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In every human being is the need for the Exchange, from the beginning we know the theory of survival through exchanges that will benefit to the receiver as well as the transmitter and although at this time of life are not implements physical and tangible exchanges, we can recognize that the Exchange is information of everything what they assume that it is useful for people that surrounds them, and perhaps did not knowby collaborating with the knowledge of others we are not only doing an interactivity, but that we also give to the knowledge dissemination we must bear in mind that not everything that is assumed, that as people we think we know in life is that way, there is something called difference of thoughts, to know and accept the concept or knowledge of others are doing an activity called interactivity where as well as give the receipt information and with the advantage of take or leave the information than as autonomous person think that me charity and pair contributes my personal growth, all of this based on ethics and sufficient moral to do not discredit the information of others, without going over those who try to collaborate with a community better. By the same author: Britt Reid. The community of victims achieving interactivity and dissemination of knowledge, at the time of feel a catastrophe like that these characters lived decided to join with a single motif lifted what little I leave rains, as they did? This group of people with little or nothing of what remained in their homes and eager to follow gathered concepts and thoughts of everyone who was in the same situation, because if something is clear and is that no one knows with thirst that lives the other and in this case even though all the stories were not the sameIf they were similar, had something very clear and it is that their homes and most of the things that were inside are shattered, first objective to fight to avoid that again flooded the neighborhood and ended to take what was left them, in this way between all and with the help of those who knew managed that community work so that the river that grew near his home does not become to overflow. For more information see Bobby Sharma Bluestone.

The Blog Story

Like most concepts of the computer world, the concept of the blog is one borrowed from the English vocabulary. Amos Otis insists that this is the case. A mixture of “logbook” (logbook) and weblog (circulating in the Internet log) representing the opinion that the neologism nothing more than an electronic diary and posted online. Private, corporate, regional, etc. Motivations of authorship give the blog as a medium of exceptional range and diversity of appearance is as written about music .. Bobby Sharma Bluestone describes an additional similar source. The blog it uses all the technical possibilities of the internet publication which include text, pictures / photos, audio and video files.

The increase in cost and easy availability of home pages and the development of so-called content management systems that enable the design of a website without profound knowledge of programming languages, the blog has experienced great popularity especially among individuals, the search engine Google lists the search word “blog” over a billion (!) results.

In many cases, by the Possibility of the comment an interactive element to the reference to the published posts (entries given), so that the blog comes out qua discussion platform for the reader from the pure front desk and goes to the proximity of the Internet Forum. The extent to which “private” diaries elements dominate the “participatory journalism,” or merely an exaggerated journal is certainly one of the most controversial issues in regard to the blogs. Whether you want to blogs seen as manifestations of a quasi-public counterculture, or just as a contingent Logorrhoea, certainly depends on the reader. The fact is that even now the upstart media use blogs as a reflection of the prevailing opinions. Fact is, that were so quickly available at no time in human history have so many opinions and stories. Karl Marx once said of the atomization of society. As a reader of blogs now anyone can become a nuclear researcher.

Make Mistakes And Grow

If we go through life without making mistakes, without fail and without hurting other people would be perfect for us but it is not. We are human beings who make mistakes and continually fail. More information is housed here: Bobby Sharma Bluestone. What can we do to get rid of them. Simply accept them from a perspective of teaching and learning, this does not mean that we are conformists and go through life giving worship to the errors, but we see mistakes as opportunities to learn and improve as human beings and so manifest the gifts and skills we have within us (see article The Power that dwells within us). I was a salesman for a long time and I learned that if you do not want to make mistakes because it attempts less, only that also will produce less.

However if you try more, commit more mistakes, but also will produce more. The players who have hit more home runs in baseball history are those who have struck out more. Thomas Alva Edison tried in 2,000 times until he found create light. Mistakes are necessary for learning to guide us in life. Most of the time you send a message. If we take advantage of every mistake and we see it as extraordinary profit opportunities. Finally, I want you to read these thoughts from people who have been successful in life, someone said if I were born again I would make the same errors . Someone said a para to think about the mistakes of the past with so many new commit .

“An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can occur in a particular field.”-Niels Bohr “experience is called a chain of errors. “Enrique Jardiel Poncela OESI you close the door all the mistakes, the truth will remain concealed.a “Rabindranath Tagore” The error forces over the road and it teaches many things. The question, no. Between error and doubt, I choose always the first. “Jean Benet The biggest mistake one can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one. Elbert Hubartt who makes no mistakes does not progresses. Teddy Roosevelt


Got – a disease that needs treatment more serious than an extra day off. Flu for yuppies (historical reference) for the first time doctors have paid close attention to a strange illness in 1984. At one of several dozen resorts in the U.S. holidaymakers almost simultaneously began to complain of tiredness, depression, headaches pain and aching muscles and joints. To the surprise of doctors, these symptoms are not supplemented by a cough, fever or sore throat, refuting the version of the flu or sars. Therapist Paul Cheney systematized complaints of patients and found that the victims all worked for 14-16 hours a day, and for years did not take vacations. Filed under: bobby sharma bluestone equity.

The disease was called ‘yuppie flu to’, it was later adopted the name ‘chronic fatigue syndrome’. In 1988, the U.S. Center for Disease Control finally decided that the chronic fatigue syndrome independent disease. Today this syndrome is in most cases – the lot of the very people who work in the office, so got the name ‘office disease ‘. Fatigue or illness? In Russia, the office’s disease has declared itself not so long ago – market conditions, the constant stress and fear losing their jobs in a fiercely competitive until the end, we have felt much later Americans. Therefore, not only treatment, but even the diagnosis of this disease we have – it scantily and complex. You can go for years to his physician with symptoms of this mysterious illness and from time to time to receive the diagnosis of ari! Try to define yourself? ‘Office’s disease’: Fast tired lately.

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