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We got always unconditional affection and appreciation, we can show to light this later also other people. This learning by beloved and unloved models is the most common way as human behavior is learned. Training by the way does exactly. Usually the emotional attachment to the participants just missing coaches. Therefore training mostly to knowledge work, but a behavior is rare.

To circulate leadership rejects leadership often as some tyrannical because she may then has solidarity with the defeated parent. If this was the mother, it may be fatal as a man. This often, he lacks an accepted, male role model. How should one behave as a man certainly as a leader? May he repeats the behavior of the mother, who has always tried to move other morally and with requests and aid unsuccessfully. And if this doesn’t work, he repeated the disappointment as well. Some even unconsciously looked down, aggressive behavior of the father is added. Read additional details here: Rafael Nadal.

As the Executive in accordance with the father angry after some unsuccessful pleading and squeezes together her staff. She has success in the company, with the behavior it increases continuously and solidifies their behavior. This fine as long as, until the leadership even wants to change something or now is almost impossible because of their choleric seizures. This leadership is a role in which she feels uncomfortable. Many know enough alternative behaviors, and leadership techniques from seminars, can not implement but because they actually still in a re staging of childhood and find a real solution. The model of re staging describes the repetition of Situations and always same behavior patterns from the past with the intention to find a solution for the former scene. The word implies also solve and solution to redeem, dissolving and solve out of something. The solution lies at least partly in the emotional reconciliation with its own history.

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