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Ideal Glass

Lucky are matte and glossy. Matte finish pleasant to the touch, and glossy reflects light and gives a special gloss color. With modern detergents care of such fronts is not be difficult. The choice of color – a fascinating occupation, awakens our imagination, but it is better to experiment within certain limits, keeping in mind that your kitchen, we see every day. Always remain fashionable white and gray. White – solemn and clear, visually increases the volume of the room and fills it with air.

Gray – restrained color, it is not boring, not flashy. Gray – it's really elegant and beautiful. Incidentally, his love manufacturers of kitchens from Germany. Gray has a lot of different shades. Color kitchen sets lately evolved from open to muted shades. (Similarly see: Marc Lore). Therefore, many colors are solved "through" gray. Open the color (bright red, pink, blue) out of fashion. Their use by inertia in domestic kitchens, but the trendsetters – the Italians have moved away from them.

In addition, bright colors are good for exhibitions and shows, but at home they tire eyes. Lovers of bright colors can recommend dishes to choose a bright, pretty little things, or flower pots and other accessories to help enhance your kitchen. Such a path allows you to change the boring parts in any time (which can be done with the facade). Do not forget about the stained glass windows. They are installed in cabinets designed to store utensils. They are made of frosted or clear glass in aluminum frame, or in the same trim as the facade. Stained glass windows give the kitchen a visual lightness. On the glass can be made color pattern adds elegance to your kitchen. The modern kitchen is reminiscent of the 70 years of the last century. But a qualitative leap in the development technologies and materials makes our kitchens more perfect. The ideal kitchen now – it's practicality, the power of the convenience without compromise, simplicity, concise manner. Therefore, the fashion in the kitchen – it is not only and not so stylish solution and a good color as well-chosen materials, layout and details of the solution that minimize the efforts of the user when working in the kitchen. But at the same trendy food – it is very expensive pleasure. Another important aspect, modern kitchen does not suffer distress, she needs space and a large volume. Just because she is really "sparkle". Although . With a strong desire and should decrease even on a small kitchenette, but we can set a very interesting and modern headsets.

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