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Fincaurlaub Majorca

Enjoy only about 2 hours of flight from Germany the other a romantic and secluded Finca Mallorca Mallorca is still Germany’s most popular holiday destination the island of dreams, especially when one can live out his dreams. FINCAS in Majorca are still a well-kept secret. Many insiders and individual tourists come every year to live out their dream vacation on a farm on the island. No matter whether fresh couples or families including children and own pets, all searching the unique flair of an old Mallorcan Finca. Many keep coming back and not give their holiday hint to friends and acquaintances to secure themselves again for the next year of their Traumfinca. Find FINCAS in many areas of the island. Usually, they are somewhat secluded inland on vast land. The only neighbors are mostly the sheep of the neighbouring farmers.

Many FINCAS have a convenient location, so one small bays and harbour town the surrounding area by car (an absolute must on a FINCA) fast can achieve. An individual vacation away from the large tourist centres and away from Baba & co. is offered also by Fincaferien, The most original houses were often outside natural and inside completely by renovated, equipped with fully furnished kitchens and bathrooms. You will find here peace and relaxation in the shade of olive and carob trees. It was allowed by Orange and lemons, whose fruits which may pluck leave directly from the surrounding trees. A siesta in the shade is one of the Fincaalltag as a sunbathing at the pool, the most ESTATES now have to show up. A barbecue is the day in the undisturbed environment, sound out and certainly still a quiet place can be found to make a glass of red wine, the soul. Especially the East Coast Mallorca offers excellent conditions for the combination of Finca – and beach holidays. On a ranch, you are not bound to controlled meal times and a dress code. Your holiday you can individually fashion book your FINCA in time, because this kind of Mallorca holiday is becoming increasingly popular.

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