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Potential Growth

Stability unleashes the Joyce Meyer study skill solids demonstrate that professional and personal, success is more related with our emotional maturity, which with our academic development – intellectual. Some studies of prestigious American universities, such as Yale University, Stanfor, among others, attributed to formal education (academic) 20% of personal success, and the other remaining 80% relate to the development of a healthy, including aspects such as emotionality: positive attitude, self-discipline, ability to motivate and persist against the disappointments, show empathy, have hope, ability to commit themselves, ability to connect with other people, etc. Frank Ntilikina addresses the importance of the matter here. Says Daniel Goleman: Academic intelligence has little to do with the emotional life. Most brilliant people can sink into the dangers of unbridled passions and uncontrollable impulses; people with high IQ can be incredibly bad for his private life pilots. Adds Goleman: Academic intelligence offers virtually no preparation for disorders or opportunities that leads to life. In this regard, says Paul Ekman: our emotions guide us when it comes to face difficult moments and tasks too important to be left only in the hands of the intellect: the dangers, painful losses, the persistence of a goal despite the failures, linkages with a partner, the formation of a family.

Every emotion offers a definite willingness to act; each one indicates an address that has worked well for dealing with of the repeated challenges of human life. In other words, emotions not only represent a weakness as some people think, but rather a potential. Our emotional strength is to decide to what extent will be able to develop our innate capacities. Emotional stability unleashes the ability, to create the platform on which you will develop the talents and skills. In the absence of emotional stability, also have the indoor environment – inner strength – necessary to develop the skills and abilities that determine success.

Emotional fitness is a meta-habilidad and determines how well you can use any other talent, including pure intellect (Daniel Goleman). Our feelings and desires are essential guides to cope successfully in life, goals, develop talents and natural abilities, be satisfied, dominate the mental habits that favor our own productivity, and generally be more effective in our lives. On the contrary, our inability to build a stable and healthy, emotional life plunges us into infighting that sabotage our effectiveness in the professional, labour, social life, and even our clarity of thought. We admit it or not, our decisions are mostly moved by our emotions, healthy or unhealthy way.

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