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By now, you have set the blog name, description, personal profile, and the page template. As soon as you set up your blogs with Blogger, you have to do this next: Post At least 20 articles = While this may sound like hard work, there is no shortcut around it. This, you have to do. Is required. Why? Before you start complaining, let me remind you that you are in business. If you are serious enough to get its money, then this should not bother much.

But the reason I ask to send at least 20 articles because it is necessary to have a real website to be in the game of internet business. In the back of this series, you will discover why this is important for setting up your AdSense account. Anyway, after at least 20 articles. I recommend that after 25 or 30 Articles to start. Its articles need not be long. At least 200-500 words would. Put all in a day, if possible.

Make sure that your articles are relevant to your topic or niche. For example, if you are the author of a blog on Internet Marketing and all your items to be related to internet marketing. If 20 items sound very hectic for you, you can find the source for items from other people websites, such as article submission and while the rights to reprint and include the authors byline. This can give you a good start, but be sure not to keep the use of articles of other people too often as this can damage his own reputation in the long term. Soon, you will have to write their own articles. This is your blog. Keep a journal file ===================== If you want to surf the Blogger settings, you must configure the file “file newspaper. So now, has at least 20 items, which means 20 posts. And since we have set “file to date, which has at least 20 pages of real content right now. Awesome! get a feedback form == ================= This is the next important thing to do on the list. You want people to give their feedback, comments, suggestions and constructive criticism. This implies a more technician. If you are not familiar with scripts, I have two great sources where you can get scripts for free and does not require a lot of expertise. Establish ways in his blog for the convenience of its visitors. Want to know what they think of their website and at the same time, find out what their demands are so you can respond to them accordingly. In the next part of the series, we can give you an AdSense account. (Continued Blogging your way to success Part 3) Copyright e About Edmund Loh.

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