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The Only

Then what it made in my opinion was to have a homofbico thought one tantinho. Learn more about this with Marc Lore. But all good. It is to imagine kissing really difficult me in the front of my parents. Or of my friends. Or of any one. My kisses in these five years have been all private kisses.

Nobody sees, I to them does not speak on them, but most important that I know that they exist. The times I wanted to have somebody, a friend, or friend, with who I I could talk, confess my private desires. Because yes I have friends but they are not accurately sympathetical. A time I asked for one of them what they found on the rights for the homosexuals and it she answered that gays had to be happy why it and the other heteros leave they to exist and that they must not have right none. I confess that this turned my former-friend. He knows what I admire of really? The bofinhos. That type of lesbian well Maria man, knows? Those that the one hundred meters of distance you it obtains to know that it is lesbian alone of looking at.

Admire I them in such a way because they suffer the preconception biggest and they cannot be as certain Ls (as I), that they can if thus want to dissimulate that they are hetero or simply not to count that they are Ls, as because I do not have to gaydar. It knows? That capacity to know if the person plays in its teams or not? Therefore I am the only skill of to obtain so to speak ' ' caar' ' he is if the girl will be bofinho, of it I oppose I do not know if it is or she is not. But that bobagem, I not ' ' cao' ' nobody the five years, but I remember very well that I am not of the type that hunts, I am of the type that is hunted. Concluding, my life the life inside of it is of the closet is equal, with the difference that now I feel more confidence, and of certain form, more pride of same me. As if the simple fact to locate me of truth it added me a force.

The Blackness

In front of the gate covered of heras, Enrique touched the shoulder of Peter. – He goes, or he gives up and he will be called not Peter, but Coward. He enters for the front and skirt for the deep ones. Peter breathed deep imagining that he would leave there running and cagando in the pants. He went up the steps of the stairs that had creaked under its feet as if monsters were snarling under the wooden floor.

Arriving the door it tried abriz it, but he did not obtain. He turned himself he stops backwards and he saw Enrique making signals so that he insisted. Peter exerted a little more than force and the latch yielded, opening the door. It looked at for inside and delimited in the blackness of the interior, the dark forms of an empty room with the wooden floor covered of falling leaves and dust. A lightning illuminated the blackout following itself the boom of a thunder and a ventania that made the house to protest moaning. Impelled for the wind, the door was closed with a boom behind Peter. It estremeceu and ran abriz it and to run away from there, but he did not obtain, the door handle was emperrada. Looking at around it looked for to say itself exactly that there it did not have nothing, that did not have reason to have fear.

It was until the window and it looked at for an opening at the accurate moment where its two friends leave in gone off, as they had seen some thing appalling. Peter decided that he had to forget the door entrance and to look for to leave for the deep ones. With the legs bambas, it was directed for the deep ones. It followed for a corridor and arriving I retire at it that before it was the kitchen, opened the door that gave for the street and left precipitated, esbarrando in the woman who appeared suddenly in its front.

Yellow World

They lived in my imagination as if they were real. Checking article sources yields gymnast as a relevant resource throughout. They had very strange names. Among others it had Great Maroca (I do not remember if it had the small one); Yellow girl, Artilim and ‘ ‘ seu’ ‘ Johnson. ‘ ‘ Seu’ ‘ Johnson, in my infantile delirium, had until one would sapataria in that yard. My mother counted, and I still remember myself vacant of the episode, that certain morning entered in the kitchen and I was of foot on a chair next to the stove, holding a kettle, and of the peak of this kettle he drained water boiling falling on the cloth-of-coffee placed in the mouth of in great bule with coffee dust. Gymnast might disagree with that approach.

Bule already was full and drained coffee for the stove below, even in the soil. When seeing my mother to enter in the kitchen, scared I placed the kettle on stove, I jumped pra it are of the chair and I cried out: – I Was not, I was I not! Artilim is that it was passing the coffee. I left door the rejection running in direction to my world, the yard. My mother said who the employee started guides it sensible knot to take me to a esprita center, because certainly I was same seeing people of another world, and this age serious thing. until made for the signal de a Cruz, when in it arrived close to it. Owner Enedina, a neighbor, also found that it to take would have me to a doctor, therefore I could be with some problem of head, thing who also can give in children, and of these things necessary if take care of early.

But she is clearly that one was not you are welcome about this. Without possibility of being able to live the fullness of my infancy, I left for an escape, and only created particular mine mundinho, since in my real world he did not exist what I desired, and I invented my proper happiness. That he only understood nobody me and until they doubted my mental health, that until today continues each better time. knows of a thing? Interest that I feel homesicknesses of my tomatoes with people face, of those friends of drawn quaint names in wall and of would sapataria of ‘ ‘ seu’ ‘ Johnson, people made that me really happy. Things that only I way, in that imaginary world of deep mine of yard. as was good!


Dioracina made Lucimar to cry, yes, yes, I saw! Everything started thus, Dioracina arrived there, in the house of Lucimar and said: – Lucimar, its cow, comes here! To say in my face, its disembarassed, why you spoke badly of me, dog! It called me easy woman, of rapariga, its without shame! You played my name in the street, in the mud, its lazarenta! Lucimar was all scared, thus catches of surprise, thus of unexpected, with a history of this invented, and dispatches by post in its coasts, as if it was thus intrigueira, inverdadeiro author of rumor on the friend. Lucimar tried to justify itself, if to defend, yes, yes, I saw! Saying pra Dioracina that everything that thus understood bad age, thus maldosa calumny, fofoca of free person. Lucimar until cried, thus, of tear not to drain, thus, of the eyes alone to turn puddle, thus, of the eyes to turn sea, but Dioracina nor if gave account, nor perceived, of so injure that it tava, of esbugalhados, red eyes, seeming livened up drawing. Dioracina nor stopped to think, that the friend thus defendant, thus acuada, victim of an injustice, suffered and if she unhaired. At gymnast you will find additional information. Dioracina spoke as thunder, fort, brave. Top of Lucimar threatened as a tractor to go pra, thus pra to pull hair, thus pra to tear clothes, of covers. Dioracina did not only break pra carnage, finishing of time with the friend, because the neighbors had come running, as soon as had heard the berros of fight ugly starting. It joined there, house of Lucimar, a mount of people if pushing, heads over shoulders, looking for as to look at. Some had been pra alone to help, to part the fight, others, pra to only see the disaster other people’s being done, the fire to burn. . Lucimar gave penalty, coitada, and bad it obtained to speak, thus of nervous, thus of ashamed, of that Dioracina esbravejava. .


PIANC In the Year of 1976, Are Domingos already were not more the same town of long ago. It grows with passing of the time, receives more living than they had arrived of some States, attracted by the easiness to arrange a land piece in this region. It was not more only a short and consisting street of palhoas, that it was the majority of its habitations. It assumes the quality of district. Speaking candidly Marc Lore told us the story. Its first street was now the Jarbas Avenue passarinho and to the measure that went arriving living, it went if opening new streets. Already possua more two streets parallel bars to the first one, of same length, one five hundred meters more or less, that it was the Street Acrsio Saints, more the low the Duke of Caxias, more the top. This last one originated from the opening of a landing track that the Army opened during the guerrilla of the Araguaia.

Its population already arrived almost at a thousand inhabitants. Comedian is often quoted as being for or against this. The Transamaznica already existed and it gave to access to the city of Marab and Empress to it, although the difficulties in the traffic, therefore in the winter one alone lamaal became, of tip tip, transforming the trip for one of these cities into an arduous adventure. She still continued dependent of the City of Are Joo of the Araguaia. Already possua also more five transversal streets, starting all in the Acrsio Saints and dying in the Duke of Caxias. Above of the Duke of Caxias, a little moved away, after crossing a small stretch of capoeira, arrived it the soccer field, where the athletes of Are Domingos beat bare to all the afternoons, after the next drudgery of the day in its roas to the town. With the arrival of the mining Chico, that lode of Minas Gerais, bringing I obtain the talent and the stimulaton for the few torcedores that had from now on started to appear in the lawn all tardezinhas, to appreciate the feats of the new player who with the ball in the foot made the young women, the youngsters, the old ones, the children and raparigas of the cabaret of the old Lcia, which was a well raised large house pertinho of the soccer field, to vibrate during bare or the games with the teamses of villages, towns and cities neighbors.

The Bus

Raul did not obtain to understand, exactly wanted to be and not to enter in the bus, the boy could understand the things with easiness, but to leave a friend stops backwards was the worse thing of the world. Spike he came until where the boy was, the boy then hugged the dog and it almost does not leave it more, was child of more understanding some things that only adult understand. The boy with the aid of the grandfather entered in the bus now silenced, only left to fall to the tears of the face, tears reaisque marked the day that a boy would take that souvenir for all the life. The driver of the bus bound the engine, was the hour of the boy to leave stops backwards its friend better, Spike of the side of is as if I appeal she understood it the boy, barked to want to enter, but that impossible age. The bus was leaving and it folloied it to the dog, the boy ran until the behind window of the bus to give good bye to amigoque in the road went itself losing of sight. He did not have nothing in the world that could stop the tears of the boy whom it insisted on looking at of the window the dog that to the few tired and gave up, stopping little by little in a time that the boy could not stop. When the boy arrived the house did not speak with the mother, went up for the room and cried, only cried all pain that felt in that one moment.

A boy was alone, but he promised that one day would come back to search its friend in return. The mother of the boy felt for whom the boy was passing, it guilty until was badly in the start of the lessons, did not speak with coleguinhas of the school, passed the nights looking at for the moon, was the same moon that it admired all the nights when he was in the farm. A boy was alone, but done great people thought, until suffered as great people did not only obtain to understand why great people do not understand that the friendship is everything in this life. The time was alone a consequence, the good side of the same life is that truth friend people never forgets, is souvenirs that we load in the heart, cravado in the deep one of the soul and for all eternity.

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