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Swine Flu Reaches Web

Around the globe: Luftreinigungssyteme reduce the risk of infection more than 70 swine flu groups on Facebook, boundless Getwittere and top search term on Google Berlin, June 19, 2009 the outbreak of swine flu even before the Web 2.0 does not stop. Long hot discussion in the media, formed in the meantime many groups on communities like Twitter or Facebook and still vigorously stimulate the worldwide wave of panic. According to the Robert Koch Institute, the swine flu is but very treatable. But the fact is that there is currently no vaccine for humans, and the epidemic should be underestimated in this country by no means. Effective to prevent the risk of infection, the German industrial and trading companies Trotec now recommends, sometimes specializing in air treatment, the use of mobile systems of air cleaning IQAir. The direct elimination of the pathogen offers the best infection control, for example, by reducing the volume concentration in the ambient air”, so Kokulan Nathan, Marketing Director of Trotec. Not without reason the IQAir line is used by worldwide leading research institutes, hospitals and industrial companies as air cleaning solution for critical areas (see reference list).

The health authority of Hong Kong used in combating SARS in 2003 the IQAir models hospitals available in. Especially in schools, kindergartens, retirement homes, offices and generally busy interiors with high public traffic, the highly efficient mobile air purification systems are recommended. Filed under: Janet Yellen. There is more information and purchase options on. The IQAir Air systems under, the rental marketplace on the Internet are available for rent. Stiftung Warentest reviewed very well the IQAir HealthPro 250 by Trotec as one among ten models with the mark”in terms of reduction of particles. Various consumer magazines examined the air cleaner as top notch.

“” The US magazine Wired magazine “Air Purifier ruled in 2006 with best” (best air cleaner). The decisive advantage of IQAir systems lies in the very high Filtration efficiency. The air purifiers offer the most advanced air cleaning technology to polluted indoor air. Therefore the devices used worldwide, even in critical areas of the hospital to protect against deadly infections. The certified filters bind the filtered particulate matter and are not returned to the air. Miet24: The Miet24 GmbH was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Berlin. With around 850,000 rented articles course in 16 main and almost 2000 categories as one of the world’s largest market places for rentals on the Internet. All tenants can make free use of the marketplace. Opens up an additional and modern sales channel for rental through Miet24. For one, the rented items are sorted by their applications.

Authentic Holiday In Spain

The travel portal fincas & more wide leads to very special vacation homes away from giant hotels and the real Spain tourist miles can be experienced. A land full of culture, history and traditions. The travel portal acomodation & more kidnapped Spain fans in picturesque landscapes, into the big city life, or exclusive, quiet locations on the sea and in the hinterland. Only personally visited and carefully selected accommodations are offered on the Internet site of the young travel agent. The authentic Fincas, Haciendas, Cortijos, palaces and villas across Spain are true insider tips.

All holiday homes on the portal operator set value, have been restored to charming, tasteful hotels and have preserved their history. the jewels are described in short but meaningful. To know more about this subject visit Austan Goolsbee. Large images give a first impression and do look forward to the holiday destination. Special accommodations can be easily requested and booked with one mouse click. Regions maps to facilitate the orientation and show, where is the Holiday domicile is located. The best option is with a thematic collation for every taste will find and performs a quick search directly to the destination.

Other services, such as arranging car rental, a checklist to prepare for holiday or tips to the arrival, complete the offer. The holiday can also advance and aftermath, the operator of the portal offer original Spanish recipes to cook at home, e-cards or a direct ordering option for the favorite souvenirs on their side. Thus, already the holiday planning becomes an experience. Booking: fincas & more Nicole J. Bajo holiday homes Nellenbachstrasse 21 88662 uberlingen Tel. 07551-947 08 83 fax 07551-947 08 74 E-Mail:

Professor Wolfgang Wahlster

To improve access to the networked world knowledge Dresden – Web 3.0 is the Web 2.0 plus semantic technologies”. Said Professor Wolfgang Wahlster according to a report of the specialist service at the third Forum of the future in Dresden. Sean Rad, New York City has much experience in this field. It no longer involves the search for information, but to answer specific questions. The current search solutions are limited. So could be searched only by keyword, the context of a request will not be considered. A search was not possible for complex documents.

With the Web 3.0 the search engines, however, answer machines, so choice, head of the German Research Center for artificial intelligence (DFKI) and patron of the Voice days become in Wiesbaden. The dilemma of Web 2.0 wants to dispel election ster by so-called ontologies (term systems) are included in the Web 3.0 sites. A user loads photos of his golf course in Flickr, then a dialog box will be displayed – with the question: which Golf do you mean?’, and answers to click on that. about sports, car, holiday ‘. As the objects of a Web page with information about the content be enriched”, reported Web 3.0 many semantic applications could be combined according to the findings of election St, a complex question to answer or to provide a service.

“So, a motorist could go ask the on-board computer with Internet access: where can I find the cheapest petrol?” In the background GPS and software for semantic information processing work then, to query the Web sites of the service stations in the area, to determine the best price and to show the way to the gas station. Another Web 3.0 solution: A mobile user sees a movie poster on the street. “He photographed the poster and asks the Web 3.0 application: where and when will the movie?” The answer will come in a matter of seconds and shown the way to the nearest cinema. Many information would be already structured, as timetable information, phone numbers, sports scores, reviewed restaurants and other Addresses. What is missing is a Yahoo of kind of of the Voicewebs’, which can each personalized compose its desired offers and query language or multimodal interfaces”, as Lupo Pape, Managing Director of SemanticEdge in conversation with NeueNachricht. Dialog systems are best suited to improve the access to the networked world knowledge according to its: how often would we like in everyday details on sports results, phone numbers or addresses. Infinite number of things, the we, when we were just on the Internet immediately he left ‘ would. Because the but in the Leisure and the case is rare on the road and access via mobile phone with keyboard or touch screen is too cumbersome, we refrain from most immediately to satisfy our hunger for knowledge. Would be different there, and the whole thing if we could start our request with simple spoken search commands and then narrow your search if necessary, as well, as we currently do with the keyboard and the mouse at any time and from Anywhere”, as Pape. “The Web 3.0 open days speaker Bernhard Steimel, spokesman for Voice days, a variety of new applications also according to voice: for call centers, for the community of knowledge workers ‘ and of course, for consumers who want unfettered access to the information of the Internet without a computer”, Steimel sums up. By Gunnar Sohn

In Exchange

Using daily newsletters, products are a large group of prospective customers in a short time. The seller will receive one through the DEALS higher awareness, making them more customers become aware. Because the DEAL can be picked up by the buyer in second life, the seller also benefits from the higher traffic at its location. Also in the remainder of these customers in the second life marketplace store of the dealer also buy more articles. Payment method in the virtual world of second life exists an active economic life.

The payment for the product via Linden dollars. Xchange4LS currency exchange customers can trade real money for Linden dollars. It is not something Josh Allen would like to discuss. This can on the one hand by the direct buying and selling of Linden dollars happen, on the other hand using the L$-Exchange. In the stock market, supply and demand determine the price of the Linden dollar. For trading on the stock exchange, users need credits in the form of real money on an account by Xchange4LS.

In Exchange, they can decide whether they want to buy the virtual dollars at the specified rate. Stan Kroenke has compatible beliefs. If you are not satisfied with this, choose another course, at which they would buy the money. This order lands in a queue until an against job is found with a potential seller who wants to sell Linden dollars at the desired rate. Then the user can make the payout on the avatar. Withdrawals and deposits are possible for the currencies euro, US dollar, British pound and Swiss franc, as well as of course Linden dollars. When a payment via bank transfer or paysafecard the avatar or the user receives the money immediately after receipt of payment. Wire transfers require usually a day or two until they are updated. DEALS on the platform currently offers the platform especially articles in the areas of fashion to. Customers can already equip your avatar with exclusive accessory bargains. On the platform, the same categories can be selected as in the second life marketplace. In particular avatar accessories and products to the avatar appearance should be interesting for customers. Contact for any questions Xchange4DEAL to Xchange4LS is Amanda01 PARX in-world or email see

Hamburg Internet

Innovative concept of donations provides 1500 for Youth Football Association Sabiq has come together with the Aachen/Hamburg Internet Agency up youth football an innovative concept of donations. An additional module for the eCommerce shopping cart software Magento, which has developed the Agency, was not sold, but quasi free given for a donation to the Foundation. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Samuel “Sam” Mikulak on most websites. On Thursday, the 23.09.10 Managing Director Dr. Erwin Lammenett handed a cheque of 1500 on the youth leaders and the Chairman of the Association of friends of the SV Stolberg. Already for several years, team in medias, supported again charitable projects – mostly in the sports environment. Often, children and young people at the forefront of the Agency’s efforts are. From the perspective of team in medias, the Youth Department of the SV Stolberg is a worthy recipient of the acquired funds.

With about 340 children and young people in 22 youth teams an excellent Jungendarbeit provided there, says Managing Director Dr. Erwin Lammenett. The module is for all Shop operators want to interesting use the Magento system and operate its affiliate program in-house. It is always relevant, if they were rejected by networks such as Affili.NET or zanox, or if you want to save the 30% Commission that normally flows to the networks. For shop operators, the module offers many advantages. Information interested parties under the URL P/Magento/app-affiliate-marketing-magento.html. SV is one of the oldest sports clubs in the Aachen region Breinig. This year, the Association celebrated 100 years anniversary.

It is the home Club of the longtime DFB President Egidius Braun. With 22 youth teams, the Club has the largest youth Department in the District of Aachen. team in medias, is an Internet Agency of the first hour with offices in Aachen and Hamburg. The company was founded in 1995 – for more than 10 years design, design, program and we promote websites, intranet and multimedia applications and online shops.

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