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Reebok is an American brand specializing in athletic footwear. There are a few accessories in both shoes and clothing and other innovative and attractive designs.The brand originated in Massachusetts despite currently depend on the Adidas group. As for Umbro, this British brand sells its products around the world and is characterised by its characteristic designs specially dedicated to the world of football. Curiously both Reebok and Umbro are very earlier marks in time to Adidas and Nike, the groups to which they belong, since Reebok was founded in 1895 and Umbro in 1910. To read more click here: Samuel “Sam” Mikulak. Joma and Kelme, footwear and sportswear Spanish Joma and kelme are the two leading brands in sports fashion sector Spaniards. They are not only implemented in Spain, but throughout the world.Manchego company Joma this specialized in soccer, tennis and athletics. Its sales in the 1990s, especially of football boots, became the brand leader in Spain. This considered the third sports brand by its introduction in Spain after Adidas and Nike.

Kelme is another reference of Spanish sports fashion brand. Manufactures footwear, clothing and all kinds of sporting equipment. Football, canoeing, football room or athletics are some sports where the brand has great projection. Other big brands for sports wardrobe Japanese Mizumo, the German brand Puma, Kappa, the Italian reference, or you Cok Sportif in France, are some of the brands of fashion and sports footwear extended all over the world. The importance of this sector, due to the large coverage that exists globally of different sports and especially some as soccer, basketball, athletics, cycling, tennis or rugby, converted to this industrial sector a bastion within the fashion world, and contributes to the different sports clothes are used on many occasions as street clothes with the consequent increase in sales.

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