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Human Organization

To do so, he had to communicate, made that it has determined the evolutionary result which has been reached through consensus, the discrepancy or unanimity we have achieved results such as social institutions, all these forms of grouping US companies are composed of people that interact within a scenario to achieve objectives will vary depending on the purpose of the Group: being personal and common; preserving experiences, aspirations, values, education, social benefits or as in the case of objectives relating to economic aspects. Therefore, the role of organizations has been transcendental throughout history, transformed its objectives and transformed by the society impacting on each other and vice versa, directly or indirectly; while also retaining their basic mechanisms. For more information see this site: Ian Cole. My personal conclusion is that, different and multiple forms of conceptualize the Organization and the continuation of the debate today, make us think about his character continued. These continuous redefinitions are as prolific as the human being is able to create in the areas in which interact.

Thus, there will not be a complete and unique definition, but this is subject to permanent processes of transformation of organizations and social, economic and cultural systems in which they are immersed. I therefore believe that the understanding of organizations cannot be performed without knowledge of its genesis and its evolution because we reduce its information and knowledge that are always located in a context historical partner who give us the parameters of shared beliefs and how realities have been interpreted through time and space. formation. Subjective shaft of the concept of organization is anchored mainly in the sense of the common objective, management and the stability of the same..

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