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Dona Petrona

John paid pleased to comply your gallada oath pay them lunch by the least once a year. Everyone went his way with the promise that next Sunday would return to the same place where Dona Petrona almost emptied the huge pot, main source of their income to raise ten stems and keep an average husband in love with the lazy. A few minutes later Juan rested peacefully in his comfortable bed but a moment the monotonous rotation of the ceiling fan intended to cool the room bothered to another. -Catalina told his wife. Turn off that range, which already has me dizzy.

Tasting the request seemed to very rare because for five years enjoyed good service from your air conditioner. While she was reflecting Juan insisted on asking that shut off the non-existent fan. The pale color of their man and his white eyes made her understand that something was wrong and did not lose a second to ask for help to neighbors for riding the car and bring it to the hospital. An hour later, when John woke up with a needle stuck in the arm you could see Catalina, who reassured him by saying: -Cholesterol, triglycerides and uric acid got you, but you are already attending. – And who are they? He asked in reference to an uproar of people that remained in the same room. -Them, said tasting are relatives of Basilio and Starlin – are also here? -Yes. They first came to us. It seems that you is an epidemic that has been unleashed in the city.

John realized that his beloved wife did not know the truth and swore that through yours never known it. -Closed his eyes and gave the sweet dream. But first swore to himself that he would never go back to a restaurant owner whose name Petrona and had ten sons and a fan of the lazy husband.

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