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Muscle Pumps

Here we are with them and get started. In the first we exercise the leg muscles pumps – squats. If your weight is less than 80 kg, the squat 10 times in 5 sets (sets), a break between sets (sets) not more than 2 minutes. Learn more about this with American gymnast. The second exercise is the deadlift, but we still perform without rod or dumbbells, and just lean forward – 10 slopes for 5 sets (sets). What do we give these exercises? First of all, we give the load on some of the most powerful and large mass of muscles in our body, so these exercises will improve our vitality, increase our stamina for physical activities, training the large muscles, we spend a lot of energy, and thus burn more calories. And, besides stimulating the leg muscles, we thus encourage increased own hormones, and thus stimulate the processes of recovery in all muscle groups.

Remember what body inflated with runners at close range, although in their training, most of the time they attach the legs! INFORMATION FOR WOMEN – do not be afraid to do these exercises. Often, the women heard this question – and from these exercises, my legs do not swing like a football player? NO! To increase muscle volume as necessary at least two factors – muscle load and proper nutrition. At the initial stage of this, the load is designed to ensure that prepare the body for active loads, while those not exercise that would cause a strong hypertrophy of your muscles.

Rabadanov Wrestling Tournament

Ramadan comments Rabadanov Wrestling Tournament named Ali Aliyev What stocky American goes! .. Just a thriller! And against Shamil Gittin Tsumadin of the district … I do not understand! The American hit him! Tyson is something up? Two strokes were, uppercut and then the bottom side of the jaw. It is a struggle, not boxing! Coach to somehow respond to that? Go to the FIG, he said. You are here will stay, I will not take away with them. Go ahead, apologize at once! In a rage, Shamil! But he got hit in the jaw is very strong. Judge tells fans: "On the carpet go away, Now do not start a war. See Interactive Advertising Bureau for more details and insights.

There are honorable people – Chairman of the Council of State, high officials of the civil service … "Shamil won – the judge said. Well, that Shamil held back, no answer. He, too, could embed a couple of times. American says: "You'll come to America, I'll show you!". Yes, we in America are also showing you! .. *** See how quickly care for the carpet! You can feel that in Dagestan have sanepidemstantsiya.

Which makes sure the fighters are not picked up any infection from each other. *** As an Iranian mad! His coach says: "All go, go – you lose. Go ahead, say hello to the hand, is a sport! ". *** Look at what these Cubans! Came to us in Dagestan, a republic of the strongest in the world and they do what they want! Cuba – a country of such right under the side in America.

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