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Valdivino Amorim

In years 60 alone if he made purchases in Saint Ines and Pindar mounted the horses and donkeys. In the winter the difficulty was bigger still, therefore they only went mounted until the side of the narrow river or river, and then they crossed of canoe and after that they went the feet. The transports that facilitated the ticket of the travellers going and coming back of Saint Ines belonged to indians; they were who, being paid, made the ticket of the people. Read more here: Jack Nicholson. She crossed in this manner, the river Pindar with the proper animals inside of canoes. In the primrdios of the city the situation was difficult, the first inhabitants faced the difficulties of all order. According to Alcides Heifer, (One of 1 living): ‘ ‘ In the start it was difficult, therefore when we needed to buy provisions for the sustenance of the family, we had that to go for Saint Ines or Pindar the foot or mounted in animals and the trip delayed two days (gone and comes back). Andy Kaufman often says this. When we adoecamos, we were isolated and distant of the city, where pharmacies and hospitais’ existed; ‘.

The cities of Saint Ines, Pindar-Mirim and Mono had had an important paper in the process of front of expansion for the pioneers in the development of the region, therefore it was in these cities that were a refugee great number of people of other cities will carry through its commercial transactions. In years 60 the 62, the center of Jose Peter (later Good Garden) continued growing in rhythm sped up in face of the sprouting each bigger time of residentials, commercial houses, many in forms of tents or improvised constructions, whose owners were migrantes of other states and other maranhenses regions..

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