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The Only

Then what it made in my opinion was to have a homofbico thought one tantinho. Learn more about this with Marc Lore. But all good. It is to imagine kissing really difficult me in the front of my parents. Or of my friends. Or of any one. My kisses in these five years have been all private kisses.

Nobody sees, I to them does not speak on them, but most important that I know that they exist. The times I wanted to have somebody, a friend, or friend, with who I I could talk, confess my private desires. Because yes I have friends but they are not accurately sympathetical. A time I asked for one of them what they found on the rights for the homosexuals and it she answered that gays had to be happy why it and the other heteros leave they to exist and that they must not have right none. I confess that this turned my former-friend. He knows what I admire of really? The bofinhos. That type of lesbian well Maria man, knows? Those that the one hundred meters of distance you it obtains to know that it is lesbian alone of looking at.

Admire I them in such a way because they suffer the preconception biggest and they cannot be as certain Ls (as I), that they can if thus want to dissimulate that they are hetero or simply not to count that they are Ls, as because I do not have to gaydar. It knows? That capacity to know if the person plays in its teams or not? Therefore I am the only skill of to obtain so to speak ' ' caar' ' he is if the girl will be bofinho, of it I oppose I do not know if it is or she is not. But that bobagem, I not ' ' cao' ' nobody the five years, but I remember very well that I am not of the type that hunts, I am of the type that is hunted. Concluding, my life the life inside of it is of the closet is equal, with the difference that now I feel more confidence, and of certain form, more pride of same me. As if the simple fact to locate me of truth it added me a force.

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