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The Notion

Finally, two complementary concepts analyze key: territory and resiliency. The notion of territory expresses the process of appropriation of space (physical natural) occupied by the various human groups over time, and from which they build a sense of identity and territorial membership. While the notion of resilience, in the social field, expresses the affirmative response capacity and the learning process of the indigenous communities of their successes and errors, in the midst of the difficulties that played you face to overcome and progress. These concepts are related to what some researchers such as Peigne6 – point on the territorial dialectic process. I.e., the processes of adaptation (or inadequacy) of the indigenous communities to the territories they occupied were a result of changes and rearrangements occurred inside (and in your environment’s influence) as a result of the tensions of each process followed by them in time.

On the one hand, influences the degree of social resilience developed by indigenous communities as they evolve with very dynamic, in constant conflict and processes with different forms and functions of management of its space (vertical and horizontal); and on the other hand, are expressed as a result of their particular territorial dialectical process. Although we know that the evolution of the indigenous communities depending on multiple adaptive processes (and inadaptativos) have been tested in specific territorial areas, multivariate terms of offer of available natural resources and according to types of socio-economic organization and environmental rationality that applied in the management of ecosystems. However, we assume that simultaneously these adaptive processes are supeditaron to the development of certain capacities of social resilience (strong or weak), engendered by the various societies and cultures to confront and overcome the difficulties and achieve adapt to the occupied territorial environment (or otherwise failing inadaptarse). We acotamos that other factors – direct and indirect, internal and external – that should also be considered in the analysis.

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