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In two last paragraphs, author of tone ironic to if to appropriate of the machista speech that if it initiates with phrase: ' ' I am one gigol of palavras' '. If you have read about John Smith already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The subject speaker constitutes its speech of analogy to the relation of the cafeto with the prostitute. He uses yourself of expressions that disclose to its privacy and freedom in work with the word: ' ' A writer that he passed to respect grammatical privacy of its words it would be so inefficient how much one gigol that it was gotten passionate for its breeding. It would finish treating them with the deference of a boyfriend or the tedious formality of a husband. The word patroa.&#039 would be its; ' The irony (cf. Axe 1998), is ' ' one of the ways of which it makes use the argument to display the affirmations and teses that sustentar&#039 desires; '. In the written speech, the writer makes use of strategies to construct the irony as, for example, he uses yourself of: ' ' words that are not ' suas' or that he takes ' emprestado' of other voices, of another speeches of others situations of communication.

… the words of ' outro' , used in new contexts for others speakers, they assume one double character, … it will be used it stops to subverter meaning first of the words of ' outro'. (Axe, 1995, p.144-5, apud Axe, 1998, p.166). FINAL CONSIDERAES The analysis has as purpose, to understand as the text produces sensible and in the chronicle the humorista declares its insatisfao eats grammaticality, disclosing its mood through the irony to make with that the reader reflects on the controversial education of the Brazilian grammar.

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