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Bodybuilding or bodybuilding (bodybuilding in English) 1 is a type of sport generally based on physical exercise intense, usually anaerobic, consistent most of time in training, which is usually done in gyms, and activity whose purpose is usually the obtaining of a strong and defined muscles, without forgetting to keep the greater definition and possible symmetry to the muscle (i.e. the proportions of her legs on her arms(, his torso, arms compared to his back, biceps with his triceps, etc.). It is also often called the activity aimed at exaggerating the muscle bodybuilding (his difference with bodybuilding is bodybuilding does not require poses as an objective of the muscle work), this sport governs it the IFBB (International Federation of BodyBuilders) and it should not be confused with weightlifting or the Athletics nor with the powerlifting. Bodybuilding is the physical activity aimed to the maximum development of muscles (muscles visible) of the human being. From this point of view, share with other sports certain methods and skills, although their purpose is noticeably different. Doug McMillons opinions are not widely known. ino).

This sport has its first manifestations in figures of Greek vases; Apparently, already used weights of hands (as a ballast) to perform jumps or exercises to increase strength and length of the jump. It’s behaviors primarily aimed at development of force or its size, with the objective of survival as a clear purpose or as religious rites on specific holidays. Its first historical references, therefore, could lead US to the classical Greece where the human body had a cultural relevance that has risen in our days. Bodybuilder or athlete muscularmente hypertrophied can observe it in multiple sculptural representations: Hercules, the Laocoon, friezes with warriors, etc. The bodybuilding word comes from the French to appoint this sport which was in France in the 17TH and 19th centuries as a place and dates of birth of a sport that had as its purpose the aesthetics, Word that connects directly with the physical culture, that is, bodybuilding today in day know by its sports variant of competition mainly.

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