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Montessori Maria School

It is possible that if it studies to the side of a land construction with all the strokes of hammers and machinists working to appear a building? It is possible that if it takes off everything that has in a white picture, that illuminated for a window hinders that if enxergue what it has in the picture? Or it is possible that if it studies in an irrigated room the afternoon all for the solar rays? If it is possible has that to arcar with the consequncias. Any extra situation classroom that deviates the attention of the pupils can dissolve the course of the activities in room. To exemplificar, an area of a school to the side that is full of weeds and hides much dirt and for times exists delinquents. in one late an employee of the school to the side was capinando with a roadeira, schemes that the engine functions to the gasoline, this possesss a deafening racket. This was the afternoon all and the professors had had that to give procedure to the lessons. The attention was divided between contents and cuts of shrubs, cuts of matos and snore of engine.

Certain time, a thief played a bicycle for the land of the school to the side, was another confusion, it gave polices and much that to say and the pupils in the window wanted to know what it was transferred. Such episodes are rare, but when they happen the professors of the rooms, that pro give to the sight land of the school, if unfold to contain the group. Montessori Maria was a researcher who if dedicated to study the formation of the man since tenra age until adolescence. saw that the environment must be prepared to take care of it, wants either the way where lives or room environments that simulate a universe in which it makes its diverse research and experiences.

The Foreign Language

The PCNs de Foreign Lngua for example, speaks of the importance of the learning of some languages, is instead of an only language, if to put in practises one politics of linguistic pluralism. The Foreign Language involves a complex process of reflection on social reality, economic politics and, with important intrinsic value in the qualification process that takes the release. Thus it is part of the construction of the citizenship. In the practical one, they do not leave the education of the grammar, and that they make the pupils to think: so that I learn this? The PCNs defends that when increasing the knowledge on language that the pupil constructed on its language materna, by means of comparisons with the foreign language in some levels is possible the perfect interaction between the LM and the LE thus the learning of a new language also improves the ability of the pupil in the language materna. But, the reality of classroom is well different. The pupils to each day that passes if become more disinterested for the English lessons, find them enfadonhas and some still risk to say that they do not obtain to understand the Portuguese, Materna Language, the more a foreign Language which they do not possess access. In Brazil for the most part of the Brazilian schools, the focus standard is the ability of reading, guided for the PCNs, what it does not completely exclude the exposition of the pupil the verbal understanding, however, does not imply in this enrollment. The biggest social applicability of the education of Foreign Language is to help the integral development of the letramento of the pupil; since the reading takes care of the necessities of the formal education and on the other hand are the ability that the pupil can use in its immediate social context. The reading has primordial function in the school and to learn to read in another language can collaborate in the performance of the pupil as reading in its Materna Language.

The Production

It had the concern not to take off the note minimum and always ran behind note eight or more. No longer course of letters the instrument of evaluation in the first semesters had mainly been to the tests with discursivas questions together with works as summary, summary and some seminaries. The collection was bigger in relation to the production of texts. I had a teacher that she returned to four times the text to me stops to remake, this sufficiently helped me so that really it learned to produce a text as summary, summary among others. The evaluation in the graduation in the UFPA differently uses the concepts of the UEPA, concepts EXC, GOOD, REG and INS. The notes are transformed into concept. The minimum note is five that it can represent in concept REG.

I had problems in relation to the evaluation of professors that promised that the presence, the participation in the lessons would be taken in consideration when adding notes, however the criterion used for the teacher was only one test and the presentation of a seminary. Breaking with this agreement made between pupils and professors at the beginning of it disciplines. The concern biggest today is the note that will be attributed in my written works and the presentations, this fact occurs because the proper professors take in them to think that the main one is our note and that to pass in one disciplines we need to take off five at least. Very I am strengthenn and I always look for to take off notes that one provides to me good or Excellent concept, therefore already I am thinking as they are important in the after-graduation. The real concern with the learning is always in second plain, and seems that this fact always occurs in such a way of the side of the pupil as of the professor.

Function of Sociology

Its to see, the function of sociology not it went beyond organizing the set of essential norms that they had to regulate the life of the men in the most diverse social ways (CNDIDO, 2006). Soon, it did not fit to sociology to investigate the social reality, but to spiritual apply the necessary moral punishments by means of education, educating the society or part of this. Finally, it explains that the social laws were divergent of the natural ones, seen not to be, as these, prevailed for the beginning of the determinismo. Without this mechanical principle, the social laws were, in the truth, indefinite. Tobias Barreto wanted to say that, in reason of the social facts to belong ' ' to a sphere? mechanically inexplicable? ' ' (CNDIDO, 2006, 273), it was impracticable to grant to sociology the scientific status (PAIM, 2005). In its words: ' ' …

While not to prove to be the will human being a motor force, as the heat or the electricity, sociology nothing vale' ' (In RODRIGUEZ, 2010). The reply, to the height, given for Slvio Romero if it finds in its ' ' Assays of Philosophy of the Direito' ' , workmanship published in 1895. If the social facts if did not fit in the traditional scientific method, had to belong, then, to another order of organic reality, against-it argued. In the truth, under influence of Spencer, its conception of social science more was not limited to positivistas theoretical landmarks, to a large extent, abandoning in the start of its intellectual trajectory. Slvio Romero becomes adept of the social evolucionismo of Spencer, occasion where it starts to reflect on the cultural and institucional evolution of Brazil. Looking for to find the elements simpler than they would serve of base for the development of a more complex social organism, Slvio Romero sees in the religion, economy, aesthetic, science and politics the five found basic cultural facts in any society under sociological inquiry.

What Is My Destiny 7 Steps To Find The Purpose And The Plan De God For Its Life

One of the questions more frequent than asks to me when advice ask to develop their abilities to me and talents are: – Which is my destiny? Which is the plan of God for my life? – Without mattering if You are cooking hamburgers in a Mac Donalds at the end of the world or if she is on the verge of receiving a diploma of honor in an credited university, a thing is safe: God has a plan for You! " Because we are form Hers, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we walked in them (Efesios 2:10) Once a person has understood that she has not been placed in the world fortuitously, but is predestined to walk in a perfect plan for her life, designed by same God, begins the search by her destiny. But where we began? Next it will find 7 steps that can take to find the plan of God for their life: 1. First of all, it somtase to Its program. Although this sounds obvious, is exactly the point in which the majority is mistaken. As it says the famous one song, the man always has the tendency to want to do it " manera." Because the people will want to design their lives by their account if their possibilities so are limited compared with the ones of God? In addition, He more is interested in his well-being that same You, – and are more intelligent also. 2.

One approaches Him. The rate of its life falls and tmese the time to listen to its voice. Pdale that reveals Its plan to him for its life. God always is going to respond. When happening time with the most amiable being of the universe its life is going to change for always. 3. It reads his Bible every day.

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