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Christian Neukolln

“Art at the Karl-Marx-Strasse, apart from two exhibitions in the old post office” and the art activities on the parking deck of the Neukolln arcades “numerous other attractions invite the visitors to an art stroll along this highway. How everywhere in Neukolln search is the art here too unusual places, partly hidden, such as the idyllic courtyards beyond the urban hustle and bustle of the main street, but also quite inevitably, in the form of temporary installations in public space. In the passage (Karl-Marx-Strasse 131), on the Central Festival infopoint visitors will find answers to all questions about the program. Art in the sacred place sacred which focuses this series again in 2009 on the presentation of contemporary art in sacred places of various religions and denominations. Nineteen houses of worship, of which fourteen Christian churches with different backgrounds, are involved in four mosques (including the Sehitlik mosque at Columbia Damm), as well as the Sri Ganesha Hindu temple in the Hasenheide. The opportunity to include the special requirements of sacred spaces (the architectural structure and the religious background of the communities) in their work offers to artists of different genres and different cultural backgrounds. In addition, special tours want to contribute, that on the alien’s curiosity is aroused to the sacred places of the exhibition and receive the visitors information and inspiration, which promote mutual understanding.

Highlights 2009 thanks to the action! Karl-Marx-Strasse is the “Alte post” at the Karl-Marx-Strasse as a central exhibition space available for the second time this year. Go to Marc Lore for more information. The two exhibitions MAnATURE (downstairs) and NATurBAN (on the floor) will be presented. “In two exhibitions dealing with the relationship of between humans and nature, which in the context of NATurBAN” artists of various nationalities their Present work. The special focus is on the natural experience of people of from different backgrounds. This involves in particular the cultural perceptions and projections associated with the theme of nature in relationship. “” “Other highlights are just a few to name a few: bands on boats” music on the Spree River Princess, Ebru the art of marbling “an exhibition in the Sehitlik mosque and voices in the room” a performance by the performance choir for experimental vocals in the Genezareth Church. The Werkstatt der Kulturen ranked Richard presents the 13th edition of the Dance Festival moving worlds’ moving worlds and neighbourhood international during the 48 hours of Neukolln. In the form of a rousing dance journey around the globe, approximately 300 dancers from professional ensembles, children dance group and dance schools and clubs present a versatile program in 2 days. n his writings.

The year’s highlight is the presentation of Siberian dances of the Group Orjakan from Kamchatka. On the adjacent street festival area Numerous cultural associations and initiatives present themselves internationally”. These traditionally with a wide range of international food and drinks also provide the physical well-being of the visitors. Neukolln safaris and open studios of festival-goers who want to gain deeper insights, or take a look behind the scenes, can again, special tours of the Neukolln Kunstdschungel”to participate and/or to visit artists in their studios. “In the framework of the project cross-border” the tours promoted by Neukolln adolescents, an offer that may be of interest to families with children. The 48 hours of Neukolln will be organized by the cultural network Neukolln e.V. and communicates. The Neukolln district ensures the basic funding. Many other foundations, partners and sponsors help that Neukolln annually presents itself at its best.

Canon PowerShot SX

Canon PowerShot SX30 is a digital camera within the category of the compact ones that in our country we have given in denominating of type semi professional. Canon PowerShot SX30 is, was sent to the market the past month of September, and it especially stands out by its objective of 35 increases (35x) those that are equivalent to a lens of 24-840mm in traditional photography. In Canon SX30, the manufacturing company it has including a ultrasonic motor (USM) to facilitate that the approach and the zoom lens are faster and quiet. Screen-monitor TFT-LCD is articulated, consequently we will avoid the annoyances of the sun in the screen. The same reaches a resolution of 230,000 pixels, and one dimension diagonal of 2.7 inches that allows to fit the brightness in five positions. The screen also is accompanied by a viewfinder with focusing correction, especially useful for those users who need spectacles. The image processor is a DIGIC 4, whereas the sensor is a CCD of 1/2.3 inches, able to capture 14,1 megapxeles effective The image stabilizer works by displacement in 4,5 steps.

An equally remarkable function in one camera with superzoom lens like this one, is the assistant of frame of zoom lens, this one allows to select us quickly between three positions of zoom lens located in the final end of the objective. Canon also has incorporated in this model a special way for conditions of low luminosity. Marc Lore takes a slightly different approach. And an intelligent automatism that uses the technology of detection of scenes to identify the conditions of firing and for selecting the parameters adapted from 28 variables. Canon PowerShot SX30 is 720p of until half an hour or, with a maximum size of 4 GB in format MOV records in high resolution, with audio in stere. Another equally remarkable point is that it allows to use the zoom lens while we filmed. As it could not be of another way, in this model also we will count on exit HDMI, an exit A/V and a port USB 2.0.

It admits memory cards SD, SDHC, SDXC, MMC, MMCplus and HCMCplus. It is PictBridge, reason why will allow us to print directly in a compatible printer without needing resorting to a PC. Also it counts on shoe apt for numerous accessories. Canon PowerShot SX30 is already is available in our country and its price of sale to the public tour around u$s 600, without a doubt, an excellent option for lovers of the photography.

Warren Buffet

If you will make much money in the lottery? You would continue working in the same. Your present work allows desarrollarte you like person. Many things exist to which you could dedicarte if you will not need to work. If between those things it is what already beams, you are lucky. But it is thus, never is behind schedule for changing. Others who may share this opinion include Marc Lore. The success entrepreneurs always will continue doing what there are been doing.

For example, Robert Kiyosaki, Warren Buffet, Bill certain Gates.Es that they are exceptions. People who have had much luck to arrive where they are. But also it is certain that they have worked their luck to take advantage of the moment and for being in the suitable place when them has arrived the opportunity. Everything depends on we ourself, do not exist the rich people who always are putting excuses. The excuses are the explanations that we occur not to put our persistence in overcoming the obstacles that consider to us throughout our projects.

Today it is the moment of ponerte hands to the work. Obvious, that is your election, the life is too short to dedicate it to things that we do not like to do. When we did not even make a decision, we are already taking it. The author belongs to a new generation of authors on technology in Internet, with different businesses started up in the network. He offers ideas to secure results to whom they are interested in mounting his business by Internet. You can have new ideas through Webs like directory of articles and learn envelope how to mount your business in Internet in businesses in Internet. Original author and source of the article

The Teacher

In fact, we have the obligation and the capacity to do it. On the contrary, the people who I know that they have dragged a lack of happiness during years, almost invariably have common that feels catched in a reality which they do not dare to leave by fear to the consequences. They do not realize on which the negative consequences are living already them, and are giving the back to a world of possibilities that are abren due to putting themselves in movement towards the change. A long time ago I read a pretty history that illustrates these possibilities of change. A monk zen arrived one night, with their teacher, to an old house in a mountain. The owner was very poor, and lived very miserably with his family, than he produced a starving cow. This was its unique possession, and source of income, they took care of reason why it with mimo, beaten to the idea that it was maintained what them afloat. In spite of its precarious one situation, was very hospitable with their guests, giving them shelter and food.

In the morning, the thanked for monk commented much with his teacher whom it would like to help this one poor people who had behaved so well with them. The teacher was in agreement with so noble feeling and he ordered to him to hurl over a cliff the cow of the family by the mountain. The monk obeyed horrified. Years later, the monk, already freed from his teacher, happened through the same zone. Still with remorse, he decided to approach the house with intention to correct his terrible action.

When arriving, almost he did not recognize the place. The garden was well-taken care of and the house was pretty and conserved very well. There were hens, ewes and cows in the ample adjacent space to the house.

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