that the knee was under his hip. Keep your glutes tight mashtsy. Bend the left leg at an angle of 90 degrees. Bring the left foot Up to heel strictly looked at the ceiling. Repeat with your right foot. Do it 25 times. SOURCE: hip, exercise, glutes, muscles, buttocks and legs (with photo).


What is easier? To motivate an unsatisfied employee I complete with it on the subject? Or To disappear that demotivation redesigning more efficient and effective processes? The book of Jim Collins, Good to Great, in the named chapter First Who As soon as, criticism the efforts that make the companies motivate their employees, reinforcing the author, that if you have to people and the correct processes, is not necessary to motivate them, they makes single it, nevertheless the companies in many occasions does all the necessary one to demotivate them, and here the shift of paradigm: You do not dedicate resources to motivate to the personnel, enfcate better in not demotivating them. When finishing the reading, I remembered a book of the Scott sketcher Adams, the Principle of Dilbert, and whose final chapter, a New Enterprise model: F5, defines what is a F5 company, that is to say, Fuera to 5. . The author comments that a company must look for that their employees are more effective, and the unique form is the motivation that they they will have because they know that they will leave at the time of normal exit of the company. The motivation, says the author, is given by increases of happiness that the employee in the time secures that he has outside the work. That is to say, they will do all the necessary one to finish its activities within the schedule. This form to think, could possibly be applied in these times of crisis, where on the one hand, the employers have abused the law of the supply and the labor demand, expressing the employees to work more hours of due and this consequently not to review its processes. The problem of the present organizational structures is its emphasis in the functional organization, in its control and authority.

Crosscountry Skiing

How to choose a ski: Skiing begins with the selection of suitable skiing. The right pair will be easier and faster, but more importantly, the appropriate ski for you will give you pleasure when riding. Cost: How much to spend on skis you decide yourself based on your budget. On sale is a good skiing at affordable prices. Application: Decide what you need skis: classical or skating. What kind of skiing do you like? Weight / Height: When choosing a ski height and weight play a significant role. A man who weighs little, about 60-70 kg, it is tedious to softer skis. For classical skiing ski length should be 30 cm above the height of a man, skating on the 10-15 cm shorter than the classical and may be increased podchti man, but must always be a little higher, remember that.

Each brand has its own table, on which you can choose the right skis. Age: Young skiers or are still standing uchatsya Skiing should choose softer skis, adults are more stringent. Recommendations for buying a selection of ski: The following are recommendations for neotorye buying a new pair of racing skis. 1. To get started add the skis sliding surfaces together, compress them. Skis should be consistent in their toes, otherwise you get even distribution of pressure along the length of all the skis. By compressing the skis, they should converge with the same. 2.

Also check out the sliding surface. It should not be any grooves and indentations, and large gaps (smaller are allowed, as they can be removed by sanding). Be sure to see the manufacturer's recommendations on weight and type of snow. But luchsche Seek help from a knowledgeable seller, konstultantu. And remember that skiing should fit you and meet your needs, otherwise you will not enjoy the ride.

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