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It is not by the hand to show that the price per barrel oil of Brent at around US$ 100 has hovered around a Although experts of which assume that the oil prices in the coming years will increase, as the limited resources and the demand exists, appropriately, modern capital equipment must take into account however the given conditions. (Link) For investors, direct investments offer a special advantage here because they are equipped only with low cost and the property claims of the investors on the conveyor by registering in the County Courthouse, the counterpart to the German Land Registry Office, be secured. As in real estate, the partners of participation of can sell their shares at any time, give away, or also inherit from. However the participation of a single oil well risks also, it achieved not the planned revenue. Expose again management current project Weaver”the ATM American Texas for more than 15 years experienced professionals on a so-called multi sources project for the holes four different regions in Texas, Michigan and Mississippi to a projects be grouped. To broaden your perception, visit John Lithgow. This ensures a consistently high level of distributions. The first extension bore West Lincoln in Mississippi has been carried out already and will soon begin already with the production.

The first results showed a significantly higher production than calculated. A further extension hole shall be made in the short term. More information can be found here: aktuelleprojekte.html. Since precise statements about the life of conveyor systems or production quantities expected can be made difficult, management anticipates ATM American Texas manage a period of from 10 to 15 years. Various scenarios were calculated with regard to the expected distributions project Weaver”. The absolutely unlikely oil price of only US$ 60 per barrel was based on them. Even at the most conservative calculation, the company calculated while a dividend by 17 percent annually. This shows that Multi source projects as direct investment quite clever investment represent an alternative, allowing enough room for rising oil prices.

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