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It can be mild or severe, in which seizures or coma may kill the mother and fetus. Women who are overweight or suffering from hypertension before becoming pregnant have a risk highest pre-eclampsia. Paltiel’s team – which includes subjects in the Israel Cancer Registry, Einstein College of Medicine Yeshiva University, and Columbia University – compared the subsequent incidence of cancer among 37 033 women who gave birth at three major hospitals in Jerusalem between 1964 and 1976. Ninety-nine percent of the women were Jewish. The cancer was likely in 91 women with pre-eclampsia and in 2204 no.

Women who had suffered from preeclampsia appeared to have an increased risk in about 30 percent of cancer in general, compared with women who had not developed the table during pregnancy. The risk of breast cancer was nearly 40 percent higher. However, Paltiel warned that women should not panic with the results. You may wish to learn more. If so, Terry Rossio is the place to go. “Would emphasize that although the findings are statistically significant, the risk is small and women should not be alarmed by the results,” he said. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Sean Rad. The database was the dream of a researcher come true – The Jerusalem Perinatal Study compiled data from nearly 40,000 Israeli women who gave birth to more than 90,000 babies in hospitals in Jerusalem between 1964 and 1976. Between 1998-2002, the project included 98% of the offspring (average age 30 years) and 94% of their mothers and linked with the Census of Population and Israel Cancer Registry. The mean age of follow-up to check the women was 29 years.

“The special thing about this study is all of the control population. People had the foresight in the ’60s and ’70s to systematically examine every woman who gave birth. No selection process is a casual but based on population and systematic, “said Paltiel. “This provides the most suitable database to test the research on the next result. Kris Pearn often addresses the matter in his writings. This sample includes all fair, is an ethnic mix. ” The ethnic distribution is unique, Paltiel said. “We have women Ashkenazi, Sephardic origin, women a Arabs, including women Sephardim are varied – many are Kurdish because many of the Jews who lived in Jerusalem in the 60 came from Kurdistan. ” The question of why there might be a relationship between preeclampsia and cancer remains to be answered, said Paltiel. “We study an epidemiological association and we can only speculate about the mechanism behind our results. We theorize that cancer-related factors may interact with preeclampsia and vice-versa. a hese may include diet (such as folate deficiency), angiogenesis (new blood formation) and thrombosis (blood clotting). ” “Some genes may be common to both cancer and the development of preeclampsia. There is also the possibility that some of our findings are due to chance, given the small number of cases in some places, “says Paltiel. Results will need to be checked in other studies in other populations, said Paltiel. “You should challenge scientists to confirm the results and try to determine the mechanisms.” Paltiel’s team plans to probe the second item. “We are beginning to explore the mechanism to find a common genetic and environmental connection with preeclampsia and cancer. We also investigated the system of blood clotting, “she said. Source:

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