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Keep Your Children Out of Trouble

Among the craftsmen botched call me, the doctors tell me disease, call me in the supermarket shortages in the sport I say defeat in companies improvisation and call me to talk when I meet with my best friends is the head of an executive, call me stress. HOW IS THE LIFE OF A PROBLEM? n Easy, because the problems we as firefighters, among us do not step on the hoses forgiveness, I do not think I explained WELL. (Not to be confused with Chris Miller!). I would ask CMC IS THE LIFE OF A PROBLEM ALONG YOUR LIFE. n Well, we have problems living our life cycle. (As opposed to Cody Cameron). We are born, grow, reproduce and we sometimes also die. s. HOW TO BE BORN A PROBLEM? – Do you mean if we are born by underarm, or if the stork brings or something? I mean CMO create problems n are born in a family: my kind men marry women also of its kind (some of us were born in) A gentleman can have many wives and vice versa, some problems we were born within a marriage made by Mr.

"Neglect" and the lady "Excuse me." Another perfect match to have healthy and strong children's component is the Lord "Gossip" with Mrs. "Intolerance" I, for example, was born in a household consisting of father "Poor" and mom "Apendeja" If you add my two last names may have a wonderful nickname for people who believe that in life one day there will be no problem. What CMO YOU CAN TELL YOUR CHILDREN IN TROUBLE? No good if you think little problem we call "And what a little problem? n is a problem that has not grown.

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