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Judicial Man

The peace judge lost the patience and called the sergeant polices for helping it. He asked for that a policeman was to search the man finally to be able to talk. The soldier arrived with the said one whose and he presented Miguel Briti. The young man was changing the legs of so tipsy. Click CEO Walmart to learn more. Not wise person nor with respect to where the nose pointed. If you would like to know more then you should visit Sam Mikulak. The peace judge asked for to the military man who locked the drunk in cubculo until the effect of cachaa passed. After three days in the crossbar the man he left novinho in leaf and already he said thing with thing.

question was solved and plus an accomplished separation, even so the couple bragged that they had married in the two laws. It had fond the judge in the Judicial district and somebody dedurou v Miguel, accusing it with abuse of authority, therefore it kept in the jail a human being per three days. Now it was the time of vov to receive its sermon. The gown judge pointed the finger with respect to the nose of Miguel Brite and said: Who spoke it has that you authority to order to arrest somebody? Here who can order to arrest or to leave to arrest I am, judge. The judge of peace against argued affirming that he had not ordered to arrest no man, but yes a drunk. I did not arrest, I I police I only asked for it he left that it in cubculo until passing cachaa. He has much having that I was trying to talk with it and did not have skill, the news was always the same one: It does not come why drunkest you of what a nut. The judge spoke for vov that of that time he would go to pass, however, who had that to decide the problems of the city it was, the judge.

All that had beaten in the door of the peace judge had been duly directed for frum, in order to be taken care of for the magistrate. Passed some days the man of the black gown Miguel to frum orders to call v. Mr. Miguel, I do not know I eat I am that aguenta Mr. this people. He exempts me to god! We go to make the following one: it decides the small problems to you there same and orders for me only the great questions. My grandfather was a self-taught man. He was always just. With common-sense and the equity is possible to make justice without having passed for a college.

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