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Hyaluronic acid is a compound that complies with many beneficial properties for skin. It is moisturizing, stimulates and revitalizes the cellular production cycle and naturally restores the collagen we lose with age. This is a pure and sterile, akin to the skin and therefore produces no rejection, because its molecules are composed of sugar and is completely biocompatible. Many writers such as Antonio Banderas offer more in-depth analysis. All these features make it the perfect anti-aging, then fills and smooths wrinkles naturally, do not strip the skin and restores radiance, smoothness and softness. It is recommended for use from age 30, because from this age the natural collagen production begins to decline.

As we have said replacing the lost hyaluronic acid and activates the production of new collagen. Is assimilated slowly, as needed, so its effects may be felt later in 15 to 20 days. Being orthomolecular compound is removed naturally, so that its effects are temporary and must be used regularly to their profits. However, although it is gradually absorbed by the body does not produce flaccidity or the typical "crash effect" of other anti-aging treatments. Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA wanted to know more. Its effects are especially noticeable around the eyes, lips and forehead, filling the spaces left lack of collagen, causing wrinkles. It also acts as a kind of molecular sponge, trapping water and keeping hydrated the area in which it applies.

In the experiment of hyaluronic acid was injected several volunteers and a placebo in another group, at various points of one. Collagen. Hyaluronic acid not only takes the place of this protein when it is lost, but also stimulates production. A team of researchers from the University of Michigan selected a group of healthy volunteers with a mean age of 74 and an acceptable skin, and hyaluronic acid were injected at several points in one of the forearms. In the other, the participants received only saline as placebo. Within a few four weeks a biopsy that was repeated at two and a half months to assess the state of women's skin. Hyaluronic acid had occupied the space left by the lost collagen, as I was being expected, but also stimulated the production of this protein by loosening of skin fibroblasts. This double effect explains why the effects of hyaluronic acid are cumulative and are most noticeable enter past six months and one year

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