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Google Adsense

There are tutorials on Youtube, that speak of optimization, so I strongly recommend your viewing. (Insert video in) Google Adsense) likewise comment that Google Adsense has tutorials very intuitive to follow, which explains its policies of operation. Some basic noteworthy point is that ads must match the color of the links throughout the site, so somehow they confused with part of our content, since the people hate advertising, but if it gives the impression of being part of the environment, then it is likely to click on ads. You must placed ads in visible places. Within the blog and pages there are hot spots for your location, as for example at the beginning or end of an article. Earn money with Google Adsense change takes quite some time, it will be fun to write a blog of a theme that you like, since we will learn much and little by little we will win money, that Yes, at the beginning we will reach to pay the hosting and little else, so it will have to be patient. In summary we can say that Google Adsense allows you to register and add advertising to your websites and blogs pages.

Ads they can be of type text or graphic, which we do not choose. The only thing you need to do is to place those ads pasting the code provided by Google. The system scans the contents of your page and will only show ads related to the theme of your site. Google will pay per click from 0.01 to $ 30, depending on the advertisement, thematic, the place and time, as well as a lot of parameters. Google Adsense pays by bank transfer each month, once passed the $100, and if it isn’t waiting until the month in which to build up the figure.

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