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Bianca Kaminsky

Rather than sawed and hammered, is in the learning workshop, so read, written, designed, and much more. Important feature of the learning workshop is the way to the individual learning: every child from the offers freely chooses what it would like to work. Thus, it has the chance to restructure its learning process largely independently. Also each child at his own pace can work, stay, advance workshop teaching enables a learning in the Ungleichschritt”. The prepared offers are the heart of any learning workshop. Workshop lessons possible, careful planning and preparation is necessary.

Usually, it is the teacher, which created the jobs and ensures the necessary material in the form of reading texts, worksheets, educational games, etc.. This preparatory work is often perceived as a disadvantage, sometimes she may deter even from the project. The advantages of the this form of instruction to brings, the preparations more than make up for: the children are brought up to the responsibility, learn to assess their skills and are encouraged to work independently. Basic rules such as a started task also – stopping structure give the children. For the teacher workshop teaching the advantage is targeted to individual children to care. The role of the teacher is that of observer and learning companion in this form of teaching.

Learning workshops of learning bee Publisher the Publisher range includes both subject-specific and cross-curricular learning workshops for grades 1 6. The materials are child-friendly and individually illustrated – for the teacher there is so to speak a manual notes to the preparation and the use in the classroom in addition”. All educational materials of Publisher appear in digital form on CD-ROM and allow the teacher to modify the content for the single learning group if necessary. The production of the tactile materials is very easy, because the files are only printed and laminated when needed. Learning bee Publisher, Bianca Kaminsky

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