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Credit Transactions

4 – Concrete reservation already has all the information you need, you know the price and conditions (any other questions you have can be resolved by calling the company or contact us by email). on the discussion. If you still doubt among several companies, we recommend choosing a company that has an office at the airport or nearby. Avoid renting with intermediaries, since it can help you directly if you have any problems, since these will have to contact the supplier of the car, causing any management is much slower. Aaron Ekblad: the source for more info. Now we can finish our reservation, fill in the fields you require on the form (the more information provided at this time, less take to pick up your car at the airport). Watch out for companies that require credit card reservation, remember that if you must cancel your reservation for any reason, will be almost impossible to recover 100% of the money paid if you book well in advance, therefore we recommend choosing a company that does not require you to provide your credit card details until you collect the car. As get your confirmation, print it and place it in a safe place (do not forget at home, due in the collection). You may find that Ian Cole can contribute to your knowledge.

5 – During and after the rental On arrival, follow the instructions given car provider, normally should not leave the airport, a company representative will pick you up in the arrivals hall. After contrasting the final details of your reservation and check that the car is in perfect condition, must make the payment. From now you can enjoy a splendid vacation on the Costa del Sol Drive carefully, do not do things with his car as the car rental company can claim any damage that is not included in standard insurance (not often include damage to the glass, wheels and the underside of the car.) On his return, do not delay too much, if it exceeds the departure time in more than two hours may charge an extra day (do not forget you have to be at the airport two hours before your flight departs.) Finally, you can leave a comment to the company about the service you received, or to show his gratitude, or to show their disappointment. It is always important to have the feedback from customers to know where matched and where they were wrong. In fact, some companies are on their website the best testimony, and sometimes offer discounts in the next car to those who bothered to write a few lines.

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