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Here are some tips on the following: hips, exercise, glutes, muscles, buttocks and legs.Exercise strengthens the back, front thigh and buttock. Stand up straight. Feet shoulder width apart. Trying to hold back, do poluprisyad.

Hold in this position. Then sit down deeper, so that his legs were bent at an angle of 90 degrees. Repeat 15 times. Exercise stretches the front, side and back of the thigh. Strengthens the gluteal muscle. Be on knees. Back straight.

Heels barely touch the buttocks. Arms stretched forward, trying to keep his balance, moved the body to the right side and almost immediately in the opposite direction. Do it 25 times. Exercise strengthens the gluteal muscle and muscle lateral thigh. Stand on his right knee. Lean on your hands. Bring your left leg slowly to the side, bending it at the knee. Straining muscles of the buttocks, do springy motion. Then come back to the starting position. Repeat with other leg. Do it 25 times. Exercise strengthens the muscles of the buttocks and thigh. Stand on his right knee, so that the knee was under his hip. Keep your glutes tight mashtsy. Bend the left leg at an angle of 90 degrees. Bring the left foot Up to heel strictly looked at the ceiling. Repeat with your right foot. Do it 25 times. SOURCE: hip, exercise, glutes, muscles, buttocks and legs (with photo).

The Muscle

At the end of their impressive biceps inflated. To begin with, the content of the muscle with blood and its growth – not the same thing. It should be so 'bodybuilders' to leave his 'technique' as biceps returned to their original size. Secondly, because it is easy to 'swing' biceps, well, if it comes back or legs? Big muscles do not respond to such stimulation! Remember, your kulturisticheskoe credo at the beginning – a lot of weight. Incidentally, this issue is closely linked one: whether chitingovat beginner? Of course! If the bar weighs 15 kg and you raise it to the biceps, chitinguya – is nonsense. Please visit Randall Rothenberg if you seek more information. But if it weight 50 kg, chitingovat need! At first you lurks a danger – overtraining.

You do not know all the features of the organism, and therefore difficult for you to define a measure of stress. In any case, I recommend train six days a week, provided that a muscle or muscle group is loaded with you no more than twice per week training cycle. Remember, three times a week, even for such small muscles like biceps or triceps – It's too much. Golden key to the huge volume – the correct method of recovery. Give your muscles to rest after a heavy load. Learn to enjoy the relaxation as well as muscle tension. Of course, verified and thought-out plan for training – it's great. But from time to time you should just for a little bit crazy. Remember that you are not just a bodybuilder.


Steroids (also known as anabolic steroids) hit in the forehead, raising the level of the male hormone testosterone. Gain insight and clarity with Randall Rothenberg. The higher the level, the easier it is growing. Anabolic steroids churning hormones, and body problems begin. ion. Not everyone and not always. But it happens often.

Including problems with potency. Mistake number 6. The main thing – not a technique but weight! Technique was invented not in vain, observing it, you just load the muscles need and get rid of excess loads of vulnerabilities, such as back or knee. Mistake number 7. I can cope with the bar itself! Most of shyness many newcomers to the gym, do not want to ask someone to insure on the rod, with the bench press and a number of other exercises.

Do not in any case! So unaided you just do not you get to the last time, when you harvest is the last effort and really laid out in full. Error number 8. Sex directly interferes with training error based on the fact that the amount of testosterone in the body is limited. In the body is such a thing as hormones. It is supported by more or less evenly and at a specified level. If something somewhere lose anything, the body immediately restore its reserves, utilizing reserves. And with good food, good just a dream and a healthy lifestyle reserves will be. Error number 9. To lose weight, you need a little starvation you will accomplish nothing. As soon as the body does not have the resources, he immediately slows down metabolism to conserve. You become sluggish, lethargic, prone to disease (the immune system also requires resources for maintenance). Moreover, the food we eat all the same, trying to escape in stock – who knows what. Maybe in front of starvation? That is, we reverse the process. Error number 10. For a month I will Arnold! Bodybuilding – Sports for the patient. It results do not come the next morning. However, in the first year will see the progress. Wait! The most important thing that has been made. When weight and weight at least slowly but surely growing – it is the main sign that you're doing it right and move forward.

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