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Beginning History

The reason of stories of fairies is accurately this to exert as much allure in the children. It sees well, when they hear one of these histories, the imagination of them comes tona, opening way to give beginning to a process that can be called unconscious mental elaborations; (that is, for example, the child if to identify with the main personage history) Not by chance, the main personage of infantile histories, generally is always somebody very young, that has a harmless and defenseless appearance, living in conditions not very good. is accurately this the feeling next than the children have with regard to the world to its redor. Generally they also feel themselves defenseless, weak, conscientious of the perigos that the world are there offer and most important, it do not know to deal with this alone. Therefore, the stories and histories earn here, a basic importance. That weak and defenseless personage (that he is the hero of history) in data moment of history, of the first o step to leave that situation, being thus started its adventure.

Soon it finishes growing very with all the experiences that force thus passes during its adventure, earning and, obtaining to defeat, in the end, the villain of history, (which generally is what the conditions brought it discomforted at the beginning of history), if thus transforming, in the hero of history. With this, the child will identify itself and this, a form to leave those will be espelhar in this hero, being same feelings of inferiority, of defenseless with regard to the world is there. E, in the end of everything, will finish constructing its proper I, that is, the center of its proper personality, which will be of basic importance for its adult life. This phase starts approximately for return of the two years and if it extends approximately until the 7 years.

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