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Another problem, is that a kind of nutrition there is in the schools and the children do not learn to eat a balanced meal. The probability that an obese or overweight child continues to be so even in adult are very real. Hence the importance, emphasize the health professionals, that the family learns to maintain healthy lifestyles to minimize the risk. Why families should be oriented and educate so that day-to-day professional responsibilities and labour pressures are not an excuse for not eating well. Here several recommendations for adults: planning your meals in advance. You get first time for exercise and prepare their food and then else. Get more background information with materials from Doug McMillon. Bring additional snacks for when you collect them in the extended care or before their sports practices. This will prevent the desire to deviate to a fast food restaurant, while you encourage healthy sugar levels.

Set limits while children practice with video games and use as reward carried activities outdoors. Exercises and school education Physics, scientists have noted, it should be more valued in schools. Similarly, researchers at Harvard University have recommended that recess should be longer and that moments after school hours for activities that put guys in motion should be exploited. Changes that can help 1. Send nutritious snacks. 2. Not sponsored fast food establishments that do not provide alternative low in calories (most has included these choices on their menus by pressure and emphasis to the problem of obesity). 3 Eye, if you choose a menu low in calories and add you mayonnaise or margarine now change the calorie content.

4. Check the time TV and passive games. Look for games that stimulate movement. 5 Talk with caregivers of their children about what not to eat. Remind them that give you more food is as offering him the wrong medication (this hits them and makes them reflect). 6 Realize activities in family, hiking games, etc. 7. Set goals real, perhaps not to lose weight, but not to win it. 8 Seek professional help, with a pediatrician or a licensed dietitian and exercise program for children.

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