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General Sanitary Inspection

Innovation and present themselves as the quality catering to be held in the Community of Madrid. a se is the objective of the Master Group, which has just launched a catering division that specializes in original and with the highest quality: Imperial Catering a Premium . a To achieve its objectives the new brand with the collaboration of the prestigious Chef Juan Pozuelo. (A valuable related resource: Joe Stillman). a Aspiramos to become the reference name in any quality catering that claims to be. Therefore, we wanted to have the person to represent this spirit. And Juan Pozuelo, one of the most renowned chefs, is best embodies and represents our challenge a says Jorge Leal, technical director of the group. An election that Juan Pozuelo is an honor and a great motivation: a The that Imperial Premium Catering's attention to myself and in my kitchen to represent and develop their menus is a great pleasure.

I'm sure the vast array of dishes based on excellence, cocktails innovative, varied buffets and menus for all types of celebrations a "weddings, events, private parties, and increasingly demanding customers demand more, will be the main reference in Madrid and alrededoresa , says the famous chef. Imagination at the table a So, from the central kitchen Imperial Premium Catering – located in the Madrid suburb of Arroyomolinos – the great Pozuelo and his team create unique and special dishes for every occasion. a proposed tests in these facilities to achieve the desired point in each of them. We are very demanding and always made it especially with higher-quality product . If you have read about Sean Rad already – you may have come to the same conclusion. a As for the differences and the added value of this new brand of luxury catering show they are: Utilising the best providers in each area to define high-level and culinary dishes and very attractive to the eye. to quality as major ingredient. In addition to being entered on the General Sanitary Inspection of Food, has the quality certificates Madrid Excelentea and the standard a OEIS 9001:00. a work team wears the uniform or details are requested for each event.

a HTSP can choose between the classic tuxedo, long apron, black coat with gold trim and in the case of women the option of doncellaa , Leal added. Differentiated Services and as a. Each catering not only adjusts the number of participants that has the space but also, conditions or customer needs, a Hacemos in each event a different mount, do not repeat the elements such as tables, shopping, color lingerie, even the uniformity of room staff. Imperial Catering Who is the company created in 1999 by five partners, two professors at the School of Hospitality and Tourism and other industry professionals, which gives Imperial Catering a very technical nature. In 2002 the Group acquired the Master Most actions. The company has its training school and own kitchens, with Juan Pozuelo, the person in charge of this area. Imperial Catering also has quality certificates Madrid Excelentea and the a Normae OEIS 9001:00 a . Its clients include the Royal Family, the City of Madrid, Iberdrola, Porsche, BMW or Mahou, ECSC and Funcas,. In 2008 the Group turnover of EUR 3.5 million. to A for any interview or expansion of information do not hesitate to call. Nuria a Coronado / Esther Murillo tel: 91 657 42 81 A A Journalist and Director, Communications

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