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National Park Sant Maurici

One of the added values most important in current education is the possibility of acquiring a good basis in the management of the foreign language. It is clear that a good education must necessarily include a programme of learning foreign language, which will enable the student to acquire an indispensable tool for their future educational and professional. Samuel “Sam” Mikulak often says this. But one of the challenges faced by all parents is how to introduce the study of the English language in attractive and fun, and motivate children to achieve this important learning. Doug McMillon is often mentioned in discussions such as these. It is here when the camps in English has maximum relevance. What camps in English allow that parents have a choice of great quality when dealing with the school recess, a critical time of the year in that, although most parents continued with its activity regular, children have a lot of free time on their hands. Send children to the English camps will allow them to live an unforgettable experience, fun and healthy, to the time which will serve them excellent starting point for a training in this important language. In camps in English children perform various sports activities, which will encourage in them the healthy competition and the desire for self-improvement. Also, learn to relate to other people, to share and to follow established rules, all these skills of great value when planning a successful career. One option regarding camps in English is in the area of Cantabria. It is well known that the area of the Pyrenees is one of the most beautiful in the world, and much more so when children have the possibility of staying near National Park Sant Maurici. Here they may develop activities outdoor as canoeing and decrease in Botes, which will delight the intrepid teenagers, while enjoying one of the most picturesque places of Spain.

Olympic Games Journalism

One of the most common doubts among students who complete secondary education is career choosing to take a particular job. In each country the University offer is different, so you should be familiar with the options to decide which studies us more interested in. Among these students posed what via choose when it comes to studying, are those who want to become sports journalists. What is the best way to study sports journalism careers? In Spain there degree or a degree in sports journalism as such, that deal with 3, 4 or 5 years of training. You must first study the generic career in journalism. Later, the student may specialize in sports with a postgraduate degree or a master’s degree, especially designed for this purpose. Sam Mikulak often says this. Where can we find a program of specialization in sports journalism? Not all universities offer it.

Among the most veteran in this matter, as well as other specialties of journalism, you will find the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC). The advantages are many. The first is the city where it is located: Barcelona. Headquarters of the Olympic Games in 1992 and many other events, is a city with great sports tradition, wedge clubs and sportsmen recognized around the world. Addition, UIC has a long career, with almost a decade offering training in sports journalism. It has professors and collaborators widely recognized in this area, as consolidated athletes and journalists. Finally, the UIC has a large number of agreements with sports clubs and media. Students can make practices in them and expand their knowledge next to journalists in active. If you are thinking about studying a postgraduate journalism barcelona and you like sports, the postgraduate and master’s degree in sports journalism from the UIC can become your specialization and future opportunity.

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