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Inclusive Education

The inclusive education praises that all the pupils independent of its organic, affective, socioeconmica or cultural condition, must be inserted in the regular school, with the possible minimum of distortion series-age. He historically enters the excluded groups of the regular system of education, benefited for the Inclusive Education the special carriers of necessities are distinguished sensorial deficiencies (auditory and visual) mental deficiency, upheaval severe of behaviors or typical behaviors (including picture of autismo and psychoses), deficiency multiple (cerebral paralysis, deaf blindness and other conditions) and high abilities (superendowed) before taken care of exclusively for the Special Education. The inclusive Education became preferential politics for the individuals with necessities special, over all to apartir of the decade of 90, with the diffusion of the known Declaration of lame Room, of which Brazil is one of the signatories. Considered one of the most important references international in the field of the special Education, it is the resultant document of ' ' It discusses World-wide On Educational Necessities Special: Acesso and Qualidade' ' , promoted for the organization of United Nations for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO) and for the government of the Spain, of which they had participated about 90 countries and innumerable international organizations. Among other points, the Declaration considers that ' ' child and young with educational necessities special must have access to the regular school, that they must adjust themselves (…), since such school constitutes the half ones to fight discriminatory attitudes, constructing an inclusive society and reaching the Education for all. (UNESCO, 1994, p 81). In Brazil the trend for insertion of the pupils with necessities special in the regular net of education, already even so present since the decade of 70 with the special institutions of classrooms in the schools you publish, was affirmed to break it of the half of years 80, with redemocratizao process. . .

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