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Speaking In Tongues

Patriarch Moses documents than before and after the flood, spoke the same language and the same words were used. Moses also documents that the descendants of the survivors to the flood, decided to protect humanity from a next and supposed cataclysm aquatic universal, reason by which said: Let’s make bricks and bake them to fire and build a city and a tower whose top reaches the sky. So they built a very high tower as a human environment of auto salvation, despite the divine promise that the land would not be destroyed with water, and despite the rainbow of that promise. The book of Genesis also recounts that one day Jehova God came down to see the city and the tower that the men were lifting, and that God said: Behold, all human beings are one people and speak the same language, being this tower and this city the beginning of their companies. Nothing will prevent them that they carried out everything you intend to. Let us go as well, down and there same confuse their language so that no is understand each other. So Jehovah scattered them from there over all the face of the Earth and ceased in the construction of the city.

That is why it was called Babel, because there Jehovah confused the language of all inhabitants (cf. Genesis 11: 1-9). So today the seven billion inhabitants that populate the planet Earth speak about seven thousand different languages (languages). God’s Word also documents that two and a half millennia after the flood, 120 believers were gathered in Jerusalem during the feast of the Pentecost, and that these believers were gathered together to pray and meditate on Jesus Christ as the Ark of salvation and as the arc iris on that promise. This group of believers were in the upper room, which was the same place where fifty days behind Jesus and his disciples had gathered to celebrate the feast of the Passover.

Formal Education

Some people will say, giving its own perspective or questioning this note, that collect data is of the utmost importance today. It is possible, nothing is exempt from this reality, but if you are going to the heart of the matter of that would help you to know that there is a crack in the universe or a fissure less, only by the mere fact of collecting such data, without knowing if in the future it could be usable or practical?. That is the problem which therefore time, students have had to pass, the mere compilation of data is given to which extremely important, while more data has the child, it is wise. It sounds good, but what little practical we have become. Okay possess data and more data, I am not against that, but if we really want to educate future generations, teach him about life in practical terms and they will see as students and people in general, resurgirian like the Phoenix.

So much is that we boast of ancient cultures such as the Greeks, because of them and their example we were able to build a society more educated and reasonable, without staying in the rustic and extreme barbarism. But there is an issue that has to be considered of extreme importance, first when the Greeks achieved an economic level quite fluid and stable, is from hence became interested in poetry, the Arts in general studies, philosophy, etc. Without ruling out that already there were philosophers and sages of renamed category. We can now say today that only a sketch of what was Greece and his empire, is what takes place in this society, in schools and universities, more charged by the materialistic competitive side excluding that overall everything by which the Greeks excelled. Clear example is educational intervention carried out under a social educational framework of a teacher (a) physical education, that only devotes one to two hours so that the students cultivate the body once a week and that, in a very passive way. For what say philosophy, mathematics and natural sciences, only pointing to certain characters, not reaching to delve into the inside of each student as they actually did the Greeks. The truth is that the Greeks not only cultivated the body, the mind, psyche, but also cultivated the spirit through meditation and the feeling, something that today is not, except in the East. Hopefully tomorrow in the not too distant future, educational institutions incorporate the personal development of all students at the domestic level, so that really follow the example of wise and ancient cultures. Original author and source of the article.

Argentine Government

Prospects for this year in terms of fund-raising does not seem to be too positive. Is that from the external sector It is expected a slower pace of increase in fund-raising both by minor delays to exports (due to fall in international prices and smaller quantities exported since for example, soybean production would record a fall in the campaign 2008/09 of 17%) and import duties. With regard to other determinants of the evolution in the fundraising, the expectation of a null growth in economic activity (there are those who predict that Argentine GDP contract), as well as a lower rate of annual inflation (which might be no more than 15%) anticipate a poor performance in the field of fiscal resources. Although revenues from social security product of the reestatizacion of the retirement and pension system partly elongates the fall into the dynamics of fundraising from other sources, another negative effect about the same can be expected through a lower rate of compliance by taxpayers. Is that why the situation in the economy is putting in trouble to many sectors of the same and the families which will increase the backwardness in payment of taxes and even will encourage a greater subdeclaracion of them. This negative picture in terms of fundraising will force the Government to increase efficiency in public spending to keep the surplus that allows you to meet the obligations of the public debt. In this regard have already begun the cuts in the area of subsidies and he is expected to also occur the same with public works. The need to maintain fiscal discipline collides with the economic stimulus plan announced weeks ago by the Argentine Government for which there are no large amount of resources to carry it out. On the other hand, the wage issue imposed the Government a constraint in the public spending cuts since there are pressures of strong increases in the wages of employees in the public sector.


Usually a shy person’s thoughts tend to be negative, reflected little confidence in themselves and in their performance and denote an excessive criticism. A shy person tends to show anxiety and fear before social contacts. Experiencing different sensations and physical symptoms such as increased heart rate, perspiration, dryness of mouth, body tension, blushing, and even in some cases, nausea and vomiting. These symptoms are the reflection of all the physiological activation that occurs in the person. They also express a broad group of negative emotions such as sadness, guilt, irritability, anger, etc. At the moment have to interact with others, shy people tend to be blocked, do not maintain eye contact, your voice volume is low, made gestures and movements with your body that denote the nervousness, speak low and your body posture is rigid.

Another characteristic aspect is the avoidance of social contacts. These can be scarce and unsatisfactory and already given the situation social they tend to escape it. Shyness becomes a problem which is reflected in thoughts and negative feelings and misconduct and should be treated when the emotional well-being and overall quality of life of the person are affected. You must not confuse shyness with other similar things. There are people who relate little, simply because they prefer to be alone and are lonely by choice, but when they have to interact with others have no problem. The shy little relate but it would like to relate more and suffer for it. Original author and source of the article.


Good morning!!! Imagine that you are a formula 1 racer. You have a car that has been reviewed, prepared and returned to review. The start is imminent, and to thee, come to mind many things that you need to solve in your family, your partner, your home. How do you think that it will be your performance in the race? Therefore, to succeed, to go out and win, first that anything we have to deal with ourselves. One of the smartest things we can do is think. Stop our going and coming daily, our should I do, ours have and think! Now, think of a Guinea pig, these small rodents with a sympathetic face.

In a laboratory, a Guinea pig, is in a box. The Guinea pig reacts to each fact. When they no longer offer this stimulus, follows with his own, eat and c (jiji) a Guinea pig no analyzes what is happening, not think. Get a stimulus and simply reacts! Do you have stopped to think about what you are doing your journal? You react? Simply going out there to quenching fires? You plan your life, your day to day? Or simply waiting to reach the estimulo-problemas that you reaccionaras then? If you want to succeed, if you want to feel better, if you want to grow and take part in the decisions that will shape your future. the first thing you need to do is accommodate your mind. Auto – scan you! What do I get in my life? With what skills story to reach my goal? What do I need to learn, improve, believe possible, to get there? If you want to go, I recommend you begin by thinking! Yes, tell me but if ME LA PASO! giving it turns into the head to my problems! Well, that, is not thinking! It is to punish! We all have problems, hundreds of them every day, which we solve sometimes without thinking.

By imitating other people, or by own experience even in these, we can think and improve what we get! I challenge you to think! How do you want to feel today? What needs to happen to? do you feel as you want? Does it depend on others? You will frustrate others do or say something? What you can do you to improve your day? To succeed, to win the race of life, you should start by reviewing yourself. Since your values, your limiting beliefs, your strengths, your desires, your relationships, as you communicate you. THINK ABOUT IT, KNOW MORE, LEARN TO LOVE YOURSELF. Out there you should start if you want to succeed! Gives equal the objective. The goal is your happiness! Original author and source of the article.

Buenos Aires

Language development: children with language disorder continued to receive treatment during the SPAV applications by which variations could occur in phonemes and PSF production among the applications of the test. Finally we want to emphasize that the SPAV is the result of several years of clinical observation in relation to the use of joint tests and graphic material in different schools of language of the Metropolitan Region. Bibliographic references. -Acosta, V.M., Moreno, A.M. language difficulties in educational environments.

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